2019 infiniti qx50
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2019 Infiniti QX50

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The QX50 of choice is the top-level Essential trim. While the Luxe and even the Pure are reasonably well-equipped, the Essential, for better or for worse, is the only trim level that Infiniti offers any significant options on. Consider getting the ProAssist or ProActive package if having the latest advanced driver safety aids is important to you. The Bose sound system also looks like a worthwhile upgrade since the QX50 is stuck with a basic six-speaker system otherwise.

The qx50 of choice is the top-level essential trim while deluxe and even the pure are reasonably well equipped the essential for better or for worse is the only trim level that infiniti offers any significant options on consider getting the processed or proactive package of having the latest advanced driver safety aids is important to you the bose sound

System also looks like a worthwhile upgrade since the qx50 is stuck with a basic 6 speaker system otherwise infiniti qx50 has long prioritized dynamic handling / outright functionality but that changes with the fully redesigned 2019 infiniti qx50 with softer on-road manners in a more luxurious interior it’s a more desirable and competitive choice for

A luxury crossover suv certainly infiniti took its sweet time to bring out the new qx50 you could trace the previous generation qx fifties roots all the way back to 2008 when infiniti debuted the model is the ex but the weight may have been worth it other than the number of people it can seat this new model is different in just about every way we’ll

Start from the obvious the 2019 iteration is a little shorter but considerably wider and taller than the previous qx50 even the ground clearance is increased by about 2 inches which gives the exterior a much squatter and aggressive stance these new dimensions also allow for a completely new interior there’s more rear legroom than before and the rear

Seats can slide recline and fold flat for increased cargo capacity and speaking of cargo capacity there’s now a total of 31 point 4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats nearly thirteen more cubic feet than perform up front there’s an all-new cabin and infinities latest infotainment system it’s a dual screen setup with the top screen handling

Navigation duties and the bottom screen tackling entertainment functions and climate control otherwise the rest of the interior is similar to that of infinities q50 sedan with its broad swoops and strokes and twin screen infotainment system but there’s even bigger news from the powertrain while previous models featured a v6 the 2019 qx50 has a new

Two charged 4-cylinder with a revolutionary new variable compression technology although this engine produces less maximum horsepower than the previous v6 it makes more torque and spreads it out more evenly across the engines operating range the result infiniti promises is quicker acceleration around town and higher fuel economy after testing the

Qx50 it’s this new powertrain discouragingly that disappoints the most the continuously variable automatic transmissions inconsistent responses seem to sap whatever potential advantages the engine might have and real-world fuel economy is only incrementally better for the qx50 than for other rival suvs with four-cylinder engines thankfully the rest

Of infinities new 2019 qx50 is quite good if you’re shopping for a small but roomy luxury crossover suv the qx50 is worth checking out thank you for watching and don’t forget to like subscribe and share this video subscribe to oto tv

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