2018 toyota prius prime 1hl3691a
Altair Club Cars 2018 Toyota Prius Prime | 1HL3691A | Kelowna Toyota

2018 Toyota Prius Prime | 1HL3691A | Kelowna Toyota

Comes with Heated Seats, a Heated Steering Wheel, Navigation, Bluetooth, Toyota Safety Sense, and much more!

Welcome to another video walk around today we’re going to be taking a look at this 2018 toyota prius prime in this gorgeous blizzard pearl color this front-wheel drive four-door four-passenger hatchback comes equipped with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder plug-in hybrid engine mounted to an automatic transmission as not a bonus this vehicle is a toyota certified used

Vehicle and has only had one previous owner starting up front with some of the notable exterior features you’ve got a very sleek futuristic and modern design here thanks a large part to the great looking head last with the unique square design to the protector beam bulbs there you’ve also got the blue toyota badge to denote that it is a hybrid and you’ve got

These unique lights down the side here as well let’s come around to the side of the vehicle you’ve got the 15-inch alloy rims the vehicle currently rides on and those are wrapped in the bridgestone tires with lots and lots of tread as you can see as we continue down the vehicle you’ve also got the plug-in hybrid badging here on the side and in back you’ve got

Tinted windows for some additional privacy for the rear passengers or rear cargo and that thing continues in back as well up top you’ll find a color mashed roof fin antenna as well as some very uniquely shaped glass here might be hard to pick up on camera but you’ve got that nice swoop in the middle and it gives it a very sleek look and back here of course you’ll

Also find the prius prime badging as well as again that nice blue toyota badging this is a fuel sipping hybrid that’s packed with technology and loaded with features so let’s go ahead and hop inside and take a look at some of the bells and whistles hopping inside this stylish ride is nice and easy thanks to the proximity smart key system but of course you do have

Your standard remote keyless entry options here on the key fob as well and you’ve got a great looking key fob all you have to do to unlock the vehicle is walk up the key on your person put your hand in the door to unlock the vehicle and when you hop out you’ve got those two lines on the side there to easily lock the vehicle inside you’re good with the very stylish

Black leather seating here with the great designs on the center of the seat mirrors the designs on the body there with the nice swooping lines just below the driver’s seat here you’ll also find the power adjustable seat controls which includes your power adjustable lumbar support and if you take a look at the foot well you’ll find the nice weathertech all-weather

Mats and those are nice and easy to clean regardless of how dirty or wet they get so let’s go ahead and hop inside fire this vehicle up and take a look at all the bells and whistles the features inside this futuristic plug-in hybrid start with the push button ignition simply put your front of the brake and push the button and when you do you’ll get this very cool

Startup animation on your massive touch screen in the center here you get of course the toyota badge to start it up and then you’ve got this nice little jingle here it’s a nice welcoming startup screen over on the driver’s side door panel you’ll find the controls for the power windows locks and mirrors and as you can see all of your windows are one touchdown one

Touch up automatic underneath you do have a little bit of extra storage as well as an extra cup holder integrated into the door panel and if you take a look just to the right here you’ll find the dimmer switch for the gauge cluster as well as the button to toggle your traction control below that you’ll find the button for your automatic high beams you can toggle

That on and off and underneath you’ve got the charge uh schedule here so you can press that to bring up your charge schedule on the main screen there as you can see underneath of course you’ve also got the gas cap release button and under the steering column you will find the manual adjustment for your tilt and telescoping steering wheel so you can get it in the

Perfect position take a look just behind the wheel at the turn signal stock here you’ll notice that this vehicle does come equipped with automatic headlights which is a great set and forget a feature and if we back up here you’ll find a very nice three spoke leather wrapped steering wheel with the nice white accent piece at the bottom here and of course you’ve

Also got some nice subtle bolsters up top to give the wheel a nice ergonomic feel over on the left hand side you’ve got your steering wheel mounted audio controls which includes your track selector and volume rocker buttons in the center there you’ve also got the audio mode button and you can also find the bluetooth hands-free calling buttons as well as the voice

Recognition button at the bottom of the wheel here and finally of course you’ve also got the trip on there to cycle between your odometer and your two different trips over on the right hand side of the wheel you’ve got the buttons to navigate the screen in the center of the gauge cluster and you’ve got a very unique gauge cluster set up here i’ll show you that in

Just a moment you’ve also got the button for your heated steering wheel which is great for the winter you’ve also got the button to toggle your lane departure alert as well as your radar guided cruise control speaking of cruise control you’ll find the cruise control stock just behind the wheel there and this is for the follow distance so if you go ahead and take

A look up in the gauge cluster you’ll notice there’s nothing there and that’s because it’s centrally located up top here very cool and unique situation over on the left are on the right hand side there you’ve got the time as well as your lane departure alert indicator passenger airbag warning seat belt warning and of course the gear that the vehicle is in over

On the right hand side you’ll find the fuel gauge as well as your digital speedometer the exterior temperature your average fuel consumption and as you can see your odometer you can see that this vehicle currently has 60 kilometers on it in the center here you’ve got that screen that i was talking about earlier that you can navigate through with the buttons on the

Steering wheel so in this first information screen here you’ve got all kinds of different fuel consumption stats you’ve got your energy monitor your system indicator fuel consumption record drive monitor you’ve got two screens for the drive monitor and the eco diary the next screen over is a compass so you can quickly check which direction you’re traveling next

You’ve got your audio system so you can check what’s playing and and adjust it without ever having to take your hands off the wheel or even glance your infotainment system while you’re driving next you’ve got your climate controls here so you can access and quickly glance at your climate controls which is really handy you’ve also got the screen here which gives

You the indicator for your lane departure alert and your radar got a cruise control follow distance so as you cycle through with the buttons on the steering wheel that i showed you you can see the adjust in the screen here next you’ve got any messages or warnings that the vehicle has to display and finally you’ve got the settings for your safety features which

Includes your pre-collision system your lane departure alert you’ve also got your lane sway as well as the clock settings and you can also find the units as well as the meter customization there’s lots to go through there and you’ve also got some additional vehicle settings as well below that you’ll find a couple of climb events on either side here and then of

Course you’ve got this massive touch screen infotainment system in the center here as you can see of course you do have the navigation there it’s an amazing feature to have it take up the whole dash there uh gives you lots of ability to quickly view where you’re going and of course you’ve also got access to all the other features you would expect here including

Your climate controls you can access that at the bottom this is a single zone climate control vehicle but it is an automatic system so if you hit the auto button there you’ll let the vehicle adjust the fan speed and heat to get it to your desired temperature of course it also comes with air conditioning for those hot summer days and for cold winter days you’ve

Got the heated mirrors which are both great features to have in the okanagan you’ve also got the audio screen here so you can pull that up and select your source in terms of your audio options here you do have your standard am fm radio you’ve also got satellite radio as well as usb and auxiliary inputs and of course you’ve also got bluetooth so you can be sure

That you can listen to your own audio regardless of the type of device that you have up top here you’ve also got the info screen so you got lots to go through here as well you can check your charge schedule as well as the past fuel consumption records and you’ve also got the energy monitor here if you want to take a look at that as well some really cool and unique

Views for that of course you’ve got the graph up top here as well so you can cycle through between your battery engine and your climate usage if we head back to the main screen here you can also bring up your phone if you have it hooked up via bluetooth you’ve also got the destination of course for your uh navigation system and at the bottom here you’ve got lots

Of different settings to go through you can customize these to your preferences and of course finally you’ve also got the display settings here for your big display lots of options there as well so you can customize that to ensure that you are able to see if you put this vehicle into reverse you also see the backup camera popped right up at the top portion of

The screen here which is really handy and of course putting the vehicle back in the park bring back brings back the main screen there below that you’ve got the gear selector here and of course you’ve got reverse neutral and drive and your parking button is just to the left here so if you’re looking to put the vehicle in the park simply press the button over on

The right hand side here you got your drive mode buttons so you can select between your drive modes you’ve got power eco and normal depending on whether you’re trying to get a little bit more fuel economy or performance out of the vehicle if you’re looking to also drive in electric mode you can hit the ev auto button there and if your battery is charged up you’ll

Be able to drive in ev mode exclusively behind here you’ll find the two-stage heated seats for both front passengers which is really nice to have you’ve also got a qi wireless charging pad here so if your phone is equipped with wireless charging capability simply turn the pad on and drop your phone on there and it’ll charge right up for you as we continue down

Here of course you’ve got a couple of cup holders here as well as a 12 volt outlet to keep the devices charged up and you’ll also find a usb and auxiliary input in the center here you’ve got a nice padded armrest and that opens up to the side to reveal your center console you get a nice carpeted bottom as well as a nice tray up top to put the smaller ends and help

Keep things organized over in the passenger side put well you got the same great all with the mats and just above here you’ve got your standard glove box with the owner’s manual inside over on the passenger side door panel you’ll find the same great design that we found on the driver’s side as well as of course the controls for the power locks and the passenger

Side window taking a look up top here you’ll find a handy little sunglasses holder as well as of course the controls for your interior lights so that concludes the features up front let’s go ahead and hop in back and take a look at some of the features in the rear of this vehicle in the rear of this vehicle you’ve got more of that same great black leather seating

For both rear passengers here back here you’ll also find lots of leg room for the rear passengers as well as a nice all-weather mat that extends all the way across if we hop inside here you’ve also got a couple of handy storage pockets in the back of the driver and the passenger side seat as well as a 12 volt outlet in the back of the center console to keep the

Devices charged up for your rear passengers if you look towards the center here you’ll find a nice center armrest for your rear passengers so you don’t have a rear seat here and you can also open that up for some extra storage you’ve got a nice carpeted bottom in there as well and of course you’ll also find a couple of extra cup holders as well the two rear seats

Also do fold down if you have some additional cargo to store you’ve got a latch up top here on either seat to fold it down nice and easily giving you some extra interior cargo space so we’ll go ahead and take a look back there but before we do let’s take a quick glance at the rear door panel here and you’ll find the same great design that we found in the front

As well as of course the switch for the rear windows and a little bit of storage underneath let’s go ahead and pop the hatch and then back here you’ve got a nice carpeted cargo area back here you’ll also find a handy interior light and over on the left-hand side here just underneath you’ve got your fix-a-flat kit in case you ever get a flat tire and of course

You’ve also got the plug-in for your plug-in hybrid system simply plug that in and you’re going to be charging up your battery you’ll be good to go that concludes this short video walk around but as you can see this vehicle is absolutely loaded with modern features and technology and there’s lots that i didn’t get a chance to go over so make sure you stop by

Kelowna toyota located at 1200 litha road or visit us online at kelownatoyota.com for more information we look forward to seeing you soon

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2018 Toyota Prius Prime | 1HL3691A | Kelowna Toyota By Kelowna Toyota

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