2019 ford f250 super duty pickup
Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup XL Supercab Under Seat Storage Tool Organizer Draw Build Part I

2019 Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup XL Supercab Under Seat Storage Tool Organizer Draw Build Part I

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So here’s my problem just never enough space oh god if it’s plywood come to by force time fix problem took the back seek out took the backseat out try to make more room but it has this three stage it goes here it goes lower so it has a lot of wasted space if you’re not utilizing all the way to the back let’s get all this cleaned down and see what we can do and

Removing the seat it’s actually added an additional foot of headroom space to add more stuff but you don’t literally get to use on space left to right because this down stuck you know on that box all the way over there that’s an inverter for the 110 over there so then i’ll build a basically a decking that goes for all the way from the back so it’s the front and

Then that extra space that’s dead in the center i’ll make it a dress but in half and pull it each way so it’s not wasted space either so this is the ford f250 organization project and those who had know me from a mopar fan know i’m still a mopar fan there’s a ram in the background somewhere this is a company vehicle that i’m working on not a personal vehicle

I’d still come as guy a mopar guy sot a guy so let’s get this project rolling alright so took out the center seat belt that is going so it’s out of way a big bulk i had a fire extinction here remove that and i had the right there that was for the jack bottle jack remove that so now let’s just start to build that platform going so here’s my materialist one sheet

Of plywood for two by fours and four pieces of scrap two by fours now the fun part start bringing out some big toys and start cutting this up to make this happen it’s getting serious more and more the wall tools are starting to come out using the nice brushless 60 volt flex caps off let’s see were all right so cut aboard there tight fit so i’m gonna have it sit

On top of those screws so that actually won’t slide in a way that i know i’m gonna line those up directly perfectly as i’m just going to literally sit on top take this good os wing hammer yank and i’ll leave an impression so that i know exactly where i need to join my holes so well that worked we’re gonna actually made an impression perfect though take a look at

That she fit like a glove yeah so i got the base figured out have to raise that board a bit then i’ll leave a space in the center because there is a secret lighter here so later if i want to fish underneath this platform align for an inverter or something i have the ability to stop taking it all apart it’s looking pretty good so this 2×4 here obviously it’s a

Lot wider than needs to be something actually gonna rip that down on a table saw and then since this is flat i can use those as the stoppers on here screw them in to stop my bins from sliding forward i’m liking the way this is turning out that makes a dramatic difference on how much space i had back here i took the table saw and i chopped the 2×4 to that exact

With took that piece off so that when i’m in here and i set though piece and i set those pieces there and this piece and this piece across it is on the money level it’s coming together nicely essential it’s gonna look like i don’t have screws long enough to take this piece into this so i’m gonna cut a piece of pilot and screw it to that so this is what happens when

You start the project late say uh oh well you get it done not a lot of cleaning up to do this tool is a little bit everywhere and somewhat devil gears tough books tough those cases are nice a little bit of everything’s out right now got the big light table saw looks like every tool now put the word today that each piece turned up pretty nice so i just ripped that

Board down and to make it the exact height it needed to be to level it out and on the other foot plow it on this side so i can join the two pieces some people may say well i needs a 2×6 or a wider board it’s not inhabited by sex you’re wider boy i’m using one material i have so $3.99 you know i’m pretty proud all that actually turned out listen what’s the damn good

Captain their second go there and it’s come down off the sides here get that little gap so i could go from here – no it’s a inverter come down if i wanted to pop alone later jill the top where i’m going to run that wire but i’m pretty happy looks pretty damn good got the bass in the back done solon ends dirty i notice that this not putting another 2×4 this way

So there is this lip here i know people who say why did you do that i have that gap for to come in here or to wire something down or come up here forever hard wire from the battery and then later this guy will be a drawer so i’m happy it’s turning out pretty badass and everything’s squared and everything’s low i would cut the size i’ll see how macho a fight it’s

Gonna give me assuming this in there i gave myself a little play but not a whole lot here we go all right final cut made make a nice drawer she said opening down there so i could run gordon see the opening up top so i could run chords in you can actually see there so your letter right there so really good chords in and stuff so as simple as this may seem those

Definitely had to rip this board to a custom so that it made this level yeah but it’s gonna make my life a hell of a lot easier having tools back here in having that big of a workspace and that is a drastic difference for me i’m super super happy mm 18 ford f-250 i would say tool rack in the back on the quad cab illuminating the back seats and building a level

Flat platform since you can put your tools back here and like i said i’m gonna put a couple little braces that will stop my stuff from moving around but this is just gonna make my day so much easier beautiful it’s so much more tools and even trying to figure out a way that i can use these seat belts in a way maybe you buy some cheap belts out of junk yard you know

Having come up and i can’t even seatbelt into my tools i like that so i guess this thing will keep getting better and better but this is the base like i said i’ll do a later video i had the drawer and i had a power inverter and i’ll try to do something with the seat belts so thanks for watching god bless please like comment share and subscribe alright alright now

The crazy part clean up all this mess in the dark and put all these tools away well it was fun nice little adventure right after work head straight something i got home you know you’ll just get better and better i’ll keep adding to it and improving on it but i just had to do it this tower i didn’t want to but

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2019 Ford F250 Super Duty Pickup XL Supercab Under Seat Storage Tool Organizer Draw Build Part I By Rick Ramirez

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