2019 chevy silverado 3500hd fuel
Altair Club Cars 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Fuel Filter Replacement & Reset

2019 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Fuel Filter Replacement & Reset

Hey youtubers today we have a 2019 3500 chevy and we will be doing a fuel filter replacement so i recommend anyone do this at home because it calls for 1.4 hours you can easily do it in about 20 minutes or less you’ll need a well i have a 35 slice 36 mil socket and i’m just putting underneath it fits real good you want to get a drain pan or something underneath

Just to catch the fuel that’s going to come out so we’re going to i got a 3 8 ratchet with a 4 inch extension we’re going to go ahead and take it off got a light just to see what we’re doing and it doesn’t take a whole bunch of force to get it off gonna slowly take it off like i said one of the biggest things is make sure you have a drain pan underneath to catch

The fuel and here goes i’m just grabbing a rag now finish getting that off and here is your old filter i’m gonna be replacing that now to take it off what we’re going to do is just pull it straight up and out it’s on there pretty tight so make sure you pay attention to which side is bottom and top so here’s our new filter and this will be going face down so you

Got the o-ring on it just give a firm push down make sure you change your gasket out another o-ring right here i just got a 90-degree pick to get that off make sure you want to get on the right rib down here so that’s all right there i’m just going to put it up in let’s screw it back on make sure to move your o-ring too now we’re just going to go ahead and put

It on and you don’t want to put it on too tight cause for about 25 newton meters so you can actually get a torx stick if you want i mean wrench on it but just to feels a little bit snug you don’t want to go super bad on it because it is plastic sit right there do some brake clean clean it off and that’s all it takes to change the filter now what we’re going

To do to let it prime is we’re going to just simply switch it to the on position for two minutes so it will prime we’re waiting we can go ahead and start to reset something so um i actually did a oil change to it so we’re gonna using this keypad go down to receive this icon i’m gonna click over and hit check mark for to uh reset the oil life and we’re gonna

Go over yes just for the oil change now we’re gonna go down to the fuel filter we’re going to click over again reset and then it goes to 100 like i said in order for it to prime two minutes key on if for some reason it’s running rough what you’re gonna do is shut it off for 60 seconds the key back on for another two minutes let it build up all the pressure and

It should be running fine at that point and if it doesn’t for some reason just want to give some uh give some gas watch the rpms make sure they go too high and then it should be a-okay after that so already had it on for a while so i’m gonna go ahead and start it now the only thing you want to do is step outside and make sure that is not leaking any fuel which

Seems to be okay and that’s how you do your steel filter reset

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2019 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Fuel Filter Replacement & Reset By Ty The Mechanic

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