2019 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello tim i’m roger here prime motorcars from mercedes-benz sprinter and scarborough maine thanks for taking my call this morning it was nice talking to you and i wanted to shoot this nice video of this 2019 crew van and like i said on the phone to my upper management is giving me permission to take $6,000 off all our 2019 models so that applies to this really

Really nice iridium silver metallic crew van as you can see we’ll start right here in the front too so this has the painted bumpers normally these come black plastic and i want to show you what the normal ones look like we have a van right here just has a normal black bumper so it was really nice that we were able to get the the fit and finish in the bumpers on

This particular unit that matches the whole van will come around the side so this also has the michelin tires on it which is really nice not all of our sprinters come with michelin’s and it also has the mercedes-benz aluminum wheels so this van too we talked about the different things and stuff like that this morning but i wanted to point out so this has the 360

Degree camera as well so one of the cameras is right here on the bottom of this mirror and as well it’s on the other side too on the driver’s mirror and in the front i should have showed this to you when we are out front you have another camera right here too for a front view so when we get inside the van i’ll display that on the display screen for you come around

The side so this does have the leather at seats in it so the crew van seats five people this seat is removable very very simply two people can pop the cietrade out there’s a lever in the back of the seat and you just pop it out pull it right out very easy to get out of the van if you need it for storage also we have this one has the wood floor with the anti-slip

Coating on it very easy to keep clean and in the wintertime when your feet are wet getting in and out of the van – you won’t just slip on this floor very very unique so as you can see back here as well the bumper is painted the same color as the van which is really nice so this van also has the 270 degree doors so you can see the way the hinges that are designed

It’s designed so you can open the door up 90 degrees in it it’ll stay there also you can open it up 180 degrees and it will latch in place right there it moves a little bit but it won’t close on you and then you can also open it up 270 degrees which is really nice in the driver’s side this door on the driver’s side also does the same thing opens all the way up

So this sprinter van doesn’t have a trailer hitch it is pre-wired for a hitch if you want to add a hitch on it and if you did out of hitch you can actually tow up to 5,000 pounds with the sprinter van all right tim so now we’re gonna hop in the cab i’m gonna show you the features and benefits inside the sprinter van and then we’re gonna go for a short test drive

All right tim so we’re sitting here in the cab of the vehicle i want to go over some of the features in here with you so right up here in the center – there is a storage compartment here and in the storage compartment it does have the wireless charging for an iphone or any android phone either one it also has three usb ports which is really nice but depending on

What kind of case you have on your phone you can simply set your phone in here and it will charge your phone just sitting there which is a really nice feature and then so here in this part of the dash we have the ten and a quarter inch nbu x system which is very very nice and you can see right here we compare cell phones right here we compare two phones and we have

The navigation system nice and crystal clear you can also shrink it and you can blow it up just like on just like on your cell phone when you want to blow up a picture or whatever it works very nice got the am/fm c or satellite radio this is where you can connect multimedia devices once we get you set up for the pro connectivity you would be able to do that info

Center we have the prolapsed center once the pro connectivity is paired and we have vehicle settings i want to display that backup camera for you too it’s very nice so right here on the left you can see the 360 degree view it’s the sky view looking straight down on the van and then over here that’s our backup camera and then if you were to put a trailer hitch on

They make it very simple for you to back up to the drawbar once you get a hitch on there you can see it perfectly you can line the yellow line right up with it which is very nice then you’ve got a wide-angle back up camera view and this view shows you it’s a nice angle beside the van especially if you’re using your mirrors to back in between something you’d be able

To see the vehicles on your sides and there’s your front view camera and there’s a wide-angle front view on your camera really nice then this one you have your cruise control your cruise control controls are right here on the left-hand side of the steering wheel on the right hand side you can answer your cell phone hang it up you can turn the volume up and down

For your radio right here there is a mouse on each side you can scroll through your mbx system you can scroll through the instrument panel over here – it’s just very nice also this has heated electric seats up front and you can adjust them and also heated electric mirrors very nice – especially in the winter time as long as you have your heater on defrost it will

Send a signal to the mirrors to defrost them as well so now we’re going to go for a nice ride around our dealership absolutely love driving these sprinter vans around they’re so maneuverable you can get in such you know tight areas with them the turning radius is very very sharp on the short wheelbase sprinter vans you can actually do a complete 360 degree turn

In six parking spaces which is very cool and then you can see this is pretty narrow between these two vehicles i’m going to drive right through here and i’m going to back the sprinter van back into its parking spot and you can see how nice the backup camera you can see there’s a gentleman walking behind us we want to wait for him to make sure he’s clear so we’re

Back in this banding at an angle and you can see really you can see how nice and clear everything is behind us so tim i hope you’ve enjoyed my video of the 2019 4×4 iridium silver crew van high roof please feel free to get in touch with me you can reach me at 207 eight three eight zero one six nine and looking forward to hearing back from you and i’ll also give

You a phone call this afternoon after i email the video to you thank you very much tim have a great day

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2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew High Roof | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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