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Altair Club Cars 2019 Ford EcoSport – Review & Road Test

2019 Ford EcoSport – Review & Road Test

With the EcoSport, Ford enters the already over-populated sub-compact SUV space. Instead of a brand new design, the blue oval has imported the second-generation baby-ute which first came off the production line in 2013. It’s wildly popular in Brazil and India, but how will the 2019 EcoSport (pronounced Echo-Sport) hold up against some stiff competition in the U.S. market? Kelley Blue Book’s Lyn Woodward might help you find out.

Their sedans and gone all-in with suvs and crossovers. in order to make good on played the subcompact suv card. enter the ecosport. asia and europe prior to its arrival on american soil.competition at this level vying for purchasing dollars. is the ecosport worthy to sit at the same table? aesthetically pleasing to everyone remains to be seen, but there is a explorer

And expedition. the high roofline might not jive with more modern design, while it’s new to the us, originally came out in 2013, which might as expected at this price point, there’s abundant hard plastic, but the steering the one on the center console sits a bit far back for vertically challenged these a-pillars are massive. an effort at visual interest was made with these

Of digging this retro looking upholstery. standard on all trims. the eight-inch color comes standard on the ses and above. ford’s very good sync 3 connect in here is seat comfort in that it’s not, at least not for my body type. there’s not enough. i’ve been sitting in this car comfortable position for my body. and unless you know how to use this sort of figure out, then

You’re sitting in this sort of c shaped position. this is a at least. there’s no recline, and because position, the middle seat isn’t suitable for adult legs. when it comes to cargo so you can vary space or make it completely flat, albeit temporarily, for an old-school swing door. because of its diminutive size the ecosport is really parked pretty close behind you making

This hatch tricky to open. on the plus 2,000 pounds. that’s a decent sized great size marshmallows. you know the downside to all of that the base car has a one-liter inline 3-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 2-liter four-cylinder engine produces 166 hp, that’s more than the incidentally can also tow 2,000 pounds. power in the ecosport is sent through a spring for the

Optional $1500 all-wheel drive. it’s got good brakes, though. despite its modest highway on the front drive base models and 23 in the city 29 in the highway for i will say, though, the ses’s all-wheel drive sport-tuned suspension and the experience that’s almost spirited, but i’m gonna seriously caveat that though there aren’t many standard safety features available across

All trims alerts, blind spot warning, and a reverse stereo, keyless access with push-button start, a voice-activated touchscreen all-wheel drive comes in just under $28,000 but the base is closer to $21,000. competitors you can get a lot more for the same or even less, though ford may be as we saw with the successful fiesta, ford knows how to play the subcompact roomful

Of already really skilled players gonna take a lot of love from this is the only game in town. if it’s my money i’m gonna place it elsewhere.

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2019 Ford EcoSport – Review & Road Test By Kelley Blue Book

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