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Altair Club Cars 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: 7 Days of Content from Mike Caudill

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: 7 Days of Content from Mike Caudill

When Chrysler handed the keys to their 2019 Pacifica Hybrid to us for a review, we set out to bring seven pieces of unique content to our viewers!

What’s up welcome to my review of the 2019 chrysler pacifica yeah guys no shirt-and-tie no new york no official review no editing no voiceovers no nothing just an organic raw review of the 2019 chrysler pacifica and the reason that i wanted to just give you the raw unabated review is that my kids got in this they’re so used to seeing all the pomp and circumstances

Of editing a video that all looked the same this one is just straight raw on the car so 2019 chrysler pacifica this is the hybrid version and when my kids saw the doors open kids were like this is amazing i’ve never thought that my wife would ever be like minivans are cool well this is the first one where she’s like this thing is super cool so harrison i want to

Come over here and show everybody a little bit more about what i think super fast the cool bomb this bad boy leather seats this is this is the higher touring edition it comes with the flip up entertainment the back of course i’m focused on my kids panorama sunroof we had a ton of rain kids were like wow check out the rain parents usb connectors they’re all over the

Place on this specific so you can power your devices your iphone your android hdmi so if you really want to be like hey check this out i’m gonna plug in my my xbox you can plug in your xbox here because you also have power up in the front and down below so a lot of cool features in this thing you have your own heated and controlled seats and if i want to pop the

Doors just to double-click the doors easily open both sides in the rear you got the stone ghost seats pricing starts about $26,000 you can top it off at $40,000 or a little bit north of that depending on all the packaging that you get for it under the hood i mentioned that this is a hybrid so everyone focuses on zero-to-sixty and they focus on horsepower i don’t

Really care with this doesn’t fly a minivan horsepower but what i can tell you is it with the electric motor this thing off the line will probably be that tundra that challenger that bmw because electric technology is instant torque alright on the inside this thing is packed with technology it’s got the chrysler uconnect which is their entertainment and digital

Screen that’s up here so just kind of turn on and because it’s electric you’re not even hearing the car start but this is super intuitive you’ve got your radio and everything on the bottom everything is touchscreen so if i want climate it just goes to it i can easily shift the temperature up and down i got my media i’ve got my s my xm radio i love the simplicity

Of the layout yes well my trash is in here why because nobody lives in the world of cars being super shiny all the time right my kids get in this thing and we took a trip this week in it and they wanted to just experience what this minivan is all about stone go seats as i mentioned in the rear we threw five pieces of luggage in the back went down to san diego to

Experience this vehicle i got more information on this carbon new 7 days 7 pictures or video of things that i think are really cool about this 2019 chrysler pacifica one of the first videos is gonna be on safety because i know every parent at home wants to know what does this vehicle mean as far as safety goes so more to come on the 2019 chrysler pacifica

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: 7 Days of Content from Mike Caudill! By Transportation Expert Mike Caudill

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