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Altair Club Cars 2019 Dodge Ram Upgrade to the Factory 12 Screen | Dodge Ram Screen Upgrade Options

2019 Dodge Ram Upgrade to the Factory 12 Screen | Dodge Ram Screen Upgrade Options

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All right guys you’re live with mvi and today we got something special for you we’re in a 2020 dodge ram 1500 and just like everything else we have been able to figure out some screen upgrades here for you guys so this particular one is the 8 inch screen factory setup does not have nav um does have carplay you can see by that so we’re gonna go through uh a couple

Different scenarios here for you um we’re actually gonna upgrade this to the uh eight inch screen with nav and carplay and then we’re gonna take you all the way to the 12 inch screen which is sitting right there guys so pretty cool stuff exciting we’re going to be able to do this on the jeep wranglers um wranglers cherokee and rams are our main focus but other

Other models to come there is some differences in trim that we need to point out so today you’re gonna see us put in one with a little bit slightly different trim we will be able to have to match this with when you order per your vin and whatnot and there’s going to be some ins and outs there so contact us for those details but without further ado let’s go ahead

And get showing you how to uh tear this thing down and we’re gonna go from this screen to the one with nab now i do want to point out also if you’ve got the smaller five inch screen with or without carplay we can both take you to the eight inch screen with carplay we can take you all the way to the one with nav we can go all the way to the 12-inch so a lot of

Different scenarios contact us for more details be back here in a second all right guys so we’re gonna get started taking this apart there’s a little trim piece up on top and up there you’re gonna see two phillips i believe they’re also seven or eight mils if you wanna use a socket this is how easy this is gonna come out we’re simply going to grab and pull and

It’s out and then we’ve got a whole bunch of connectors on the back side to point out a bunch of fakaras that lighter can be a pain in the butt if you’re not used to working with it some pics and whatnot are helpful so keep that in mind but we’re going to go ahead and get this screen all the way out of there and then come back to show you what’s got to be swapped

To the new one and fire the next one up all right guys the screen’s out we’re going to do some swap into that lower control there’s just a couple small ports that’s going to come out some release clips it’s going to pop out and then go right into here snap back into place torques back in one thing to point out guys um our piece may or may not come with this top

Piece it does just pop out with these just kind of push these up my fingers are a little bit stronger than others so you may need pry tool that will swap right over or you could simply swap that 12-volt charging outlet right up there on top but right back in so now you’ve got the exact same trim that was in the truck to begin with here we go eight inch we’re

Gonna go back in the truck all right guys so in our kit it’s gonna be a new radio brain which you can see right there um we’re not gonna go the full-blown install here today guys there will be some inserts to go into your dash to secure this down um this is just for r d purposes but for the most part everything is gonna plug back up there is a new um lvds cable

That we’re supplying right here so that’s going to go up and plug into the new screen but just like that guys it’ll sit right there i will mention up here on top we’ve got another piece that will come in the kit this is for your wi-fi um setup bluetooth wi-fi bluetooth wi-fi and bluetooth won’t affect the bluetooth that’s already there so that will be additional

Just call us for more information on that guy what’s up so we are supplying a new harness guys we’ll just plug right in simply just plug her in everything’s labeled where it needs to go screen hvac everything’s plugged back in guys so we’re gonna just simply snap this back in you can already notice the difference in the screen quality and with that said let’s

Fire it up it’ll work the first time so here we go back to the uh eight inch screen with a nice glossy black finish and we now have navigation so just like that we can go to whatever we want to do there i’m not really familiar with how this thing works how do you go back in the media oh yeah switch it around plug your phone in i’ll plug and play guys and as you

Can see literally about a 15-minute installation from what we just did start to finish um going from the 8-inch non-nav to the one with nav as usual give us a call for more information next we’re going to go the 12-inch all right guys so the key to making this happen is our proprietary cable and software that will be coming out to you will have to be programmed

But this is the cable that will have to be hooked up to your computer and you’re going to come over here to the dash right over here on this side and up i’m gonna take a picture here in a second is the module you’ll be plugging into so you’re going to unplug i’m trying to get a good angle those two right there plug my cable in plug the factory plugs back in

Load the software that’s what’s going to make this all happen and allow it to work again this is proprietary will come preloaded for your exact truck or vehicle i guess i should say um so very very important it’s ordered properly the first time around back to show you here in a second all right guys we’re gonna come back out with this eight inch and go in with

The 12. we’ve already done the uh appropriate programming with that tool we showed you again guys connectors on the back just these are all newly supplied it’s going to come right out alright guys so same thing right we’re going to uh pop out we’re going from the 8 to the 12 over here so we need to move this controller which consists of the small torques and

Some clips to pop out this guy will just transfer right over here so i’ll do that right now and come back and show you all right guys so we’re literally just plugging in the uh adapters we send out for the new screen here and we’re gonna go right back in turn the key and fire it up all right guys so we went through our program as you saw with the computer there

Um to reset the bcm uh we’re still working on the radio but you know the radio the um hvac is not working properly when i turn it and it just jump from low to high instead of going incrementally we have to let the radio reset so we’re working on the software for that um but for now if you let the truck go to sleep close the doors lock it up let it sit for 20 30

Minutes come back out it should be fine all right so we’re back 12 inch screen plugged in um you can see now we’ve got the full sweet 12 inch tablet nav there um see what kind of apps we have here for you home and camera is somewhere where there’s camera oh back cam right here so part of our thing guys we can actually program in this uh cargo camera we don’t

Have one hooked up but we can program that for you so you can put it in a third brake light cam whatever have it for your cargo or even a front camera obviously so good to mention um so full factory integration we’re gonna do another step here and come back and show you the final outcome all right guys so we are back in this 2020 ram 12 inch screen installed we’ve

Done some programming and whatnot to get things tweaked and we are live so you can see we’ve got the new 12-inch screen in here all the different controls which i’m really not that familiar with guys but as you can see we’re fully interfaced and working nav so there you go guys full full grade interface um 12 inch screen working in the 2020 ram you have some

More stuff to dial in so we’ll get all that put together for you and have all the information ready to go um but as usual give us a call at the number at the end of the screen be happy to uh get you going thanks so much you

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2019 Dodge Ram Upgrade to the Factory 12" Screen | Dodge Ram Screen Upgrade Options By MVI INC

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