2018 toyota tundra 1794 edition
Altair Club Cars 2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax 4×4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax 4×4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

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All righty hey guys this is garrison up here at massey for yoda and here in front of me let’s take a look at this 2018 toyota tundra 1794 crewmax 4×4 is in the barcelona red metallic exterior with the brown leather interior exclusive to your 1794 edition coming to our window sticker so as our options guide we do have the power sunroof as well as the stealth running

Boards paint protection hood and door package as well as the phone chargers for a total of 53 831 gas mileage is 13 city 17 highway 15 combined down here to our wheels riding on bridgestone tires is gonna be your 20 inch alloys as you can see chrome tip exhaust as well as mud flaps rear backup camera parking sensors trailer hitch the whole nine yards it’s just on

Your key just press unlock twice to unlock all your doors stepping in this one does have 53 miles on it seat will auto recall upon and turning your key twist to start so let’s check out underneath the hood coming underneath the hood you have the tried-and-true 5.7 liter i-4 satiate those british dual liber8 cams making 381 horsepower 401 foot-pounds of torque

All going to a six-speed automatic in all 4 wheels through a 4×4 system so let’s go ahead and check out the interior before coming in of you know sodom ears would you have the crime caps as well turn to an indicators blind spot monitoring they are heated that you do also tilt down in reverse did you have your 1794 edition badging as well as the stout black running

Boards been coming in checking out that exclusive brown leather interior suede inserts as well as contrast white stitching you have your emblem and boss right there as well as your exclusive floor mats all your power adjustments for your seat as well as power lumbar power die extension tundra door sills right there coming to your door panel nice padded and stitched

Upper door panel pad your armrest power windows locks as was your two-person memory settings and your premium jbl audio with door storage a view to the left is doing one we also do ever cow mirrors that do power fold you do have your dome lights head lamp height bed light auto high beams as well as your rear power sliding glass and coming to your string mold is

Going to be a force bug leather in wood rat wheel you have your audio controls as well as voice commands and bluetooth over on the left over on the right your four-way d-pad for your center screen right there between your gauges did you have your dynamic radar cruise lane departure alert with lane keep assist as well as cruise control on a separate stalk right

Here on the left your automatic led headlights as well as your fog lights chapter three blinks blinkers and high beams variable intermittent speed wipers right there coming to your audio system this is going to be your premium jbl audio sources go am/fm xm cd usb bluetooth streaming audio and auxiliary inputs on this model going to your apps you have your navigation

Right here it’s a full fledge head you knew going to destination input you can put an address in select from a point of interest or designate six different presets down below right here nice home screen that’s split you also can customize it by going to your settings to panel or three panel and just select the portion you’d like to customize blood that your duels

On auto climate control with your driver and front-passenger temperatures tri-state heated and vented seats gives do you have your part-time four-wheel drive system as well as some trailer brake controls tow haul mode traction control off in your parking sensors below there to 12 outlets usb and auxiliary audio inputs and various storage cubbies right here’s gonna

Be your 6-speed automatic with sport mode and manual shift reverse does give you the rear backup camera as well as your mirrors that do tilt down and sensors nice padded armrest plenty of room in there as well as little storage cubbies up on the lid there’s a 12-volt outlet in there come to your glove box you have storage in there as well auto dimming rear view

Mirror with garage m lake and kombis mirror and vanity lights on your sun visor with sun glass doors up top as well as map lights and power sliding sunroof that is automatic so we’re going to close that up and that concludes the front seat part of the video logical engine got the rear coming back here of course your brown leather follows through as well as your

Tundra floor mats stepping in do open materials follow through as well with your padded stitched leather padded armrest power window indoor storage down below but this being a crew mags model of course you can expect limo like rim there’s probably over a foot of room between my knee and the back of the seat plenty of room to stretch out i am 5 foot 9 we have dual

Seat mount pockets we also do have our ac vents 12-volt outlet then over here to my right nice padded armrest with some deep cupholders and then up top we do have our damped cooling handles with coat hooks and illumination there is really good accommodations back here in the tundra nice view the dash right there we’ll go and check out the cargo bed and then we’ll

Wrap up the video coming around back but this being the kromaggs you’d have the five and a half foot bed configuration on this model oh your parking sensors trailer hitch are your trailer hookups right here bed is nice and damped and hydraulically assisted back up the bed is going to be double walled you also do have your rail system on all three sides to help tie

Down laundry items and so that’ll just about wrap it up for the 2018 cuda tundra 1794 crewmax 4×4 know if you are interested in this vehicle or any of the mom blood here at massasoit uh feel free to contact them all the information is the description below so once again guys this is garrison over at massey and i look forward to seeing you in my next video

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2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax 4×4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota By Massey Toyota

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