2019 mazda cx 9 review
Altair Club Cars 2019 Mazda CX-9 Review

2019 Mazda CX-9 Review

Hey guys! Today I reviewed the 2019 Mazda CX-9 Signature trim and gave you guys some of thoughts on it. I hope you guys liked the video. If you liked it, please like and subscribe! See you guys next video!

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel and today i will be doing a review of the 2019 mazda cx-9 signature trim so starting off with the front we have the led headlights and the chrome girl so we have the big mazda logo which is where the camera first which is where the front part of the 360 camera sits and this is where the sensors are and the camera is for

The lane keep assist and for the cruise control and this is also another sensor for the cruise control and then moving around to the sides we have the 20 inch balloon we have the 20 inch alloy wheels then we have the power folding mirrors that come that come that came brand new with the that would just add for the 2019 model year so down hold let me just have to

Unlock a car then to fold them again you you just need to lock the car or you can select an option where they won’t fold when you lock the car if that’s what you want then so this car is 67 inches tall 199 inches long and 67 inches wide so coming around to the back uh to unlock the trunk there’s this button underneath here that you can press or you can use the

Button on the key you just press it once and the trunk opens so looking inside so with the third row up which just to fold it up there’s a little lever here they can press you just then you grab and just you can just fold up the headrests same thing on the other side just grab it grab it up fold up so behind third row there is 14 inch there’s 14 cubic feet of

Space so with the third row folded down there’s 38 cubic feet of space and with the second row folded down which to do that by the way you you just have to to do that you just have to grab grab this grab this lever and this lever down here right here and it will fold flat but behind but with the second row folded down it’s 71 cubic feet of space which still

Make which makes this car one was small actually the smallest family size suv compared to its competitors like that atlas the explorer the palisade and the telluride in this scent then to fold down the third row you just have to yank this headrest will automatically fall down and you just have to fold this part and then you just press it down so unlike the

Unlike the hyundai palisade this does not have a powerful and third row then to close the trunk you just press them on up here or again you can use your key so before we get into the car this is the key so as your lock button unlock button and the trunk button which you just have to hold to open the trunk this car does not have remote start need to do any of the

Masses that that doesn’t actually that cost extra like toyotas so approaching the car if you have your key in your pocket or your bag or whatever as long as it’s close to you you can just press the button to unlock it mirrors will fold out and lock again you just have to press the button again there’s no sensor behind door handles like honda like like hondas and

Kios sorry like hondas and uh hondas just open the door so this is the door panel so you have your you have your mirror controls your window controls your child lock your lock unlock then looking at the seat so the driver’s seat is a 10-way power just a 10-way power adjustable with two-way lumbar support which is in and out and also has a two person memory seat

And the passenger seat is an eight-way power adjustable seat and just add there are buttons on both on both doors but there aren’t any buttons to unlock the doors on the back doors as you can see the signature trim does have a leather heated heated wrap heated leather wrapped steering wheel with heating cooled seats on both sides and because this is a signature

Trim of 2019 it does have the red leather seats which you can still get but you need to go for the carbon fiber trim now going back to the door handles you can fold the mirrors from inside you just need to scroll this down so it selects the mirror thing and then that folds and that that folds the mirrors on both sides and now so when i select it and fold it in

And then when you want them out again you can do that now looking here you do have a digital speedometer with this uh with the stick that you can press in and that’ll change it to kilometers per hour when in the us you can press it down it’ll change it to miles per hour this car does have a push button which you just need to put your foot on the brake and press

The button to start also this car does have an 8-inch display and because we got the because we got the signature trim it does come with bathroom bed navigation this screen can be controlled by this dial or it can be or or you can just tap on it and this car does have apple carplay and android auto so you control the net you control the screen with this these

And you have some buttons like your home button you have you can just press the button for navigation your radio then you can set some radio some some radio stations to your favorites so they’re so they’re always at the top and this is just like a back button and this is your volume button that you can you have you have your sport and you have your sport mode

Then you have your gear shifter which uh i know a lot of people really like that senior gear shifter instead of the push buttons like the honda pilot does and like the uh hyundai palestine has so and then we have our air conditioning here which you can sync it with the rear air conditioning and looking at the screen uh this car does have apple carplay and android

Auto so you just have to hold down on this but on the home button and then the apple carplay should pop up right here and so you can use it as a touch screen you can select swipe left and right and so uh and so people mainly use apple carplay android auto for ways because in apple maps because they tend to be better than the embed navigation but if you do want to

Use them better navigation not use data for waze apple maps or google maps uh but just so you guys know to take waste takes one thousand one thousand four hundred uh hours of using ways to take up one gigabyte data just so you guys know it doesn’t take up a lot uh but if you do wanna use the mazda navigation or if you wanna use the embedded navigation any system in

Any car there will always be a like app with their uh logo on it and you just press that and then you can go back to the back to the factory navigation so moving to the left of the steering wheel we have a couple buttons so we have the bundle you have to hold to open up your trunk you have the view button so if you’re driving or if you’re or if you’re parallel

Parking you don’t need to go into reverse you can press the view button so you since typically to see your 360 camera you need to go into reverse but since there’s this bunny you can just press it and it’ll show the 360 camera this is your this will help you with parking so if you’re getting too close to person object or just another car they’ll start beeping at

You when you’re getting too close using the sensors in the brunt that i showed you guys before here’s your traction control sorry no this is your traction control my bad and this one is your lane as your only departure warning if you’re dripping out if you’re drifting on the lane uh it will tell you and they’ll shake the steering wheel so you just have to press

These to turn them on and off i will not be pressing since this is not my car and i will not be messing with it but moving down you have the you have the lever that you pull to open the gap to open the gas door and to pop your hood oh that sounds inappropriate sorry so let me just show you guys the 360 camera so i’m just going to press the view button here since

I’m not going to shift this car into reverse so you just press view and this is the 360 camera so you so you just have the standard backup camera that you guys would normally have with with trajectory trajectory then you have your 360 camera so you have cameras underneath both mirrors and it’s also utilizing the back camera and the camera in the front which i

Showed you guys which is also used for the lane keep assist so to use lane keep assist uh there’s no button on the steering wheel that you’d use but just so since we’re on the topic of buttons on the steering wheel this is for your cruise control this is how many cars you you want to since it’ll estimate how many cars how many cars could fit between the car in

Front of you so you can set that here at your speed then this is just your volume that you can control for your for your music and then uh and this is like skip songs and then this is almost like siri and then you can answer calls and hang up calls but in here it’ll tell you when it’s ready to use uh to use land keep assist and it will show that the lines

Become blue and then you can take your hands off the steering wheel but you still should be paying attention it’ll keep you in the lane but like most cars is it doesn’t always keep you in the lane you still need to really pay attention and adjust it every once in a while but it is there but now we’re coming back to the 360 camera so you can uh press this button

Or you can press down on this part on this button and it’ll go back to regular camera you can press it again it’ll show the side cameras that are underneath the mirrors which this is very useful for parallel parking and you press it again it’ll go back to the normal one moving back down here this is your parking brake you pull it up to uh start your parking

Brake then you pull it down then you push it down to stop it then when you’re done using a 360 camera you can just press button again and it’ll you know and it will not be shown on the screen anymore then down here you do have your a speaker premium bose audio system which their speakers replace throughout the car for the amazing sound quality and because we do

Have the signature trim it does come with it does come with genuine wood trim uh the only thing i don’t like is that it comes with piano black which as you can see already has a lot of dust which really shows dust and fingerprints but since no one really touches this it doesn’t have that many fingerprints you do have a red plastic injected molded plastic here and

Aluminum trim moving up from the speedometer uh you we do have a heads-up display that you can’t really see right now but it is there so the steering wheel is tilt and telescoping it’s not power tilted telescoping so you have to pull the lever down you can push it down pull it up push it in or pull it out it’s very very difficult to pull the steering wheel out but

You can’t do it and you just push this back when you have it in the position that you want so this is the second row lot i find that it has lots of leg room and the seats pretty far back but i still have tons and tons of legroom there’s two pockets here where you can put books whatever you want there’s another bose speaker the mirror button that you can make the

Mirrors go up and down all all four mirror mirrors all four windows are power are automatic up and down so you just have to pull it up once i don’t go all the way up push it down push it down hard and it’ll go all the way down then here you have your climate control which this is to make the air colder hotter there’s heat season in the back three level you can

Turn the air conditioning on off up the fan speed and you can choose where you want air blowing since there are vents right here this is the vent you also that on the other side you guys cannot see that it’s right here and then you can just adjust your vents here and there is a center console right here um matt the new romances that now for the top trims they

Have a now they have a they have captain’s chairs except for there’d be a center console like this here instead of this but you can’t fold this up if you do need to utilize all seats and so it does fold up but if you want to use this on the road trip or whatever you can pull it back down you do have two cupholders here you can pull this open and you have two

Usb ports so the second row seats are adjustable you can use the lever which is underneath here right here you guys cannot see it right there so you grab it you can use a bit of your leverage to pull it forward and you can pull it again and you can move back and you can also uh adjust the backrest so you just pull this you can lean back if you want it backwards

Breaking forward if you want forwards and then you just push it back and it locks into place for you to get into the third row of the master cx-9 it’s pretty simple all you have to do is grab the handle right here pull it up see it leans forward then you can continue on anything and then it moves deep moves forward enough so now you have an entrance into the

Third row and then once you get back here you can just grab the seat you do not need to grab the handle just grab anywhere on the seat watch your feet when it starts rolling back since that would hurt if your feet got caught there then once it’s all the way back it makes that locking sound and it’s and so this is with the seat all the way back here and this is

Where it locks so you get some extra space so i am five nine five ten i have enough room in here uh there are in third row there are cup holders little hooks for don’t know what but a couple on both sides more speakers on both sides and then behind here i you guys cannot see this but on my side there is a 12 volt outlet which is like which is a circular

Outlet that you’ll need a cert you can you cannot use a brick you can’t use a wire for it so you have to get a certain type of brick that’s like circular but there is there is a charging station like thing back here so let me move over to the other side so this this this one is with seats all the way back wait oh my gosh so there is a place to put your feet

Underneath this is with the seat all the way back on the other side and it’s not i mean it’s not bad like i could sit back here for two hours but i wouldn’t want like we drove all the way from north carolina which takes 14 hours to drive i would not want to be all the way back here for 14 hours but uh this like this can work for uh tall people but i don’t know

Like if you’re above 60 i don’t think you’d be able to sit back here then when you want to get out of the third row you can just grab the lever again like this to get in you push forward it goes as far forward as it can you just jump out again to pull pull back you grab the lever push back the seat will go back and then this is where my master stops the seat

Normally and so you have less legroom but that gets more legroom the people on third route there’s only two seats in the third row this car is not wide enough to have three seats in the third row but then to just move it back again grab underneath pull back now everything’s aligned in conclusion i think this is a really good car it’s really elegant looking high

Quality and magic masses are known to last a long time it doesn’t have an outrageous price actually cars are expensive anyways but for what it gives you compared to this competition has a really good price point then for this year’s with the new updated handy quarter inch display new updated interior the uh top trim which is the signature trim is 54 000 compared

To the palisade compared to the telluride compared to the atlas it’s a really good price for what it offers um but this car is just in in general a really good car will last a long time um but no so that’s all for that’s all for this video um have a good day please consider liking and subscribing thanks for watching the video see you guys later

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