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Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford Ranger Supercab 4×4 Lariat 6 Box – POV First Impressions

2019 Ford Ranger Supercab 4×4 Lariat 6 Box – POV First Impressions

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MSRP: $36,210

Hey guys welcome to the new 2019 ford ranger this week i have a 4×4 lariat super cab as you can see in the back we have these tiny little bench seats barely enough room for to fit back there but they could be usable in a pinch today i wanted to take you around this truck show you around give you an idea of what it’s like to drive and give some of my first impressions

This starts at about $36,000 for the 4×4 super cab it has a few options on it we have running boards the chrome appearance package spray in bedliner chunky off-road all-terrain tires the towing package and of course this comes with a 6 foot bed let’s see if we gotta lock this here it’s a pretty light weight bed but there’s no safety for dropping falls falls on

Your heart if you’re not ready but luckily it’s – pretty lightweight nice sized bed pretty usable when i first saw this ranger at the detroit auto show i thought wow this is almost the same size of the f-150 it’s really not and getting it out here in the real world it’s definitely bigger than the previous generation of ranger but it’s still i think an appropriate

Size for what this is and this class would pickup truck it’s got a smaller presence on the road it can easily fit in the parking spots it’s definitely not as long it’s a nicely sized truck and some reason i’m getting some australian and european vibes from just the design language throughout this truck and that makes sense because this has been for sale pretty

Much everywhere else throughout the world besides the united states and canada for the last few years so what else could i say about this ranger witt has 270 horsepower 310 pound feet of torque mated to a 10 speed automatic transmission this is the 2.3 liter ecoboost engine which i will say is quite a nice heat motor let’s take a look in the back seat here so

There are two options the super cab and the super krewe this is the super cab the crew has just a little bit more room full-size seats i still hear that it’s a little bit cramped back there but at least with this you get the 6 foot bed but the super crew you get a 5 foot bed so it kind of depends on how are you gonna be using this truck as you can see if i close

This door sitting behind myself at 5 foot 10 it’s pretty cramped pretty uncomfortable i swing my life to the side that’s a little bit better i do have a nice sliding window back here you can open up there’s a look at the interior let’s see how do i get out of this now looking inside we have transmission gear selector a nice manual handbrake for high or low auto

Stops start on and off button a couple of cup holders here no place to put your phone plug it into apple carplay we’ll get into an audio test a little bit later on in this video you can hear the speakers sink pretty much the same story as the ford edge st last week works well it’s nice you have buns for climate control it’s quick easily false to hand similar gauge

Cluster setup as well nice sharp speedometer the little menus to the left are a little bit small and hard to read sometimes but it gives you enough information you can get fuel economy and all sorts of different data drivers assist pretty easy to operate and of course you can control your entertainment navigation of phone on this right screen we have radar-guided

Cruise control in this truck as well there’s a look at the reverse camera not the best reverse camera it’s a little bit low contrast a little bit low res but it gets the job done you can definitely see if people are coming in your blind spot alright let’s take this thing on the road here when you first start up the ranger from a cold start you get a pretty big

Whoosh must have still have a mechanical fan and it sounds very truck like which is kind of cool and i do really like this ecoboost sounds nice i’m sure there’s a little bit of audio pumped in through the speakers it sounds a little bit artificial but i think overall it’s a pretty good tone when you first start the truck up and drive off this ten-speed does make

A few rough shifts here and there but once it warms up smooths out really well and does a pretty good job responding to your inputs and your power requests let’s test the brakes here into little 0 to 16 great brakes plenty of powerfulness 2.3 liter ecoboost it pulls nice you hear a good amount of boost i really do like this drivetrain one complaint that i have and

Straight pipes mentioned this too i didn’t really notice them until today but there’s a little bit of a shudder a little bit of a drivetrain vibration on heavy starts with this truck i don’t notice that as much when i lightly accelerate but if i’m half throttle or more i’ll just notice a little bit of a vibration through that first gear otherwise though this truck

Is great it’s very smooth with its power delivery and it’s shifting it’s not about ride quality so i think primary ride on this is pretty good and handles rough roads and potholes with relative ease secondary ride though when you’re getting riding over undulations and larger whoops and bumps can tend to be a little bit bouncy of course this truck has a 7500 pound

Towing capacity so it definitely has to retain some stiffness to maintain that level of towing but you know i would say ride quality is acceptable but it’s definitely truck like you’re not going to be just pushing over everything with ease one thing i noticed yesterday while filming the winding road pov test-drive video to stability control and this tends to kick

In a little bit too early and a little bit too aggressively so let’s say you’re pushing it around a corner you’ll hear some chattering from the front end and stability control kind of trying to reel you in and say hold on you’re driving like a maniac slow down stop what you’re doing it’s a little bit invasive and i think it kicks in a little bit too early i love

The closed ratios of this ten-speed it really puts its power down well let’s do a little u-turn here test the turning radius again smaller truck it definitely feels to be a good size i like that i like the interior dimensions in this ranger i really do like the size of this on the road it doesn’t feel too big you have a really nice high driving position it’s not

Cramped in the interior – i feel like i have a decent amount of space in here but handily does seem to be pretty good but you can hear there just a little bit of chattering from the front as this breaks grab for the stability control let’s take this on the highway turn signal has difficult forward sounds there it has a nice satisfying chunk when you move the

Stock sport mode just kind of increases the throttle resolution holds the holds of gears a little bit longer even keeps a little bit more boost early on we could work well on a back road if you if you need to keep us rpms up it also seems like it turns off stop start you can see there over that bridge just a little bit bouncy but it’s not as bad as some trucks

That i’ve driven that they’re just bouncing around constantly let’s see how this does around the twisties here we’ll throw in a sport mode do some handling the ride quality kind of goes between floaty and bouncy it’s an interesting damping setup definitely feels truck-like maybe a little bit busy so let’s put it into cruise control here seventy miles an hour

We’re sitting just at 2,000 rpm we change our following distance i haven’t used rear i got a cruise control in this too much yet i found a little bit of funkiness going on with yesterday when i was following a semi-truck it seemed to struggle with its following distance he was either tailgating or too far away i’ll need a little bit more time with this system to

Kind of learn its ins and outs for now though let’s test the audio going to apple carplay and listen to our soundtrack playlist great sound system really impressive range in tonality nice bass take it to a classical song here definitely doesn’t fit the ranger but that’s okay we do this just for comparison i’m really pretty impressed with how quiet and

Silent this truck is on highways at highway speeds over bumps there’s not a lot of cabinet rusian it’s pretty pretty nice and livable you definitely enjoy some long journeys in this truck music sounds great i really like the sound system we have auto stop start turn down here let me turn this music off and we’ll give you a taste of what that’s like when it starts

Up right now works pretty quickly pretty seamless by the time you have your foot off the brake and onto the accelerator you should be ready to go i also have pretty nice visibility out of the cabin here forward i could really see me though my sight lines well on where the edges of the vehicle are these mirrors are nice and big they show me a really nice visibility

Out of the sides of the back a nice good view out of the rear view mirror no big pillars here either to block sight lines of course you have this nice high driving position that you get from a ranger overall i’d say this is a pretty nice truck there’s a lot of configurations and ways you can spec this depending on how you’re gonna use it still can’t wait for a

Raptor version of this i think with this engine and some more compliant and off-road friendly suspension this would be a pretty potent vehicle and as is though the slots in really nicely below the f-150 i think if you need more interior space you should probably just go ahead and buy an f-150 the backseat and this iteration and the crew cab are pretty i think they’re

Pretty cramped pretty tight you know if you’re gonna be hauling around family or people in the back you’re gonna want a larger vehicle but if it’s just you and one other person and you need a truck this is a pretty good way to go it seems to be pretty economical i love the size and lower weight of this i think definitely adds some to some nimbleness and makes us

Much more usable in tighter city situations you can easily take this to the grocery store park it get what you need and you don’t have to worry about moving this massive truck around the parking lot so from that standpoint it makes it to be a little bit more of a practical proposition everything’s nicely laid out in here i think it’s an attractive interior anyway

Guys though that sums it up for this video i think we’ll post a computing night drive later this week and see what my thoughts are after living with us for a few more days let’s use this manual handbrake here great alright guys thanks for watching we’ll see you in another video later take care

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2019 Ford Ranger Supercab 4×4 Lariat 6' Box – POV First Impressions By TheTopher

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