2019 gmc sierra 1500 crew cab sl
Altair Club Cars 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE Blind Spot Sensor Heated Steering Power Tailgate Oshawa ON 191363

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE Blind Spot Sensor Heated Steering Power Tailgate Oshawa ON 191363

View photos and more info at: This is a Quicksilver Metallic 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Crew Cab SLE Review Oshawa null – Mills Motors Buick G with Automatic transmission Quicksilver Metallic color and Jet Black interior color. (Uploaded by DataDriver).

It’s a great day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2019 gmc sierra 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab it is the sle trim kodiak edition you’ve got the front and rear parking sensors chrome front bumper 20 inch aluminum wheels with the general grabber tires 5.3 liter engine v8 and you also have the task lights here blind spot sensor and to operate

Those task lights and it’s going to engage it by pressing this button here and when you do that you’re going to get a nice bright led light that shines there illuminate any situation you’re in and it’s only gonna work and park so you can’t accidentally leave it on and cause trouble for other drivers on the road woodgrain trim notes your drive select for trailering

In sport mode full rail drive cargo lights on/off and you have the electronic parking brake there 40/20/40 split bench seat in the front room for three passengers power driver adjustable seat with lumbar support got a leather wrap steering wheel and it is heated and cruise control headlights and turn signals intermittent wipers as well on the left right hand side

Has the gear shifter with tow haul hands-free calling and voice command and the driver information center menu so you can take a little scroll through there and it’s gonna show you all kinds of important information about your new truck here including the air filter life which you may not know when it was last changed or what needs to be done so a year wow well

Looked-after there behind the steering wheel airs of volume controls you can crank those tunes up while keeping your hands on the wheel am/fm stereo you also have apple carplay android auto so that’s going to expand your entertainment options and of course you can your maps for navigation and you can check the trailer lights here from the inside of the vehicle got

A little checklist there to make a trailer and easier for you and on the next page you’re going to find the camera function which operates at both low speeds as well as a full-color rear backup camera they have a trajectory and trailer guidelines and of course you do have the wi-fi hotspot there dual zone climate control for heating and air conditioning and heated

Seats both driver and passenger side that’s your trailer brake and you can disable the parking sensors if you wish to do so same thing here for the auto stop function which it’s not everybody’s favorite some people don’t enjoy having it but you can certainly disable it there if you wish power tailgate button traction control and hazards and express windows 12-volt

Power usb and usb c and you also have a locking tailgate here locking a storage rather in the middle of the full down armrest which is 60/40 40/20/40 that’s what i’m trying to say storage space below cupholders and this will just tuck out of the way that’s simply double glove box there the lower portion will lock onstar services are available to you again at just

Above the rear view mirror and you also have overhead lighting here on both sides you got the power-down tailgates using the key fob to perform that operation as you can see you’ve got that power tailgate button the remote starts and the alarm function they also have a liner on tailgate itself so you’re not gonna have to worry about scratching it up and denting

And taking a gouge out your well looked-after here bright cargo lights and nine fixed tie-downs twenty-one all together when you include the movable ones tailgate back in place just so simply remember i’m using one hand on the camera here the whole time chrome rear bumper hookups therefore trailer and hitch mascelli badging in the right-hand side and you’ve got

This a little carved out here area here so you can help pull yourself into the truck just like so and with those larger tailgate steps that’s going to accommodate any size shoe any size work boot snowmobile boots and of course will be easier to put your foot into those when you’re climbing out of the truck you’re going to have to be searching for the step it’s a

Lot easier to find and final thing back here we’re gonna see you’ve got that with the cargo lights enabled as they are now you’ve got that led light that shines down towards hitch to make trailering in some darker conditions easier plenty of leg room back here in the crew cab the all cloth upholstery continues and you’ve got the soft touch materials woodgrain trim

Notes deep tinted glass the overhead lighting and a split bench seat 60/40 and of course you got the floor mats company there as well as the trailer and equipment and the tools for fixing a fixing a flat the front tow hooks that 5.3 liter v8 badging once again the task lights and these keyless entry on all four doors and the door-to-door running boards to complete

Our look at this 2019 sierra 1500 if you want to see this one in person you’ll find us at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa where we always do whatever it takes

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLE Blind Spot Sensor Heated Steering Power Tailgate Oshawa ON 191363 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.

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