2019 audi sq8 4 0tdi vorsprung q
Altair Club Cars 2019 Audi SQ8 4.0TDI Vorsprung Quattro

2019 Audi SQ8 4.0TDI Vorsprung Quattro

As good as it gets, the Vorsprung takes the powerful & styling appeal of the 435bhp SQ8 & adds every possible premium extra

Audi sq8 we started with showing you them beautiful matrix led lights because they’re one of the most exciting parts of these cars for me four liter bi-turbo v8 435 brake horsepower unbelievable car to drive quattro vor sprung vor sprung basically is the new model if you like what they’ve brought out which basically puts every extra on the car on top of of being

A vorssprung it’s got carbon fiber interior it’s 86 990 pounds there’s only about 10 of these cars available in black fully de-chrome fully loaded just just a great great four-wheel drive and specification i’m going to show you as much as i can but it’s got everything heads up display heated seats cooled seats massage seats i don’t know there’s just all sorts

On this car you can see here built into the front that’s a little center there it’s got adaptive cruise control but it’s just a great looking car diamond cut wheels so they’re high polished on the outside and then black on the inserts 22s privacy and then moving around the back i’m just going to show you the rear lights as well because i just love the lights on

These cars you can see you’ve got them sweeping indicators big twin exhausts and this is a great four wheel drive but it’s the performance as well it’s the performance loads of space and an sqa bags of room massive boot you can adjust the suspension up and down but when we move on inside on this car that is what it’s talking about it’s all the specification it’s

All keyless walk to the car and then you can see the extra saw starting on here so if you can see carbon fiber going layers that runs all the way through the center you’ve then got piano black you’ve got bang and olson sound system look at the flat bottom steering wheel beautiful quilted seat alcantara roof lining panoramic sunroof just it’s got everything on it

The car’s done 12 254 miles just to show you little features that’s the button there for massage seats because we’ve had a few in the past where they haven’t got massage seats so that’s it’s something that people like all your keyless charging now then when we get in the car this is when you see the specifications you can see here you’ve got your heated you’ve

Got your cooled look at the camera system 360 degree 3d how cool is that 3d camera full surround camera you’ve then got full digital dials digital display virtual cockpit ambient lighting just bags of extras heads up display sliding panoramic sunroof we’ll just sell this instantly because there’s not many on the market it’s the right color it’s the var sprung

It’s got the carbon it’s got the heads up we just sell them and it’s a performance car as well so it’s got that v8 engine which just purrs just show you open the back soft closed doors this car has as well just thinking about more and more options if you look in the back they can see the carbon again the big b and all speakers rear digital climate control and

I’ve just we’ve just bought a um an x550d and this car technology wise it it gives you the same type of performance it’s a v8 power speed quattro but that i think that just looks unbelievable with it being black and fully dechromed matrix lags 22s fabulous car rare car as well 86 990.

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2019 Audi SQ8 4.0TDI Vorsprung Quattro By Acklam Car Centre

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