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Altair Club Cars 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – Used Cars – For Sale – Brantford Kia 519-304-6542 Stock No. P2806A

2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – Used Cars – For Sale – Brantford Kia 519-304-6542 Stock No. P2806A

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Hey everybody it’s peter from paper kia today we’re talking used cars this one is stock number p2806a it’s a 2019 hyundai ioniq and i quite like this car this particular car is in great condition it’s got some nice options let’s go take a look all right 2019 hyundai ioniq i really quite like this car i think it’s a nice color i think it’s got a nice feature set

When i say this car i mean this specific one it’s just got the perfect mix of features for me i would probably buy this car uh here we go projector beam headlights out front led marker lights down low you’ve got the piano black hyundai grille in the front there so i think that looks better in piano black than some of the other chrome type colors that they do with

It scrolling back here you can sort of see this view here uh eco sort of eco-friendly tires and wheels here so the wheels are just aerodynamic and the tires you can see the michelin x green tires of course black in color green in saving you green which of course in canada is only 20 bills you know i’m trying here guys the blue drive badge there on the front fender

That’s the uh hyundai’s eco-friendly uh badging come back here just nice looking lights shark fin antenna up there i think it’s a sharp looking car just looks a little bit sporty it’s not super sporty to drive but it’s great for efficiency and uh yeah let’s take a look inside the car now you’ll notice on the door handle here you’ve got the little button right

There what that does is that is your unlock button so you can keep the key fob in your pocket you do have powered seats down here which i’m a big fan of and lumbar support as we hop inside here what we’re going to do is just turn the car to the on position we’re not going to fully start it but it’s push button start that’s the on position if you’re not used

To driving a hybrid this is a great little gauge over here and it’s clear and easy to read it’ll make a lot more sense when you drive a hybrid just tells you exactly what the hybrid system’s doing in the center you have a speedometer and a lot of kias have this information display panel in the center on this hyundai they’re a little bit to the right side there

With a lot of good information in there right now it says 5.6 liters per hundred kilometers i bet you i could beat that on this car moving over here am fm and satellite radio which is nice of course if you buy a car from us with satellite radio you get three free months of satellite radio and what’s rare is you don’t often get android auto and apple carplay and

Satellite radio in our cars anymore it’s usually one or the other and it usually preferences android on apple carplay so you do have the benefit of both in this system which is kind of nice moving down here you’ve got a dual zone automatic climate control system you can see my passenger is cooler than me which makes sense you can set that to whatever temperature

You want well roughly whatever temperature you want so you can adjust left and right differently or you can sync them together come down here a little further there’s that usb port down there that usb port in the center is where you connect for android auto and apple carplay you got 12 volt ports on either side of that the gear shift knob is in the shot there

This is a nice little gear shift you’ve also got rump roasters heated seats and a heated steering wheel so nice equipment there we’re going to come back to the steering wheel and talk about a few things there in a second let’s go wide angle for a second and we take a look at the car over here now first of all you got this blue color that’s that part of that blue

Drive hyundai’s blue color it looks quite nice in here i’m a big fan of cloth seats and these are nice they’re very comfortable like i said mine’s powered and lumber adjustment there uh but nice uh patterning on there it doesn’t show perfectly on camera but you can kind of see the general uh feel of that five passenger car that’s split rear window no problem there

Nice and easy to see out of and what i think is really nice nice touch anyways is you’ve got the sunroof up there so nice sunroof opens and tilts kind of nice taking a look a look back around all the way to the steering wheel something you may not expect paddle shifters you can shift your gears yourself and you’ve also got cruise control right over here remember

That information display panel i told you that was a little bit off center compared to our kias all of that control is right here so very logical there’s the display there’s the controls coming over here you’ve got your audio controls and your bluetooth controls automatic headlights and one thing i don’t think i mentioned you’ve got blind spot detection let’s see

It right there yeah blind spot detection on this car so kind of a nice feature set we’re going to hop out of the car for a second right now power windows power locks power mirrors all those things you would expect and you got a key fob here there’s your hyundai key fob very simple uh controls you can hold that button on the trunk it just unlocks the trunk button

It doesn’t pop it up itself but speaking of the trunk let’s go take a quick peek at it as we pop it open here there we go i don’t think i mentioned the backup camera you’ve got a nice backup camera underneath the logo right up there on the uh symbol there coming down here you’ve got a nice deep trunk so it sits nice and deep and you’ve got the cargo cover blind

Style cover that pulls over top so you can keep your cargo hidden from people but still actually a lot of space below that cargo cover again a really nice car and i really like the options on this car that sunroof the powered seat the power lumbar little things like paddle shifters heated steering wheel heated seats really nice mix so we specialize in eco-friendly

Cars things like hybrids evs phevs if you’re looking for an efficient car feel free to give us a call phone number is 519-304-6542 you can also reach us online www.brandforkia.ca and the easiest way to reach us is just click that link in the uh option in the in the description below that’ll take you right to our sales team thanks everybody for watching

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