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Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford F-150 Review: Kids, Carseats & Safety

2019 Ford F-150 Review: Kids, Carseats & Safety

CarseatBlog looks at the 2019 Ford F150 SuperCrew: Safety features, comfort, and car seats.

I’m safe dad with car seat clogs look at the ford f-150 supercrew this is the limited version which basically has absolutely everything in terms of safety which is our emphasis it has everything standard including automatic emergency braking and that feature is actually standard on every trim level however to get the iihs superior rated system you have to step up to

Higher trim levels and get the package with the adaptive cruise control with stop and go feature to get the superior rated forward emergency braking system the other systems on other trims that are standard all the way down to the xl is not yet rated by the ihs but in crash tests for the ihs the results were excellent good rating applied to every single crash test

The iihs performed and if you do get that adaptive cruise control system you’ll get the superior rated system that would be necessary to get a top safety pick however unfortunately due to headlights that didn’t meet ihs standards the top safety pick was not awarded to the f-150 for 2019 other good news and government crash testing from the nhtsa at safercar.gov

Five stars all around in all of the individual crash tests which is also great it did get a four star rollover rating which is very typical for suvs and so good results all around in actual crash tests very standout performance for a pickup truck as well we’re gonna take a look at the back seat and discuss some child passenger safety seating issues as far as

Three across car seats which is something of interest to many parents the f-150 supercrew is a dream it’s big enough to where you get plenty of legroom to fit a rear-facing car seat without affecting the legroom for the front passengers it’s also wide enough all the way across to fit just about any possible combination of three across or adjacent car seats the

Middle seat is very wide it’s gonna fit just about everything with a car seat beside it or another passenger there’s almost no conflict with the seatbelts or the latch anchors which are available on the outboard seats which i will show you they are readily accessible and easily visible in the two outboard seats and that’s a good thing because you will use those

In general for not only rear-facing car seats but in some other instances because of the inflatable seatbelts and that is something you will need to pay attention to in the owners manual when you read it because there are conflicts so check your car seat owner’s manual and the vehicle owners manual for information on these inflatable seat belts they’re great for

Passengers however for some car seats they are incompatible and sometimes they can cause issues with car seat installation even when they are compatible including children in boosters wear these thicker seat belts may be an issue in the shoulder belt guides of high back boosters so if these are problem or incompatible because the manual of your car seat says so you

Can always install in the middle seat that has a standard seat belt that you can see here we have a eco my fit installed with the seat belt and it installed easily using the standard seat belt in the middle seat your other option if these inflatable seat belts are an issue in the outboard seats are to use these lower latch anchors there are limits to those but that

Varies by car seat so you’ll have to check your car seat labeling our owners manual to determine the lower limits another issue with car seats not really a negative but common for most pickups are is the latch system top tether anchor routing so the top tether portion of the latch system has to be routed through a fabric loop so for this keiko my fit we’ve routed

It through the loop behind the my fit and then we’ve attached the hook to the loop for the outboard seat so you definitely want to check your owners manual for the correct routing would be similar if you’re in this outboard seat you would route it through this loop and attach it to the center seat you can actually then do that for both outboard seats attaching them

Simultaneously to the loop for the center seat so just something to pay attention to as far as top tether routing these head restraints are adjustable and are they removable they are removal so i just didn’t get the button in right but sometimes forward mounted head restraints will have an effect on taller forward-facing car seats you can see for this keiko my fit

There is no conflict with that smaller head restraint mounted in the center seat but in some car seats that can be an issue these are fairly you know farther back so they shouldn’t be a conflict with most but can be removed if you do find a forward-facing car seat where that as a conflict overall for car seats the f-150 is going to be great the only consideration

Are these inflatable seat belts when equipped so something to again look in your owner’s manuals for information on those with car seats but as far as three across you’re going to be able to pretty much fit just about everything and again in this limited truck the trim everything is standard in terms of safety features for other trims you are going to want to take a

Look at the optional packages if you do want to get that adaptive cruise control system with stop and go it is standard on higher trims it is available on certain other trims so something to look for not only for getting the superior rated system from the ihs for automatic emergency braking but also pedestrian detection and the adaptive cruise control which will

Keep you safe distance from other vehicles on the road it’s the 2019 ford f-150 supercrew check out our full review at car seat blog.com

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2019 Ford F-150 Review: Kids, Carseats & Safety By CarseatBlog

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