2019 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB – Video Tour with Spencer

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB – Video Tour with Spencer

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Hi monica spencer from prime motorcars mercedes benz in scarborough maine we talked on the phone earlier today i understand you were down in philly and we were up here in maine so we figured we put together a video tour kind of close the gap between you and this beautiful 2019 mercedes-benz sprinter when we chatted a little bit i know you’re kind of looking for a

Vehicle to upfit and i’m we’re more than happy to help find you the right the right vehicle here a bit of a step up in size and a bit different from the current the current van i know you have so we wanted to show you the ins and outs we’ll start with the outside of the vehicle i know what drew you to this was a particular sprinter and what’s definitely a major

Component about it is the color this iridium silver metallic is a beautiful color from mercedes-benz different than your normal kind of flat white or black that you get and you see so often on vans and and you know offs in sprinter vans too so there’s iridium silver is a beautiful color we have these nice you know gloss black painted wheel caps so again kind of

Just different from what you typically see a nice feature this is the 144 wheelbase and i know an important factor here is as much as i can’t reach the high roof option you know especially when looking at up fitting and building a custom van the high roof option is really important one other thing we had talked about which i want to show you in action here is your

280 degree opening doors so they do swing all the way around for both sides so it is easy to swing and move now you did ask about the magnetic holds these joints actually hold themselves in really well so they don’t have the magnets on the outside to connect but it is a great feature because it really creates such a wide opening if you’re considering converting a

Van i know you’re thinking a mobile office and a place to travel and live in and as well these doors really give you a lot of space to open up if you could use your imagination seeing a mountain range or the grand canyon or a nice beach you know looking out from this back or as a giant window there it’s a truly i think it could be a beautiful view easy to open

And close you’re just swinging these around just like this trailer hitch down below you have your connection there on the left so you can plug in any trailer use any lights anything like that if you plan on telling anything easy enough to do on the sprinter 2500 this is the gasoline version i know we talked about that as well it’s a beautiful beautiful color

Like i said a lot of great features and then moving to the interior an easy step up into here and i’ll showcase again one of the best aspects about the high roof is the headroom i’m a little over 6 feet and i have no problem standing walking around if you look through the back there’s lots of extra storage space again a really nice set up we see a lot of these

Vehicles being used as a conversion van process so if we move forward to the driver and passenger seat you do have like i said your radio your standard radio option you do a bluetooth media phone connectivity climate control options here and then moving to the steering wheel we have our shifters on our right side automatic lights automatic wipers everything on

The left here when you put the vehicle in reverse it may be a little harder to see but you can get a nice view of our rear view camera standard on our rearview mirror you press that button the camera turns off goes back to being a regular mirror so again we wanted to put together a video tour of the van kind of show you everything in detail i guess i don’t know

You’re down in philadelphia so hopefully this makes the visualizing the van how you like to build it a little bit easier i know we email back and forth and we had texted again if you need my contact info my name is spencer it’s 207 tu-104 796 that’s my cell phone i am available via email as well my email is s roll s s ro e at drive prime comm thanks for watching hope you joy you

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2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB – Video Tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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