2018 porsche 718 cayman s review
Altair Club Cars 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman S Review & Road Test

2018 Porsche 718 Cayman S Review & Road Test

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We made it to 2018 and this is our first review for the year. Here we have the Porsche 718 Cayman S, all guns blazing, and it’s time for it to launch. We conduct our own 0-100 km/hr launch test and the best attraction to all of this, is the manual stick shift gearbox. Porsche have decided to go down the 4 cylinder path with the new 718 Cayman, however the Cayman S proves to be a very worthy contender and you’ll find out why in this road test episode.

Let me introduce to you the 2018 porsche cayman 7 1 8 s here we have the entry-level range of porsche this car comes equipped with the sports classic 20-inch rims painted in platinum color with a black designation badge in the rear end as you can see 7 1 8 cayman s centre exhausts in black taillights are slightly tinted or led and the car looks magnificent

The brakes on this car simply grab their amazing this car is really amazing let me tell you for a small package this retails at 199 thousand dollars this car here looks simply great it’s painted in lava orange from the factory which is a color that was found on the 991 gt3 rs and this turns heads let me tell you right now this mid-engine small compact coupe a

Turns heads like i haven’t seen before not for a small car it’s something unique and this the way that porsche have created it where it’s so weighted it’s so well-balanced it just feels amazing it’s a mid-engine car you can liken this to a smaller version of a ferrari it handles it feels brilliant on the roads the shares is type those rims are huge well they

Are optional the standard rims are 19-inch ds and 20-inch rims and for the first time what we’ve realized is in the rear end if you look straight through the rims you can see all the mechanicals and the hat looks brilliant from a distance support has changed the old cayman the previous model to this feature the 6-cylinder flat-six engine it was visceral he

Sounded all pretty cool really awesome for a porsche was a typical porsche and not flat engine but now they’ve got a force in the turbocharger which produces 350 horsepower 0 to 100 we timed it ourselves but they say 4.6 seconds for a manual if you order this car in pdk with the sports chrono option it does 0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds that’s really quick possibly

The quickest 4-cylinder on the market today sportiest 4-cylinder and by most definitely the most expensive 4-cylinder you can buy today let me take you through the interior this compact sports car features leather everywhere which is also optional alcantara everywhere alcantara steering wheel a smaller sports steering wheel optional we’ve got gt3 rs style

Seats it’s a sports bucket with carbon fiber on the rear a manual stick shift exactly how this car should have been ordered not pdk and we’ve also got such simplistic design but yet so ergo nominal the car feels so comfortable you can see the foot pedals there they line up with your feet you are very straight you don’t sit angled in the seat whatsoever it’s all

Straight everything’s so tight so nimble so easy to use touchscreen bose surround sound stereo optional bose that is and you’ve got cupholders we’ve got everything that you need to get you through a daily drive or a weekend drive this fits it all perfectly it’s time for us to jump in and take it for a spin 350 horsepower 420 newton meters of torque there at

100 in 4.6 seconds with a manual stick shift what do we have of course the porsche 7 1 8 cayman s that’s what we’re in this car is very different assessing the naturally aspirated six cylinder six sanding this doesn’t sound anywhere as good it’s not this how could you say it’s not as visceral so the sound is it’s not like a wrx where that’s a flat 4-cylinder

Turbocharged as well with this car it sounds like a four-cylinder but it’s got a lot of burble sort of pops wanna crackles they’ve added there to give us some character but you can tell there’s kind of fake with porsche right now what they’ve done is they’re trying to the previous it’s really really good the turbo helped that being a turbocharged car i do

Not hear the turbos whistle will make any sound whatsoever there’s no sounds coming from the turbo at all whoa wasting their power comes on so quickly that it actually feels like the car is naturally aspirated i’ve got to give portugal applauded for that that’s very different to other cars especially four-cylinder cars generally four-cylinder cars don’t have

Such power you always feel the lag at the beginning and once it’s two and a half three thousand rpm then he throws you back in the turbo kicks in but no with this kind of single turbo challenger it kicks in no matter where it’s at and he can tell that the naturally aspirated motor has all awesome glutes like a dozen screamers keep saying it but it really does

Accelerate then if yours like the previous generation turbo when you turn the steering ratio is so good you just turn it a bit in the whole what we have is a manettino style of switch key which gives us a driver in a small individual mode so each is very different it’s gonna turn characteristics the spawn mode is when the sporty-er firms up the chassis look

At the sport plus which booms that up even further and increases the rev range in torque so when you change gears it holds the keys in place a lot longer so dark him doesn’t drop like saying the carrera gt we mentioned the light forever no flavor whatsoever now kempster strop invest don’t only hold them up there for you so you can have a great certain hundred

Time so it’s kind of easy to achieve that 4.6 seconds quoted finger provide you with and with a pasm suspension setup the option this is such a brilliant it’s a good yeah it’s not as much fun this is amazing i’m gonna give this car the good thing is about the camer it’s jelly proper dicky go on a nice saturday sundays on drive down the coast and enjoy with the

Family bush have provided us with a contact porsche has provided compact who pay all is such a small little room well dan’s gonna kill me i’m chopping and changing too much i’m sweating like divorced

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2018 Porsche 718 Cayman S Review & Road Test By Supercar Advocates

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