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Hey curtis rob christy here from phil ha expression of the bridge as you can see i’m outside i thought i’d do a video versus some pictures for you on the truck now i do apologize it is movember so i got this sad looking little thing going on right now so don’t hesitate don’t don’t mind me but it does look kind of funny on me right now but don’t worry any of the

Month that comes off again so as you can see we’ve got lots and lots of trucks at our store here and as you can also see that is your truck right there directly behind me so what i’ve done is i’ve actually pulled it out and started it up started warming it up thought i’d do a quick walk around with you so you can actually see what your truck is going to be sorry

It’s a little shaky but this is the sport and the blacked out appearance package so what we’ve done is the front bumper the grille and the rear bumper our body colour matching the blacked-out appearance package takes to chrome so you can see where the commons logo is then the ram 3500 low louise and the rindge takes it all black we added on the side steps and also

A shock on the tailgate which i’ll show you in one second so what i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna open the doors here and pop the hood and show you a little bit underneath the truck now one piece it does have directly in the front which you’ll see is your toe hooks then you also have your front sensors it does also have your rear sensors has also the upgraded new

Grill right there which is ram basically to signify that the fact that dodge has gone its way from the trucks and they’ve gone into the performance like the charger and the challenger and ram is now strictly trucks that’s why they’re changed that you have the upgraded headlights underneath the hood you do have two maintenance free batteries which is standard on

All diesel trucks everything that you need to worry about is marked in yellow you have your washer fluid your break was the floor check your keep in mind it is the aysen transmission okay so it is a better transmission than your oh seven is bad oil check oil now the oil intervals are 24,000 kilometers or six months whichever comes first board on the light comes

On on your dash it says change oil because it’s reading your actual viscosity of the engine oil basically what it does is it helps the guys that are on the gravel roads that should be changing oil constantly to guys that have never seen a gravel ever in his life should never have to change the oil constantly right so it’s actual driving how you drive it idling time

Takes all that into account it’s a sensor inside the engine reading the actual oil now this is the ram active air as you can see there’s a couple sensors attached to it what that does is it regulates the air flow going into the motor which gives you better performance but it also increases your fuel economy when it doesn’t need air flow going in it actually starts

To close it up when it does need it it opens it up automatically which is nice increases your fuel economy keeps your power going and if you’re hauling in the interior of bc or in alberta it’ll also help with keeping the engine work in the backseat i have a winter front that goes over the front of here that i’ll include in the in the truck comes with it and waste

What that does is it once again blocks off the airflow for the engine because the cummins motors do like to run hot and warm but it does come with vents so it opens it up so you’ve got air flow going in if you need it now these are the trailer tow mirrors with signal lights and also there is it’s hard to see in the daylight but there is a light directly underneath

Here lights up the side of the truck the mirrors they do fold out and they’re also heated as well so if you are towing it’s great to use and as well they’re powered so not just powered in the center part but if you watch they’re also power folding in on both sides now obviously you’re gonna have your power windows and power door locks and your power mirrors what

You just noticed but you’re also gonna have leather seats heated front seats on both sides heated steering wheel and air flow front seats which means it’ll keep you cool in the summertime memory seating for the driver side which is great as you can tell there’s cupholders everywhere in the console and the doors auto lights just set it and then you’re good to go

Power adjustable pedals with memory as well now your steering wheel as i said i do apologize about the water on the vehicle it’s very dewy out here so first thing in the morning until the sun gets up everything is wet right now but you do have your bluetooth your information center which operates your cluster okay as you can see everything’s changing so system set

Up store set up all that you can personalize how you want things to be laid out i’m just gonna quickly go through it you could change it over two miles per hour faster going which is great if you ever go into the u.s. or kilometers and then here is your gauges so it tells you your coolant temperature oil temperature oil pressure idling hours driving hours total

Keep in mind we’re on our lot so we like to keep the vehicles warm and running every saturday we do check everything make sure everything is perfect individual tire pressure monitoring system now a lot of guys look at this and say wow this is quite a bit of a difference here you always want to have higher pressure in the rear tires and less in the front that’s

More for towing than what have you there’s a temp oil life this is what i was talking about it’ll monitor it for you so you can actually see roughly when you’re due for an oil change so if you’re going on a road trip quick click on here you can check it oh i’m at 20% i better get an oil change done or you can say you know what i’m at 90 it doesn’t matter keep

Going like it said it’s six months 24,000 k or this comes up and says change or fuel filler filter life so keep in mind you got to monitor this too so as this goes down and up as are using it you’ve got to check it which is straight through there so it’s you got to change that every once in a while to write voltage for battery and your exhaust and turbo mmm so

As you step on it obviously that’s gonna change you can also have this show up on the sides so it’s easier to monitor if you wish and then back to where we were at the beginning shows you everything all in one shot which is great now oh keep in mind too there is a little bit more info fuel economy and then your distance like trip a trip be all that guy stuff is

All in here which is great and distance for the brake controller connected so how long you’ve been towing for how long you haven’t been towing mmm-hmm because it does have a brake controller as soon as you plug in this automatically activates starts counting for you you don’t have to worry about anything doing anything now we’re back at the beginning automatic

This right here is your manual mode so if you want to manually change the gears you can and it does work great with your diesel exhaust okay so your first hit is exhaust break on full and then auto which basically regulates how much pressure you’re going to need how much it’s going to open and close when things like that right on and off this here is your lectrons

Stability control tolling hall mode so did you hook up to the trailer click this it’ll let the transmission know that you’ve got some weight and it’s also going to help activate your trailer sway control which will stop the trailer from swaying front sensors rear sensors for backing up especially if you have the trailer on you’re going to want to click that off so

You don’t have to worry about it anymore and then you have your heated seats on the passenger side high on then low then you’ve got your exhaust or your exhaust your coal air for ventilated front seats heated steering wheel and then same thing on the driver side your brake controller shift on the fly for 4×4 heat controls stereo key mind you can hook up to usb and

Also bluetooth auxilary we have a couple usb outlets in here which is great extra apps that you can also put in here to customize it make it more yourself there’s lots and lots of stuff you can do in here a couple pages worth and of course does have navigation and then hook up to your phone your cell phone regular household plugin stores been in their storage bin

Down below sorry i just can’t reach it then in here you’ve got your storage bin and then little stores bring up top as you can see your usb auxiliary all the power outlets out there and a change tray it does come out now here’s the cool thing this is new for 2018 assist sos assist is like roadside assistance sos is the police for 911 emergency all that guy stuff

A universal garage door opener and then power sliding rear window with this button right here i don’t know if you could see it in the mirror okay and then of course your son i won’t open it cuz i don’t want to get dripped on but this does open vent it’s push-button it’s powered you don’t do anything this is just manual but it’s as you can see it’s nice and easy to

Operate all right and then don’t forget to power seat both driver and passenger right power lumbar tilt your back all that good stuff right mm-hmm now in the back of the seat right away you have armrest cupholders cupholders below heat vents heated rear seats as well he vents up on the floor and the other cool part on the floor is these storage bins really really

Cool you do get them on both sides of the truck the other part that’s really cool is this piece right here it’s called a fold-out floor flat floor folds out holds up to 600 pounds you can even put the seat down raises the floor puts weight on their jugs the water tools sleep on it some guys have made a bed you get it on both sides which is i’ll quickly show you

But underneath this right here is your winner front and this here is your reducer for your hitch because on all 35 hundreds you get a class 5 hitch which is an upgrade from the class 4 hitch so it’s a much bigger hitch but also to the square is also bigger as well right and i’ll show you what i mean by that now it does have the flares on it which is nice we’ve put

The mud flaps on it your backup sensors your class 5 hitch so that square piece you just slide in and then take your receiver put it in put the pin in and you’re done there’s nothing extra that you need to do now it does have the back up camera and the locking tailgate now unfortunately it doesn’t have it up top but we did that on the shock for the tailgate so

It won’t just go bang or anything like that then you’ve got the lights right here in the box on both sides but new is an actual button so you can turn them on turn them off and it does also turn that on – which helps all right then on the passive in the back here on this side you have a bigger piece that folds out same thing holds up to 600 pounds you can put

The other side out at the same time or you fold it up and you’ve got your saab sitting underneath storage being on this side as well so it does open and you got a piece that comes out same as the other side but then you also have the speakers up on the roof because it is the alpine surround sound system so kurt this is the truck i hope you like it hope it works

For you let me know thank you so much

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2018 RAM 3500 CREW CAB LARAMIE 4X4 By Rob Priestley – Red Jacket Rob

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