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Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford Edge ST Startup, Exhaust, and Short Review

2019 Ford Edge ST Startup, Exhaust, and Short Review

Finally! I got to see a Ford Edge ST in depth! As you can tell in the video, these are some of my favorite vehicles EVER.

This is certified green 2019 ford edge st this is my dream ford edge has the 2.7 liter ecoboost twin turbo v6 sport pedals st badging got your miko suede inserts as well as leather sport bucket seats dual pane moon roof pretty much everything you could ever want in a sport oriented uh crossover like this a very nice screen sort of tilted upwards you have a

Whole bunch of features including this leather premium leather wrapped as well as some perforated leather here as well as the sport bolsters for your thumbs but you have the st badge there it’s the same uh steering wheel you’ll find in basically every um you know ford edge lincoln mkx as well as certain uh sedans you’ll see similar steering wheels for your nice

Touches there this is an injection molded plastic so it’s not super it’s not like hard this does have the uh the rotary knob transmission selector not a huge fan of it but they seem to be working really well i miss i think especially in the st’s they should have a traditional uh console shifter if you’ve had a ford edge before this will be a very familiar sight

Got piano black trim there carbon fiber uh look there and like i said it does have the uh panoramic moon roof it’s a dual pane it opens just like that i did not want it to open and it also tilts a very large pane of glass i meant to just close the uh or open the uh sun shade there but so that those three buttons are for the actual roof and then those two are

For the sun shade and then it closes right up into a perfectly beautiful black interior got a very nice sounding bang and olufsen sound system go ahead and turn on the hazards and the headlights as well as the fog lights so as you can see there beautiful headlights got those nice daytime running lights right there as well as those nice turn signals which are

Ribbed pattern you have led fog lamps as well as a nice mesh looking st grille with the st badge there a lot of them are actually uh well not a lot of them but some of them are edge st lines and the biggest way to tell is the badge up here will have a little dash and it’ll be an st line and the engine obviously would be the two liter but this is the 2.7 liter

Ecoboost twin turbo v6 ford performance 335 horsepower and about 385 pound-feet of torque and mated to so 2019 would have the uh the 2019 would have the eight-speed automatic transmission some people have considered it too much like a uh too much like a cvt at some times or certain moments so they’ve actually changed it for 2022 and 21 i believe to a seven

Speed but essentially all they did was take take a speed off i think that’s what i remember reading about about it nice exhaust bezels there nice tail lights very nice rear seat room got these nice under uh they’re just for aerodynamics they’re very sporty and even have pirelli scorpion tires on this thing very large wheels then the sport mode would actually

Be just right there and you’d have to do it while you’re in drive so it won’t actually do it while you’re in park unfortunately and you know there’s not much to see other than it has piped in audio uh from the engine so it sounds a little bit louder more aggressive some people don’t like it but i happen to be one of those who actually loves it now that is why i

Think the ford edge st is the one of the best vehicles um ford has ever made uh i know it’s a very unpopular opinion some people will even go as far to say it does not deserve the st badge however i completely disagree there aren’t very many vehicles in this segment that looked this good and put that kind of power down uh this is all wheel drive obviously opens

Right up into this very large spacious trunk back here you can pull down the seats just by that and you just hold it down and it folds right down you also have this cargo cover to keep your groceries cool or whatever you may want to keep cold uh cooler from the sun or protect from the sun or any peekers you also have grocery bag holders or whatever you need for

Those again i absolutely love these and uh i hope to own one someday and this one uh could be yours thank you so much bill marsh ford of calcasa michigan

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2019 Ford Edge ST Startup, Exhaust, and Short Review By JFSIII Automotive Reviews

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