2019 ford transit connect wagon
Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: First Look

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: First Look

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon, is freshened up with new styling inside and out, new powertrains including a diesel, and a new marketing spin to boot. First look review inside and out.

Hey my good friends sam hey mart for test-driven tv at the chicago auto show was unveiled the 2019 ford transit connect wagon its redesigned inside and out has new powertrains under the hood including a diesel and a new marketing spin to boot our first full look it’s coming right up europe has never lost their love for the compact van but in the united states our

Minivans all grew up into larger and more expensive full-fledged family cruisers than the basic economy-sized in price passenger buses they started out as based on the commercial cargo van the transit connect wagon has stood alone in our market as the only four-cylinder powered compact size van priced well down scale from the larger products offered by chrysler

Honda toyota and nissan for 2019 the transit connect wagon gets some important updates starting with a fresh new face design that includes new headlamps grille and lower fascia the look is more inline with a contemporary ford fusion and other designs in the blue oval showroom the interior however gets a major upgrade with the all-new dash design that’s more consumer

Grade than the basic fleet grade interior of before the new dash provides a more modern look and offers that more convenience and entertainment features than before like those expected in any other car today there’s an available 6.5 inch touchscreen a digital instrument cluster at wireless phone charging and standard 4g lte modem that can provide wi-fi for up to 10

Devices as before it can seat five to seven passengers with above-average room for its footprint and has two sliding doors for easy access and that gets us to the marketing spin ford is really selling the transit connect to baby boomers who appreciated the vw bus and other vans of the 1970s but find that the modern crop of them is far too expensive to do everything

Haul the grandkids do crafts and be a roadtrip machine making it more affordable to trip in will be the new diesel engine option the 1.5 litre ecoboost will be a class exclusive and for up to 30 miles per gallon an engine already proven around the world it’ll be carefully tuned to meet our stringent us epa regulations you can be assured standard equipment will be

An all-new 2 liter direct-injected four-cylinder gasoline engine with an auto start system to be more fuel efficient than the current 2.5 liter for both engines will come with an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission because baby boomers love safeties and easy riding a host of driver assistance technologies will be standard including automatic forward emergency

Braking and pre collision assist with pedestrian detection available of course will be additional features like adaptive cruise control blind spot information and cross traffic alert as well as a lane keeping system to be available in two wheelbases a short five passenger and a long seven passenger version the 2019 transit connect wagon will come in three trim

Grades when it arrives later this year these are as now the plain wrapper xl the mid grade xlt and the full boat titanium the diesel engine option comes early in 2019 and when it arrives for it says the transit connect wagon will be among the most affordable seven passenger vehicles available in the united states man everyone’s after the baby boomers these days

They’re full of cash and there’s lots of them i do think though that this is a great formula a compact seven passenger vehicle that’s also fuel efficient who wouldn’t like that if you need something like that now i do think the big news here is the fact that they’re offering a diesel engine option it’s really too bad vw jumped out of that pool but everyone else is

Getting a swim now because they can compete they don’t have the big liar in the room cheating on the test i hate to say it like that but it’s a truth man and tell you to test drive click right here see your latest test drive or our latest video click right here subscribe to my youtube channel because i’ll always tell you what i think

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