2019 audi a5 2 0 40tfsi black ed
Altair Club Cars 2019 Audi A5 2.0 40TFSI Black Edition

2019 Audi A5 2.0 40TFSI Black Edition

Sporty elegance. The A5 Coupe with exclusive Black Edition stealth styling, upgraded 20” Audi Sport Alloys & initiative tech is designed to impress

Just arrived this beautiful audi a5 black edition the 40 tfsi which has 190 plato’s power in this beautiful metallic black this car is only done 15 000 miles like so in 2019 to deal the life price in this car is 30 990 pounds and for a new generation modern stylish cooper it’s a fabulous fabulous buy brilliant and the way it looks because the black edition the

Cars virtually literally it’s all been de-chromed other than the audi rings on the front there’s another chrome section on this car and it looks fabulous so from the front you can see you’ve got that lovely fusion blue led style daytime running lights front and rear parking sensors and because the car is a black edition and an s line you’ve got the more upgraded

Bumpers with the bigger grilles and all the black inserts in the front wheels as well the biggest thing for me is the wheels because when you look at this car from a side view you’ve got them beautiful 20-inch rotor alloy wheels which look brilliant because the diamond cutting the outside and that lovely matte finish on the inside there audi sport wheels but i

Think it fills the gap so well it just looks it’s got a great stance on it all the s line badges on the side there the black window surrounds some protection glass and look at this from interior it looks super comfortable but sporty at the same time because you have that book of style seating so it keeps it in the seat half leather half alcantara you’ve got the

Leather center arm rest obviously you’ve got automatic gear box with paddle shift and then things like the flat bottom steering wheel all that lovely panel black front air bag side air bags rear air bags all the s line entry badging all illuminated four to coupe the center armrest in the back comes down and you’ve also got icy fix attachments like i said with

All the black windows arms and the sun protection glass the card does look absolutely mega it looks brilliant i know it’s two liter it’s petrol you get great mass per gallon if you look at the lighting system on the back as well you’ve got led lights on the back and led indicators it’s a little thing like i said sometimes i make all the difference on this one

You have that sweeping dynamic indicators as well you can see there twin tail pipes one on each side a very nice generous boot because it goes quite far back and the seats go down as well which is a nice little touch so we look at that there handles are just there 60 40 and underneath you’ve got more could you hold space lock and wait a lot et cetera no dentist

No scratches on the car it’s been that well looked it’s brilliant the car it’s been so well looked after over here you’ve got your cruise control and your normal multi-functional steering wheel all my headlights are my window wipers push button start and a great sound to the engine sounds brilliant heated seats dual zone climate control bluetooth navigation it’s

Got everything that you use every single day usb 12 volt sockets twin cup holders and most importantly you have two keys as well lots of space in the headroom leg room all the adjustments for lumber support seat height adjustment and it just feels nice and sporty all for 30 990 the pcp package on this car is absolutely unbelievable so if you look at this car you

Haven’t got a pilot exchange or a deposit give me a call because my name and numbers in the bottom of the screen be more than happy to put your nice tailor-made package together because you’d be surprised it doesn’t cost a fortune to drive a such a nice car like this like i said my name is joe it’s just arrived give me a call drop me a text or whatsapp thanks for watching bye now

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2019 Audi A5 2.0 40TFSI Black Edition By Acklam Car Centre

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