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Altair Club Cars 2019-2020 Honda Insight: CAUTION: Be careful with fog lamp installs

2019-2020 Honda Insight: CAUTION: Be careful with fog lamp installs

In this video I discuss a very simple mistake some people can make when purchasing Honda fog lamps to upgrade their 2019-2020 Honda Insights.

Good evening gentlemen making this quick video while i head off to work making sure i don’t back into anything as some of you have seen from earlier uh i had put up a video showing what the car had looked like with fog lamps on and off and this was for a viewer who was getting who wanted to see if they wanted to get fog lamps for their vehicle in the end they did

Decide to get fog lamps now here’s a cautionary tale of something that i messed up on and he messed up on in the end i i take i i take a little for this as well now when you’re off shopping for things like the fog lamps and so forth if you can get sealed honda fog lamps or sealed honda accessories and they’re actually sealed not open and you get them installed

At the dealership you’ll get the full one-year warranty uh from honda you’re still covered for your install and everything for a year so you know if you if you do decide to do that that’s one way of doing it so it makes it puts you in a situation where it’s good to go looking for good prices usually buy them from dealerships online that offer like 30 off or so

Forth and and uh so forth i had seen a set uh on ebay that i thought was a good deal so this uh individual could buy from ebay and in the end they decided to buy a set from ebay i don’t know if they bought the same set i saw but they did buy a set from ebay and here’s where the cautionary tale comes very important and something i didn’t even consider uh their

From 2019 to 2020 the ex and touring models of the car had some kind of the lane watch camera it was a camera on the far mirror instead of having a blind spot and cross traffic alert i prefer cross traffic alert but the the the the camera is pretty cool too from 19 from 20 uh uh from 2021 2022 it’s uh blind spot and uh and cross traffic and the uh camera’s been

Taken off now this individual bought this set it was a completely a honda set it was completely sealed dealership verified it as a honda set and they installed it in the car now we’re not going to get into how one of the fog lamps is aiming into the sky or whatever they kind of screw that up a little i’m sure they’ll get that fixed but i get an email from this

Individual asking me uh just wanted to know when you with your fog lamps do you have a button on your stock that turns your uh lanewatch camera on and off that you can turn on and off because in his ex he had it and of course at touring you have it and i said absolutely you should still have it because when they changed and added fog lamps to his car they had to

Change to turn signal stock to the one that had the fog lamp switch built into it well here’s something very interesting we didn’t even consider and that’s why it’s very important to be careful what you buy and to check your part numbers it turns out this fog lamp kit was specifically made as an upgrade to the lx model as opposed to the ex model now there’s no

Lx model this year uh they discontinued it this year and uh the last three year the first three years of the model they had an lx model which should not have the screened out screen down here uh and did not uh it had a lot of little things missing but it still had all the good things that gave you a fantastic mileage and and you know your honda sets and all that

Since it didn’t have that it didn’t have the lane watch camera so it never had a button on the stock so when honda made these kits they made two kits one for the lx and one for the ex models the ex models has a stock that has the button on it the lx comes with a stock without it otherwise they’re identical and this is where we were paying attention so eventually

What it turned out is that the model he had bought was an lx model so while the fog lamps work properly and everything he doesn’t have that button to turn on his lanewatch camera i mean it still works just like normal but he can’t turn it on and off if he chooses on his own so i wanted this as a cautionary tale to other people to make darn sure that if you do buy

Parts from outside sources that aren’t an actual dealership uh to make sure that you have part numbers so you know that they’re exact part numbers it never even occurred to me on this i feel kind of guilty about this because i was talking with this guy for a while uh and uh you know i should have thought of this but in hindsight i’m not shocked i didn’t because

This is very much something i would never have noticed uh so as a warning to all of you if you decide you want to add a fog lamp kit to your car you have an ex make sure that your fog lamp kit is for the ex model there is a difference not in the fog lamps only in your turning stock otherwise you’re not going to have control of your lane watch camera so i just

Wanted to pass that on as something that a lot of people probably wouldn’t think of especially those looking to um find the best deal on the on the parts because who the hell wants to pay full price uh full honda price for these parts because it’s their prices are ridiculous so i just wanted to pass that on to you guys as a caveat and something to keep an eye

Out on and that’s all i got to say for tonight very out

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2019-2020 Honda Insight: CAUTION: Be careful with fog lamp installs By Verdier 400

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