2019 chevrolet spark 2lt cvt rev
Altair Club Cars 2019 Chevrolet Spark 2LT CVT Review

2019 Chevrolet Spark 2LT CVT Review

We’re taking a look at one of the smallest, and most affordable new cars for sale in Canada today, the 2019 Chevrolet Spark 2LT CVT.

So you’re a teenager or you’re a young adult or maybe you’re somebody who absolutely must have a brand new car but you don’t have a huge budget you don’t have a whole lot of options here in canada this being one of them our spotlight is on this 2019 chevrolet spark 2lt cvt this as configured comes in just a little bit under $20,000 canadian so it is quite affordable

It is one of these smallest vehicles we’ve featured here on test drive we’re gonna show you everything about it so this might be one of the quickest episodes of test drive we do also just because the size the vehicle is so smaller there isn’t a whole lot to go over uses a 1.4 liter ecotec engine and it has a mind-boggling 98 horsepower with 94 pound-feet of torque

This thing is a rocket ship compared to everything else that we’ve filmed so far now there’s only really one option on this is the sunburst orange color 445 dollars roughly about just under 500 there’s a number of different colors so if you’re into sort of something a little funky you’ve got the option for the 2lt trim here doesn’t really do a whole lot to the

Exterior you do have projector halogen headlights on a car it costs up twenty thousand dollars don’t really expect much more than that you have a windshield wipers the one thing that actually is surprising is parking sensors on the back obviously a backup camera is mandated by law now but parking sensors that is a big plus so it’s essentially often talked about

On the outside this vehicle at least here in canada i guess is considered a city car it is smaller than some of these subcompact vehicles we featured like the hyundai accent so this is a teeny tiny little car and now we’re gonna take it on a road test while we talk about the interior because it just really isn’t a whole lot for me to go over we’ll do it all at

The same time welcome back to another episode of massive guy teen tiny car this is again one of these smallest vehicles that we’ve tested here on test drive it’s certainly not the smallest vehicle that you can buy but the city car segment actually does do pretty well here in quebec people do like the cheap and cheerful vehicles and it doesn’t get much more cheap

And cheerful than this so it’s time to the inside for about thirty seconds then we’ll be done with it there isn’t a whole lot to go on there is a 7-inch infotainment screen gets the job done you have android auto apple carplay so at least you have navigation if you have a smart phone aside from that you’ve got orange trim around the vents to match the outside of

The car a sunroof which is a nice plus a single-mode heated seat for the driver and front-passenger leatherette seating with again orange accents on it and that’s about it have cruise control how are everything to know and we’re talking about a 2019 model here it might seem obvious but considering that it is $19,000 it’s good to say that it does have power doors

Power windows power mirrors that wasn’t too long ago though those things weren’t available on even the top and trim for some economy level cars so it’s something important to talk alone again if you’re really looking for a brand new car you must have a brand new car and you don’t have a whole lot of budget that that’s it i did mention this as a 98 horsepower engine

We’re gonna try it out here we’re gonna see if it’ll go and i’m sure well i mean it’s a small enough car and yeah i know i don’t really help with the weight on it but we’re gonna give it a shot because that’s the inside there’s you know air conditioning also which is a nice plus but essentially you’re gonna want to know about the ride and the drivers you’re buying

This kind of thing because you’re going back and forth to school oh my god back for it to work 60 whoo-hoo 60 kilometers– by the way we’re not in miles but you’re buying this because you know your student may be your first time car buyer you want something that is affordable again you need something new maybe you’re financing it and the requirement is it needs

To be a new car whatever maybe you kind of want to know about how drive so yeah you know we just saw there was zero to sixty kilometers an hour took usually what it takes and any other car that we test to get to a hundred you definitely hear the engine it has a cvt as well so some people like them some people hate them actually most people hate them i don’t really

Care a whole lot on a car like this because it doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of performance this kind of car is meant to be relatively fuel-efficient we’re not gonna be able to talk about fuel numbers only because i don’t really have the car for that long we’re doing 4.2 currently it’s averaged 7.4 but who knows when that was reset last on who used it so

We’re not going to go into a whole lot of detail on that but got me here locked off the road yeah let’s see okay so if i wanted to pass this veloster i’m literally flooring it that was scary and then we got to slow down cuz i’m he gave it too much gas too much power out of this 1.4 liter engine it’s too much power you got to slow down there buddy sorry i didn’t

Mean to to make it seem like i was racing there mr. philosopher trust me i’m not racing i’ve the seat as far down as it’ll go my head is kind of stuck here it isn’t if i sit up straight i don’t usually but if i do i’m almost touching the glass of the sunroof there’s about half an inch there but even sitting comfortably normally a little hunched i’m hitting the roof

Here on that i don’t know if it would make a difference if you did not have the sunroof on this car but just something to note i’m 6 foot tall so if you’re a taller person or chunkier person such as myself as well that could add to the tightness of the inside here but surprisingly the horizontal space isn’t too bad i’m not uncomfortable i put my arm up a little bit

On the door trim here if i want to but actually if i keep it down below it’s not that bad considering how small this car is they’ve utilized the interior space pretty well is it my favorite drive absolutely not is there a lot of better options out there i don’t know i mean in this new car segment there’s not a whole lots and i like the toyota yaris and the mazda

2 if it still exists in your market they’re kind of the same car those are options but even something like the kia rio that we featured last year or the hyundai accent those are technically sub compacts they are bigger than this but you know the thing is be really irresponsible for me not to say that for nineteen thousand and four hundred whatever the msrp is you

Could get a really amazing certified pre-owned car from literally every other manufacturer i mean you can get something like maybe at 2017 honda accord more or less fully loaded you can get something like maybe a 2014 bmw 3-series or even maybe a five series so yeah the warranty is gonna be closer to the end on those cars and you know for the most part financing a

Used car is harder than a new one but i mean that would be my pick personally again if you absolutely must have a new car this is a new car right if you want though to utilize your money and get something a little bit nicer that would be my suggestion sparky as i have affectionately come to call it is definitely a unique vehicle here the canadian market the toyota

Yaris as we mentioned is also technically in the subcompact segment along with the mitsubishi mirage the only other city car i can actually think of it’s for sale in this country is the fiat 500 but that starts over 2,000 dollars more than this fully loaded spark and also doesn’t come as a 20-19 model year i’m honestly not going to go over the likes or dislikes

For this car i think i said what i needed to drink the driving segment if you absolutely need a new car your choices are limited at least this one’s kind of cutesy you

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