2019 maserati levante s v6 revie
Altair Club Cars 2019 Maserati Levante S V6 Review Test drive Exhaust sound

2019 Maserati Levante S V6 Review Test drive Exhaust sound

Hi everyone welcome back to chandrasekhar channel so that you can see for the day we are 2019 the maserati levante so in this video we are going to start up and hear the exhaust sound this is the v6 petrol and it sounds very very good so here we have the key also we have the keyless go so you just need to have your key with yourself in your pocket or and you

Can see this brown with the black leather interior you can see this aluminium paddles so here master what it illuminating the night so let’s check the interior so here we have in the left to start the engine it’s very very nice interior also i like this shift paddles which feels very luxurious just like in the ferrari because after all ferrari have maserati

So they are the same company if i can say maybe infotainment is not that great to use but the interior is very very nice a serial volume control and down is to control the fm more track or something else and we have also a plug here the leather in the top and it feels very luxurious i think is a napa leather with a alcantara here which is very very nice so

We have two cupholders so we can go fast in the storage and stuff like that and we are going to check the exterior here here love box so it’s very well we did i don’t know i seen something like that deeper before so you can feel the front is very very nice and aggressive you can see this led daytime running light with a non led with xenon headlight sorry

You can seal this beautiful color it’s like a brown and you have this three events in sight like all maseratis we can see this 21 inch rims so you can see is like coupe a style you can see in the back it’s very very nice also i like this chrome detail around the window and the door handle to open the door you can see the maserati logo in the back like all

Maseratis you can see else in the back is very very nice it’s very muscular look you can see the quad exhaust with sounds and fairway very nice in check the trunk it’s all at electric what you expect from this higher priced car but under storage also you have the ski hash if you want to but we’ll ski or something like that can check the backseat and see

It’s very roomy with two cupholders the air vents with usb ports for the latest devices and things like that the thing that i like is even in the back of the logo of maserati in the headrest you can see the panoramic sunroof so now we can check the song so is very very smooth to drive so it’s very quiet when you don’t floor it so he’s fairly fairly quick

Although the gearbox is very very nice so i hope you enjoyed this short review of this maserati levante so comment down below what do you think about this car and we see you in the next video

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2019 Maserati Levante S V6 Review Test drive Exhaust sound By Shend Riza Cars

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