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Altair Club Cars 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue oil change.

2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue oil change.

This is a video on how to change your oil on a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue. One thing I did forget to mention, which for this car is a bit of a hassle as it tends to go to hybrid mode, is to have the engine warm up before doing the oil change. The parts/items I used are as follow:

Good morning today we’re going to do an oil change on a 2019 hyundai ioniq hybrid blue what we’re going to need is we’re going to need a oil filter so the part number for oem is 26300-35505 i’m gonna use that one today if you choose to go with mobile one it’s m1104a so i’m gonna use the honda one we’re also gonna need a drain plug washer part number two one

Five one three two three zero zero one now these ones i got from kia but i’ve gone to honda and i use the same part number if you have a strip drain plug you’ll need a drain plug and then i’m using full synthetic zero w as far as tools i got my oil catch can this one’s a 16 quart i got this one from o’reilly’s i’m gonna use a 3 8 torque wrench a 3 8 ratchet i

Have a 17 millimeter for the drain plug i have a 10 millimeter for the covers that cover the drain plug and the filter i have a third 80 by 15 um wrench tool oil filter tool if you’re interested in the oil filter tool i’ll link that in the bio below it’s a pretty nice kit let’s get started before doing the oil change the one thing i do is i like to put my

Cars on wraps and i recommend removing the oil filter cap and setting it right here by the hood latch one it’s supposed to be where the oil flows a little bit faster too just a reminder make sure you put oil in the engine so once we do that the next thing is let’s loosen this drain plug when you get underneath we have this cover for the oil filter and then

If you go down over here we have it for the engine oil so what you’re going to do is you’re just going to remove these bolts here once you once i remove that i’ll show you how to do the rest i already went ahead and loosened this drain plug so we’re gonna go ahead and just test this off and hopefully don’t make a mess let it dry with the drain plug off let’s

Remove the gasket the one thing i use it’s a little flat hand if i put it in there and then just carefully remove it and then replace it with the new one with the new washer installed i’m gonna go ahead and put this drain plug back in and get ready to remove the old filter uh once you screw this in by hand we’ll come back and torque it to 25 foot pounds

And you just want to make sure that you torque it to spec and avoid oh the one thing i recommend is which i should have done is wiped all that oil that was on that surface to make sure that it’s clean so when you check for leaks you know whether or not it’s on nice and tight to remove the filter i just put the tool right over the right on the filter get the

Ratchet with the extension once it’s in nice and in there just turn it and loosen it up now that it’s nice and loose i remove the extension from the ratchet slowly turn it and let it drip into the can one thing i do is i have a little oil pump or dispenser what i do is i put oil on this o-ring and then with my finger just make sure spread it nice and evenly

Before installing the new filter so with that o-ring nice and lubricated we’ll go ahead and reinstall the new filter once the new filter is on i’m going to go ahead and put on these covers here and i’ll meet you up top one thing i did forget to mention was when you remove your old filter make sure the gasket is intact because if it’s not you’ll be doing double

Gasket and that will create a leak also when you install the new one just go ahead and make sure you do it hand tight don’t use a wrench or anything because if you over tighten it it’s going to be a pain in the ass to take it off next time so the next step i’m going to go ahead and put four quarts of oil in this engine bay in the inside of the engine i’m going

To take it off the ramps i’m going to make sure it’s in a nice and leveled area and then i’m going to recheck it so once i’m done with this well i’ll see you then after i took the uh ionic off ramps i let it idle for a little bit i’m going to go ahead and clean this dipstick so that way i could get a fresh reading and out the oil is at the f so i don’t have

To put it anymore just make sure that the oil level when you do your oil change is at the f or in between is at the f no higher none lower and that’s how you do an oil change on a 2019 honda ionic to reset the maintenance reminder you’re gonna use this button here i’m gonna go over to the wrench if it’s not on this screen scroll up using this right here you’re

Gonna hold okay and there you go now i resetted it so next time it’s optional um o’reilly’s autozone they sell the stickers you could put the stickers here in the window that way you know when your next oil changes if you don’t want to use the maintenance reminder hope this video was helpful have a good day

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2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue oil change. By Jason B

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