2019 land rover discovery sport
Altair Club Cars 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0TD4 Landmark

2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0TD4 Landmark

One owner from new. 14,801 miles with Full Land Rover Service History, most recently carried out in March 2021. Infamously practical with 7 seats, AWD & full of exclusive Landmark specification

So what a stunning opportunity for you to own a beautiful luxury seven-seat land rover discovery sport this car’s just arrived the 2019 19 plate discovery sport landmark edition so a top-of-the-range car priced at thirty thousand seven hundred and seventy seven pounds the car comes with some fabulous options full panoramic sunroof heated steering wheel full leather

Four-wheel drive seven seats and the car looks superb narvik black with the discovery landmark styling package so what you get with that is you get the chorus grey badging and grille a chorus gray roof chorus gray wheels and it breaks that car up so it’s not a full black styling package but it looks lovely against the black paint very very exclusive premium

Looking vehicle so you can see i’ve already mentioned the 19 inch chorus grey wheels you’ve got the chorus grey inserts into the wing and then if you come very close you’ll see that the roof is actually painted in chorus grey as well now these discovery sport landmarks are literally our best-selling car because they’re a two-liter diesel they’re great on fuel

The four wheel drive they’re not too big but they are still seven seats so you get all the space you’re gonna need for more than five passengers but you also get seven seats okay the biggest thing about this car is the fact that it is a genuine seven seat vehicle now we have got the load liner in the boot here if i just remove that the seats are so easy to use

Very user friendly they literally pop up as easy as that and you’ve got that lovely seven seat vehicle then if you wanna get back to your five seat or bigger boot space or a six seat that’s how easy it is power boot is a nice convenience feature but the car is a land rover discovery sport hse as you can see badged up with that beautiful styling package with the

Grey roof the gray badging and the gray wheels which just works very very well for lots of people because it looks so nice and then you get that lovely interior it’s a full leather sorry we’ve got this parcel shelf on the back seat there but full black leather interior with the sunroof with lovely things like heated steering wheel heated front seats seven speed

Automatic gearbox keyless entry keyless start the list is just is just endless really coming around the front end as well we’ll just touch on some of the other things it’s got front and rear parking sensors reversing camera the beautiful signature daytime driving lights with xenon headlights they’re just a great car and this one at just over 30 grand is a great buy

14 000 miles one owner from you full land rover service history this vehicle was just serviced at landrover last month so it is ready to go still under land rover warranty for over a year land rover breakdown assistance as well things like 14-way electric seats meridian sound system the full leather it’s got it all and then you get the lovely driving position so

I’m jumping in the car now i’m set up nice and high feels nice and safe then the steering wheel you’ve got cruise control everything’s at touch of your your fingertips really heated steering wheel cruise control with lane departure warning you’ve got your bluetooth functions and stereo controls automatic lights automatic wipers i’ve already touched on the heated

Steering wheel but you’ve also got heated front seats with digital climate control because the car is a four wheel drive car you’ve got your different four-wheel drive selections if you do want to go off-road in the vehicle or it is snowing you can just pop it into the snow mode there popping the car in reverse reversing camera and it you know for me it’s got it

All the glass roof is a big one because it does open the car up feels a lot more spacious but if it is sunny and you want to close that roof off it’s just a touch of a button up here the roof closes across so we’ve got two keys for the car 14 801 miles on the clock but for a seven seat vehicle for value for money for fuel economy for four-wheel drive purposes

You don’t get a better car than the land rover discovery sport and that’s why they are ever so popular here fun great on our finance rate of 6.9 apr and we are the number one garage on trustpilot in the uk that should help you deal with us with no issues whatsoever knowing that every customer who deals with us have left positive reviews five star reviews to make

Us number one in the uk my name is richard i’ll try and help you as best i can give me a call thanks for watching

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2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0TD4 Landmark By Acklam Car Centre

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