2018 ram 3500 6 7 mega cab off r
Altair Club Cars 2018 RAM 3500 6.7 MEGA CAB ***OFF ROADING THIS 00K TRUCK***


OFF ROADING IN A $100K 2018 RAM 3500 6.7L MEGA CAB.

It’s going on you guys here’s a bit of a context for the video you’re about to watch today i went over to my neighbors scott and tiffany’s and i told them that we’re gonna go out for a drive out to mcclain it’s kind of like an off-roading area here in calgary so we didn’t plan anything so we just drove out there and it ended up being pretty muddy lots of water

And things like that so i didn’t even bring my camera and we caught some decent footage even with our phones and even with the gopro for some reason i grabbed my gopro because i knew we’re gonna film something but it wasn’t entirely sure so we caught some really good footage and yeah just check it out we should go through that bottle down there okay let’s

Head back go crazy sucker it’s crazy go crazy under thousand dollar off-roading frog right here there are some deer back here stop the truck i think we’re gonna run out of gas with our truck there’s some deer over here i think they left no they’re over there see right they’re just running away nice weather here today can’t go wrong we’ve got our

Camera truck and then scott’s trying to climb oh my gosh that is that is sick you made it well that hill is actually steeper than it looks we usually go up with our dirt bikes up there so that’s nice and this puddle here is huge and it’s very muddy out here we’re just gonna wait for him to come through i get this nice little creek here oh hear gunshots

Again somebody’s in the back they’re shooting their guns okay here we go again $100,000 truck taking it off roading that is sick that is a nice shot we didn’t even plan this but it’s definitely gonna be on the channel dude going up that hill oh my god that is huge i don’t think my dakota can make it up that’s huge wow well we definitely got some nice footage

My gopro is still going i’ll still have to get you through the other funnel look at the water just drip off whoa 100,000 right there mm tell me which one is better this one for this one okay yeah it’s raining like hell out here but this was definitely fun i didn’t even think to bring my camera filming with my phone open the door don’t worry we won’t run out of

Gas cuz what is that quarter tank no lights on yet we’re done crazy go crazy oh my gosh it was like up to here at one point look it’s still dripping oh i think you should go through that one like it’s so sick when you come out it’s like the best whatever oh my gosh yeah i could i could hear my exhaust on my drive was like whoa whoa whoa whoa i they need

To change on oil down yeah maybe it look helpful to cover up all powder collect you and then dude that that last one oh my gosh i listen to my truck just me it’s so weird noises oh yeah well that concludes the video for the hundred thousand dollar off-roading experience here hopefully dodge canada will sponsor this video and help us out for the next videos

Transcribed from video

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