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Altair Club Cars 2018 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Review | 603 Luxurious Horsepower To Love

2018 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Review | 603 Luxurious Horsepower To Love

See the S CLASS:

Hey how’s it going everybody this is andrew wagner here at walters mercedes-benz have another great video lined up for you guys right here in front of me brand-new 2018 s63 amg sedan so this is definitely the big boss this particular model has over 600 horsepower over 600 40-plus foot-pounds of torque this model is completely redesigned so you will notice

That the brand-new 2018 models have a new three prong headlight you have a different front fascia here you’ll even notice that the front lip which has been very traditional or amg models has also been slightly redesigned as well this particular vehicle will be what mercedes-benz would call our land yacht but with all the power so this particular vehicle is

Not only going to have the smoothest acceleration that you expect from the s-class it will pack all the punch that you could possibly look for this particular model does have standard all of your led lighting this lighting is gonna be fully adaptive it will move with you as you’re on the road and there’s quite a bit more this model is going to be standard

Pictured in a sport amg line package so no matter which one you choose it will all be sport fascias body trim and throughout the rest of the vehicle this model does have a forged wheel so that means it’s gonna be a singular piece wheel versus multiple pieces put together this is gonna be one of the strongest wheels we offer for obviously a low profile tire

Being on a heavy car possibly hitting a pothole or anything else like that will be a very sturdy wheel and tire combination you’re gonna have all the performance braking on this vehicle with optional carbon ceramic breaking all of your turn signal markers in the mirror which we’re quite used to being standard this model has all of your surround you camera

Heads-up display drivers assistance as well so before i move to the side you’ll notice that this vehicle has sensors here in the front sensors across the front for parking and all of your autonomous driving style features so this vehicle will have adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist steering assist pedestrian recognition night vision believe it or

Not and quite a bit more the blind spot monitoring will be in here this is a bi turbo with the 4matic plus platform keyless go of course to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle with a simple touch or grab in addition to that your standard panoramic sunroof is going to be there for you as well and a you will have the amg line side skirting here

As well as we move over to the back you’ll see quite a bit more features coming along as well here’s we come around to the back of the vehicle you notice that this vehicle stays very elegant and aggressive as we’ve mentioned all the way coming along this vehicle will be of course the s63 you’ll have your traditional three tiers of led lighting on there in

Addition to that this does have a true chrome dual exhaust willoughby actual dual exhausts on each side there with those part tronic sensors coming around the back as well as your backing up or even cross traffic’s coming behind you these sensors and the backup camera will be able to show you all those nice things from our previous videos you might have

Been able to see that with the surround view camera package you can see on individual sides front or back or it will actually move with you as you’re driving giving a full aerial view down on the vehicle the hd backup camera is on here and will be underneath the back as well as we’re used to this particular model does have a rear tucked up lip there to go

Ahead and match the front as well one of the nice things about the s63 is that this vehicle has no lacking of room inside of it or even in the trunk so this vehicle in the back you will be able to use your hand and actually physically grab and open it the key fob or one of my favorites is being able to turn give it a simple kick it’ll open right on up this

Vehicle does have quite a bit of room back here in the trunk these vehicles are used for many different reasons from ceo vehicles for fortune 500 companies and storing luggage and things going to the airport to your everyday luxury consumer who wants to put some golf clubs or various different things in the back of this vehicle one of the nice things this

Is since this vehicle does have a rear seat chauffeured package these vehicles will come equipped with brand new premium back pillows for your back which is also wrapped in napa leather in addition to that you will also have dual headrest pillows wrapped in the same as well that will come with these vehicles they do have quite a bit more that will come

With the inside but we’ll take a look at that here in just a moment stepping on to the back here you’re gonna know some very nice features i’d love to go ahead and show you guys and exactly what an s60 3 rear backseat package is all about one of the nice things you’ll notice is is as you step right on into the inside here there’s no shortage of luxury in

This car compared to any other vehicle in the world this model not only is going to start off with your own air conditioning controls seating controls navigation entertainment controls but you also even have climate controls for your back the bottom rest wireless charging and quite a bit more starting off over here on the door panel you will notice something

Very significant this vehicle does have all the full exclusive trim you do have your rear sunshades here that are controllable by you burmeister 3d surround system which is actually going to be exclusive to mercedes-benz this is a very high-end system that is going to give you high-definition 3d surround sound system compared to our standard burmeister system

This vehicle will have your rear ac controls and heating controls for the seat here on the door you will have controls here for your sun shades your panoramic roof for the rear sunshades this vehicle will be pictured in a black napa leather with our black piano flowing line wood trim here rear air conditioning in the posts and your center here and in addition

To that you will have dual cupholders whether you’re an apple or android user as long as your phone supports wireless charging you can simply go ahead and take a phone right out of a pocket lay it right down here on the wireless charger which is an optional piece you will see a symbol here letting you know that your phone is charging so it makes it a lot

More convenient not only will you have storage here usb ports you will even have an hdmi port as well moving into the back you’ll even have storage back behind you should you have some more personal items that you don’t want out inside the vehicle you will have a rear cd or dvd system here you will even have rear charging down at the bottom here should you

Not want to use the charging that’s located near your elbow this vehicle is gonna be wrapped on the inside in full dynamic a headliner and side posts which is a premium performance suede this model is going to have the rear entertainment system which is also optional you will be able to use one of the two rear remotes here since you can split each screen

Here and doing each individual screen you’ll be able to take this go through the navigation go through the radio go through the media and be completely in your own control as far as what you want to do at the back of the vehicle one of the very nice things besides all the elegant items inside this vehicle is that your seat belt system inside this vehicle

When it comes pulled over you and buckles in not only is it going to go ahead and tighten up to you but one of the things you might notice in the video is that this seat belt is very very very thick and wrapped this is an actual air bag inside the seat belt so not only is this a luxury vehicle but is a very safe vehicle so your b-pillars your c-pillar your

Airbags your head restraints all these things you’re gonna definitely make sure you the consumer are protected on all point in time to the utmost possible quality this vehicle will have sound system items in the ceiling and the door panels behind you and then you will also notice two more on the front door panel stand up in the front as well this vehicle

Will have this center console actually be able to flip up very simply so if you do have a third person here in the back it makes it very easy to do with one simple click up you will be able to have an additional seat belt the headrest here will electronically go up or down to maximize your comfort inside of the vehicle all right as you can see i am fully

Extended here in the back seat at six foot two i can definitely say most people will be able to fit back here more than comfortably the seat not only offers ankle support for the back ear heels calf support for the back your legs an extendable bottom portion of the seat and then also the back portion here is going to fully maximize your rear comfort you

Will be able to lean back your headrest will go ahead and adjust your liking as well and don’t forget we have the neck pillows and back pillows that come complimentary with the vehicle that’s going to match this napa leather one of the very nice things i would like to show you those how’d this see action maneuvers with one simple button push here you can

Go ahead and bring backwards the leg support with one push down you can bring the leg support which was underneath my caps they’re completely dim in addition to that once that’s finished and complete i can actually go ahead and return back to a regular position should i have someone in front of me by simply pushing back the seat it will shorten the thigh

Or leg length of the seat here and then in addition to that it will also make sure that the calf support is back in its place should it not have fully went back the rear piece will be able to come back should you want to sit more up at an angle or maybe go ahead and sit at a little bit more of an airline style position if you want to sit up more maybe for

Posture back issues circulation whatever it might be the case that is all going to be right here on the door panel for you and again you will have modes to go ahead and lean the seat completely back or manually do it also with saving these settings here with memory on the seat all right as we step right here into the front of the vehicle you’ll notice some

Very very nice set of features inside the vehicle is very overwhelming i’d say at least as far as wow factor goes this vehicle has everything that has the rear comfort even up here in the front so starting off with something as simple as the steering wheel this our performance nappa leather with dynamic steering wheel so this will be our matching leather to

The rest of the vehicle which is very plush which you will also have our performance suede which will match the roof and all the other accents as well this model is equipped like most the other vehicles from our video with our new touch pads for our thumbs here so we will be able to navigate through the twelve point three inch optional display screen here

Or the one here am i right you will have all of your drivers assistant settings for most of you folks that might be new to that you will be able to push this up and down to set car lengths for your adaptive cruise control you will be also able to behind the steering wheel here set different features as far as how low high or back and forth the steering wheel

Is going to go you will have all of your paddle shifting in addition to that you will have the autonomous style driving features which will be able to activate through here which will help keep you inside of a lane and then help you maneuver in turn when road lanes do move with you this vehicle will have all the premium stitching not only on the steering

Wheel the dash throughout the entire cabin inside this vehicle this has again as i mentioned the burmeister 3d surround sound system so what that means for you is that the vehicle will put you in the center of the music but also have a surround view type of feel far more above and beyond what our burmeister sound system would offer the black piano lacquer

Wood flowing lines will match throughout the whole front as it did in the back this vehicle does have all of your side window controls in the door panels it will have all your seating controls of memory you will also still have your rear air conditioning and heating functions positioned here up to the front as well as well as the rear sunshades as well

Those things will all be able to be pushed up here as well as operating your seat here so someone that’s sitting in the front might be chauffeuring someone in the back all of those functions you notice in the back can be maneuvered from this portion and this vehicle does have heads-up display this vehicle does have a completely reef configurable screen you

Do have the twelve point three inch display screen here which is currently picturing navigation in addition to that you will have all of your sunroof controls and you will also have all of your complimentary roadside assistance as well as the exclusive trim with diamond stitching coming across the front of the dash there this vehicle does still keep our

Traditional clock and in addition to that you will notice small different insignia such as our dizzy interior are affalterbach symbols here because this vehicle does have a hand-built motor from amg as well one of the most noticeable things inside of our previous videos is that we have burmeister sound systems in quite a bit of our cars very high-end nice

Surround sound system however this vehicle does go above and beyond with our burmeister 3d surround sound system so this model does have additional speakers which will actually turn and move to give you a different clerical and audio noise which will also transition into our front screen here which will go ahead and show you several different listening

Modes you have anything from the pure setting which is going to go ahead and be an audiophile type of setting easy-listening which would be subtle easy mid-tones the vehicle will also have a live setting for of course a little bit more of a live acoustic sound as if you’re there listening to it in person you will have a very intense surround sound system

Setting which will put the music completely around you and in addition to that you will have 3d sound which would be a three-dimensional sound to increase the entire sound effect for the entire cabin moving into some of the little bit more intricacies of this particular s63 one of the things you’ll notice of course like our brand new twelve point three inch

Display offers you can go ahead and reconfigure the screen so whether you want to go ahead and go with a sport look which will be a singular tachometer style design our classic look where you’ll have the speedometer and tachometer on one side and individual all the car options in the middle or if you want to go to our progressive design which will go ahead

And offer you an individual tachometer with speedometer in the middle on both and you can reconfigure each side from things such as the date and then to also different designs here on the left moving on over to the right-hand side here this will go ahead and show you our traditional twelve point three inch display screen which is a standard option inside

Of these vehicles you will have things like your navigation that’s inside of here with your live traffic maps will show you points of interest various gas stations shopping centers things of that nature in addition to that you do have some very nice and clean radio functions in there which will list display artist information in addition to that through

Your media settings like most of our cars have you can go ahead and display various music you have from your phone ipod or anything else do you might use to play music from and of course all of your telephones settings will also offer you the apple carplay and readö and various other options as well moving on over into the car settings those will also be

Displayed here something that is exclusive of course to the amg model would be track pace which will go ahead and get you ready for various different track functions lap times launch modes things of that nature which will show you how fast things have went how much time is elapsed and again those will be of course catered to our s63 amg one of the very nice

Things that i like inside the vehicle offers quite a bit of wow factor besides the backseat would be our roof these vehicles do come equipped with an optional magic sky control what that means is is you can simply with the push of a button go ahead and change the roof to a traditional clear style of roof so if you don’t mind the sun coming in or want to have

The utmost view of how did you say unfiltered look looking outside that be what you notice as i do one additional push here the magic sky control will go ahead and polarize and darken the roof therefore eliminating the need to go ahead and wear sunglasses eye protection or just have a little bit darker colored interior one simple push with the front or back

Of an additional button will actually go ahead and close up that sunroof should you not want any light coming through whatsoever and this will be a hard backed dynamic ax roof liner so there will be no sun whatsoever coming through one of the things that does make this vehicle very exclusive is anything from small features such as that our night vision dual

Display screens and performance with the backseat will really sum up this vehicles the utmost luxury performance vehicle out there in the marketplace one thing that is very important to some folks is the driving in very remote areas is going to be our night vision so this vehicle across our dual twelve point three inch display screen on the left side will

Offer you night vision what does that do it gives you kind of an army slash commando style of view of night vision looking quite farther up ahead so that way if there’s a deer in the road an object a person maybe you don’t have the best division and rely on glasses and things like that to go ahead and supplement you this is not meant to take the place of

Those things but it’s helped money just to show you how much better a vision you can have at night maybe in darker areas for safety of you and other people on the road hey youtubers thank you very much for watching our video today again this was on our brand new 2018 s60 three g sedan don’t forget to go ahead and hit like and subscribe so that we can see

All of our new info coming out very soon for you each and every week in addition to that don’t forget to go ahead and hit the bell notification so that we will see all the newest updates that we have releasing if you have any questions for us right here on this particular vehicle or meat don’t forget to go ahead and comment right there below we’ll get right

Back to you guys and give you some great feedback

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2018 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG® Review | 603 Luxurious Horsepower To Love! By Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside

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