2019 buick envision complete rev
Altair Club Cars 2019 Buick Envision | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

2019 Buick Envision | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

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Hi everyone its casey williams well it’s hard to imagine how this grey painted buick crossover could be very controversial but kind of like the nerd who gets caught in a crossfire at a high school food fight it’s still in trouble and the reason is is that’s built in china now there’s no reflection whatsoever on the vehicle but it is gonna get a 25% tariff from the

Us government so if you like this car you might want to get one quick but until then let’s go have a look at it i think we think it’s a very fantastic vehicle well the invasion is about the size of a chevy equinox or a honda crv but it looks like it’s a worthy member of the buick family and that’s because it looks really nice looks handsome looks kinda like some of

The european buicks but also has all the traditional design cues has a waterfall grille and some of the styling cues were updated for 2019 you know the wing badge here on the middle looks very nice as well but the traditional waterfalls behind it led headlamps with the led halo above it that’s the buick students rear lighting of course you got the portholes on the

Hood six of them although it’s a four-cylinder engine come around the side 19-inch alloy wheels just very nice detailing you know just kind of chiseled on the side just looks very clean looks very upscale that’s nice i like the window detail in here in the back as well again just chrome it some really nice details the set and silver finish on the top come around

The back again kind of touched up the styling a little bit for 2019 i’ve got the multi-coloured badge on it tail lamps a little bit and some of the detail trim down below go exhaust outlets power hatch and a very nice luggage compartment you know all the times in crossovers of this size and price you don’t get a very nice luggage compartment it’s kind of very basic

It’s very nice the carpet chrome handle it to put the seats down work out very well and then underneath here actually get a spare tire which again sometimes rare in this class and the foam is really you know to kind of deaden the sound in the back but they made a nice storage compartment out here says hidden storage again i think is very nice power outlet on this

Side you can plug into it tie-downs everything you need back here well the envisions interior may not be the flashiest interior in the compact luxury class i think it’s very well done very nicely designed and very useful as well let’s just talk about the styling just for a second so it kind of has a buick swing motif here on the dashboard and still having wood

Grain or metal or something in spake we just kind of have this blue and black kind of color it’s kind of half woodgrain kind of half metal bit look it’s really nice it’s not pertain to be anything it’s not i like it a lot you know chrome detailing up here as well and we start tapping around you know they spent some extra pennies to make sure that things are nice

This is all padded where a lot of cars would be hard plastic you open up the glove box it’s all felt lined inside of it again really rare in most of our storage here this is all padded and stitched again everything you touch and feel just feels very nice you know even the a-pillars repetitive again very nice seats you know smell good feel good heated and cooled

Both both front seats are heating cooled the back seats are heated on the outboard he did leather wrap steering wheel he also got individual climate controls in the back for the rear compartment anyway dual zone up front so again everybody can get comfortable inside the car talk about the infotainment system you know still having a joy wheel or some swipe screen

As impossible to use the view hook is very very easy you know you’ve got volume tuning here you can use the screen you can direct tune here if you want to swipe screen that’s your thing you can do that as well you can also do a voice commands icons are easy to understand radio media all here navigation course your phone connections whether you get all that as

Well it’s got porgy wi-fi bluetooth everything is very easy connect you’ve got usb ports here and the in the console and the phone i love the wireless charging system so lime you got a pad you put your phone on it you’re driving the phone kinda slides around a little bit this has got a slot right here in the console put your phone in it gives you an indicator up

There on the dash that it recognizes it and you’re already connected just as easy as it can be got bose audio system in this car dual pane sunroof and then on the safety front you’ve got the ford crash mitigation system adaptive cruise lane keep assist blind spot warning parking sensors and the full 360-degree camera so again pretty much everything you need in a

Luxury vehicle and for the price point this vehicle is and what it is i think it’s just really nice and fully loaded i think one of the best parts about this envision is the way it handles drives i mean it has plenty of power us you know this weekend i was on a two-lane road the farm trucks were out in tractors and we’re passing them and plenty of how to do that

No problem get on the air state running something over the legal speed limit and there’s still plenty of power left and reserve so under the hood you’ve got a two liter turbocharged four stunner engine delivers 252 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque plenty of power in a vehicle this size i also got all-wheel drive auto stop start to help with fuel economy

And i think that’s one of the downsides actually little bit on this is fuel economy 20 miles per gallon the city 25 highway you know a compact crossover you should be you should be crossed in 30 miles per gallon you know cruising on the interstate so i think there’s a little room to work there but again no complaints about the way the vehicle drives and the power

There the chassis i think it’s a case example if you don’t need a fancy suspension system to have a nice right you don’t need any air suspension you don’t need lotronex you don’t need magna road don’t eat all that stuff just a very simple for going to pen suspension system but it’s tuned correctly shocks are done correctly so you got nice nice firm ride but it’s

It’s also compliant over at pavement you know steering’s pretty tight in the car and it’s just really a nice nice vehicle driver and beyond some of the things i really like about it i’ve got a heads-up display you know keep the eyes for is very nice all the safety gear we’ve talked about everything is easy to reach everything’s easy to understand you’re not messing

With a joy wheel going down the highway trying to play with the screens it’s got all the features you’d ever need but it’s just simple knobs and touchscreen and very easy to understand it i think that’s things like what should be over the years buick has become general motors international brand both in the appeal of its products and when they’re manufactured

And i always like with beer stands for what’s traditionally stood for it’s an unassuming luxury car well made it’s very quiet luxurious and with the turbo engine and everything you didn’t a really good value too so let’s talk about pricing and again if you’re looking at a european car you think this is pretty good it starts under $33,000 as equipped forty three

Thousand six hundred dollars so i think at that price point who cares where it’s made well next week open hood fun car until then storm forward you

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2019 Buick Envision | Complete Review | with Casey Williams By AutoCasey

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