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Altair Club Cars 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Review | GoAuto

2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Review | GoAuto

GoAuto reviews the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

After 12 long years mercedes-benz has released this the new generation sprinter with it highlighted by three main features firstly the availability of advanced driver assist safety systems secondly the availability of mercedes benzes new mbu ex infotainment system and thirdly soon-to-be the availability of its mercedes pro connect system a telematics system aimed at

Fleet managers the question is is it any good let’s take a look and find out unless you’re looking at it’s fresh front end the third generation sprinter might not look all that different externally in panel van form there’s a good reason for this as mercedes-benz as minimized changes to the rear wheel drive tunnel vanload compartment so that fleets can add their

Current equipment with little or no adjustment required in any event sprinter customers have more variants than ever to pick from with a staggering 1734 combinations of body style wheelbase load link and capacity through fight gvm drivetrain engine and transmission one offer front wheel drivers need to the sprinter alongside a 9 speed automatic transmission while

All-wheel-drive will return to the lineup in the middle of next year just after minibus and tractor head variants love fleets are also the target of the sprinters expanded suite of advanced driver assistance systems which now include autonomous emergency braking as standard while lane keep assist is now available on the options list alongside adaptive cruise control

And surround view cameras the real story here however is taking place in this british nude cabin when mercedes benzes cutting-edge mb ux infotainment system is proudly projected onto either the standard seven-inch touchscreen or optional 10.25 inch unit mbx offers various input methods including always-on voice control that’s summoned with the command hey mercedes

And supports a natural dialogue if hey siri and okay google come to mind you know where mercedes-benz is going here but fleet managers will be even more interested with mercedes pro a telematics system that will enable them to track and manage vehicles and drivers while logging all associated data when it becomes available in the next 18 to 24 months the sprinters

Drive experience is much the same as before with this generational change focusing on technology more than anything else given its size the sprinter remarkably feels smaller to drive that it is not exactly the big barge it expected to be that being said its steering is on the lighter side but that lacking the level of fields critical in a commercial application

Meanwhile that sprinters ride is relatively comfortable with it remaining balanced when encountering potholes and speed bumps the long wheelbase panel van we drove featured the 105 kilowatt 330 newton meter tune of the sprinters 2.1 liter turbo diesel engine but it’s struggling to keep to the 100 kilometer speed limit up a steep incline while carrying a 500 kilogram

Load the medium will base single cab chassis variant we drove was noticeably punchier while carrying the same load thanks to its more potent 120 kilowatt 369 meter tune either way the 7-speed automatic transmission prioritizes efficiency over performance that always hunting for gears and pausing before eventually kicking down unsurprisingly the single cab chassis

‘S mbh levels are much lower than the panel vans with its panels audibly wobbling when driving over uneven surfaces mercedes-benz has reached at the technology benchmark in the large van segment with the new generation sprinter for our full written review plus coverage from the sprinters national media launch head to go tocom doe you

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