2019 chevrolet trax lt start up
Altair Club Cars 2019 Chevrolet Trax LT Start up Engine and full tour

2019 Chevrolet Trax LT Start up Engine and full tour

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Good evening everyone here’s off from joe’s car views this your first time here like my videos wish you ate that subscribe button with post vacation icon turned on also i would like to thank lord chevrolet for letting me vilas car feature in today’s video the fish straight by on this car at more chevrolet placing will call i’ll leave the link and telephone number

Down in the description down below so today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the all-new 2019 chevrolet trikes lt this is going to be a full tour the trucks lt and go to start up showed the engine shade the features on inside supposed to the outside of the car so here’s the key got your unlock your lock your little start and your panic button also has

Gm smart key access system just keep the key fob in your pocket the doors are currently unlocked that’s this button to lock the lost the car feet talk till unlock you push the button again the bus she began to lock all the doors colour exteriors kind of a grayish color you have black cloth interior with leather on the sides power driver seat with pollen bar and

Your man will recline let’s push up on stars well just put your phone the brake hit the button to start the engine very nice it’s got a base bulk leather wrap steering wheel ray smith power steering we also have a spork chris of 10 and 2 coming to church fast mission you have a six-speed automatic transmission y’all set me off shift ability we had the plus

Some ice on the shifter i also have a backup camera as well with ganas lines all right let’s go con the lights and the hazards it’s got an automatic driver side window once you got the exterior that’s because the kia set the vehicle got your blind spot detection on the mirrors the f halogen projector beam headlights with led daytime running lights you have

Led tailights she back up camera sure exhaust let’s pop the hood coming up to the hood you have gm’s 1.4 liter turbo four-cylinder as your battery wash fluid got your power windows your power mirrors come door handle power door locks there’s some storage down there your window lock all right go get a couple of ribs very nice that’s your

Clown control dear fan speed the different zones front defrost your recycling air conditioning temperatures got your test control i got your stores in there with a toll paola your two usb outlets cup holders and your armrest gather this storage from here guess where controls very nice cheers tom screen got your audio your phone settings of a car plant enjoy

Auto auto ostara services wi-fi hotspot here’s don’t hear your phone your settings gal your settings to apps the vehicle apple carplay and your auto lost our services with a hot spot every technology get your critical chole bank chills about the most important issues of the day this chases the station you got your horse command you got your your hangar

Buffer moved to telephone gutter signals wipers that’s your tear lights guess you’re sunroof right there you got your tachometer your field gauge your speedometer and your driver a full system we’re controlled by this right here got some storage in there it’s got automatic dimming rearview mirror was dan an all-star all right so i guess

That’s it for the inside let’s go check out the backseat total price for this one is 26,000 $190 and the base price is 23100 feel free to pause the video for us through the options and the eps mints are 26 city 31 highway catch power window home door handle floors down there some storage in there your interior light cup holders it’s gonna check out the

Hatch get decent mild carlos pace we got your cargo lights you got a little bit of storage in there mr. spare tire got your problem windows your power door locks storage follow me with passenger seat well foxes stamped very nice all right so let’s gonna start with the door closed well guys hope you enjoyed the tour on the all-new 2019 chevrolet trax lt just

Like i said in beginning first rate buying this car more chevrolet please contact them late too late and their telephone number down in the description down below based lot for watching and goodbye stay tuned for this video

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2019 Chevrolet Trax LT Start up Engine and full tour By J.R.’s Car Reviews

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