2019 mercedes benz 3500xd sprint
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mercedes-Benz 3500XD Sprinter RV For Sale

2019 Mercedes-Benz 3500XD Sprinter RV For Sale

Sprinter Cargo 3500XD Dually 4X4 Conversion Van, 12k mi., CLEAN CARFAX, Leather seats, Navigation, Bluetooth, Back-up camera & sensors, 2 TVs, Sink, Microwave, Toilet, rear seats fold down, Ambient lighting, Alloy wheels,

Hello everyone today we have a 2019 mercedes-benz 3500 this is a 4×4 sprinter and that is running smooth so i’m gonna go ahead and close this up and take it for a drawer this van is very tall it could be six foot two and stand up inside this vehicle so it does have fixed running boards there are your hookups so you also have your pin connector there and your

Tow package i will upload still photos as well as i know i go through these things very quickly you see that you do have two drawers there refrigerator up top you have your microwave and there’s your sink there’s your commode you also have stowage just up above there with the fan and then here you have your other hookups for your fresh water and gray and black

Water see that it is a dually as alloy wheels i’ll go ahead and take it for a tour of the interior see the plank flooring has floor mats and also ambient lighting i’ll go ahead and climb up in here so it does have quilted leather interior which all these seats can turn around including these up here there’s your tv up here you have your touchscreen here your

Settings and then your info as well then here’s your media which doesn’t have a nice device connected that’s for bluetooth here’s your radio it is am fm sirius xm bluetooth navigation you see it’s a massive navigation screen it’s fantastic and then there’s your phone as well it does have a backup camera which since i have this door open it won’t engage so we’ll

Go ahead and close this up okay so put my foot on the brake put it in reverse there’s our backup camera and you see that it does also have sensors okay go ahead and turn the volume down as we come over here go ahead and turn it off so that you can see there we go it has 12 707 miles on this vehicle and turn it back on it does have paddle shifters and this is

Your trip computer see that it took you to home or the navigation or whatnot and then you have your push to talk your cruise control your other stereo controls down here is your master power in your refrigerator and then you have your lighting that you can turn that on or off and then you have your comfort controls and then your settings and then you have your

Other comfort controls right here you have four cupholders and you have two key fobs one here one there very comfortable seats these also spin around okay as i mentioned i will upload some still photos as well and cupholders and you do have keypads right here and this will allow you to change your lighting and to put your foot rests out for your chairs you

See they do have foot rest and they also have tables that fold out like this the ambient lighting in here is absolutely gorgeous okay there’s your speaker and your back tv and then as i mentioned this opens up into the kitchen net slash commode all right as i mentioned this is a 3500 it is a four wheel drive we do have other similar vehicles here on the lot

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2019 Mercedes-Benz 3500XD Sprinter RV For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto

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