2019 2021 ram 1500 dash speakers
Altair Club Cars 2019 -2021 RAM 1500 DASH SPEAKERS INSTALL AND UPGRADE



Welcome everybody to our show this is custom fab garage on our channel octanetv on youtube make sure you go down below and hit that subscribe button and on top of that make sure that you hit the notification bell so that you can get all the new content that comes out weekly and even every day this is the 2019 ram 1500 that we’re doing it is a crew cab we’re going

To be doing four speakers we’re also going to be doing the dash speakers up here this model does have the small 4-inch lcd i’m not sure if that makes a tremendous amount of difference on this vehicle but it might and we’re also going to doing the rear speakers and we’re going to be doing subs so we’ll kind of show you the process of all this and what we kind of

Are doing in here we usually do the 2018 and unders so this will be kind of on the first 2019s but should be pretty awesome when we get done now we’re going to start with these dash speakers we’re going to take our plastic pry tool and kind of wedge our way around it and try to pop these up so we took our plastic fry tools and pry it all the way up just pry

It all the way around and then this piece will come right up and then here’s the back side of that has a lot of three clips on here and then these little things that snap in there and there’s the factory three and a half we’re going to take out these two screws one here one here and take that out and remove the factory three and a half this is what we’re going

To be using to take them out it’s a ratcheting right angle it’s the only thing it kind of fits in between this and the windshield and the speaker so we’re going to be using this with the number two here’s the top speaker 8 ohm 15 watt base it does use a different plug which kind of is a pain in the butt a little capacitor in there but that is the top three and

A half these things are absolutely garbage dollar speakers at the most edo mexico 15 watt base oh it’s got a green and a blue but no ship brown wonder why so we’ve removed the two screws and there’s the connector so we’re gonna go ahead and wire that up now for all you people out there that have said stuff from my previous videos if you just take the connector

And you look at the top you know here’s your here’s your top right here and you basically look at the connector and if you do the same thing on the other side if the connectors on the top and use this one as the positive you’ll be in polarity with the other side it’s not about how to wire them up you just basically tap each wire run your wire on your positive

On your left side if this is the plug side up do it on the same side you’ll be in polarity kind of common sense very easy i learned that when i was 20 years old so um just basically wire it up same way on both sides you’ll be in polarity and they don’t make an adapter harness for this so basically i’m gonna have to wire these up without using a speaker adapter

Harness here’s the difference in your factory and aftermarket three and a half makes a big big difference and you can look at it from the front side there’s your difference as well these can handle about 10 times the power that these can and have a built-in tweeter just a hundred times better speaker so here’s our speaker and what we did was we t tapped it

And as long as you leave this part as the connector on the top we’re gonna go to the left as the positive right as the negative we’re going to do the same thing on the other side that way it’s in polarity just make sure you do it like this speaker is getting ready to drop in we’ll make sure everything works and then we’ll snap our piece back we got the speaker

Mounted put our two screws in it bolts right in fits in there perfect then we’re gonna snap our grille on and this one is complete you

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