2018 mercedes benz gla 180 revie
Altair Club Cars 2018 Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Review (BetterCar)

2018 Mercedes Benz GLA 180 Review (BetterCar)

We are delighted to be offering this stunning Mercedes Benz GLA180 Urban Edition, for more information please visit www.bettercar.co.uk

I hi it’s bradley from better car and today i’m here with the mercedes gla 180 urban edition so this car comes in the lovely mountain gray metallic paint and has just over 18 000 miles on it now the general condition of this car is incredibly good there is no sort of stone chips on the front end just here as you would expect and the wheels are in very good

Condition as well they’re 18 inch diamond cut alloy wheels with black inserts in the middle as well and they’re in very good condition as i said and they look very very smart now the urban edition over the regular gla gives you a few black accents on the outside which make it just a little bit smarter so you’ve got the the black front grille with the chrome

Inserts just here and you have got a black front splitter uh surrounding the uh the grille down the bottom there as well now let’s move around to the back right then moving around to the back of the gla you can see from this angle that the sides of this car are incredibly clean so there’s no dings or dents down the passenger side and the driver’s side is exactly

The same now the rear of the car as you would expect to have a few scuffs and scrapes on the the rear lip here has got nothing at all it’s pretty much a brand new car in the way that it looks you do get the black accents as i said around the front you get the the rear splitter just here in black which is slightly different to the regular grey plastic that

It normally is and now moving into the boot itself it’s 481 liters so it’s bigger than say something like a golf it’s very very usable you get a movable boot floor down here that has a little pump up kit down the the bottom there which is the standard of modern cars you’ve got a 60 40 folding rear seat which actually folds completely flat so if you wanted

To you could use this as a very small van let’s move inside where it’s a little bit warmer right then moving into the back of the gla there’s not really too much to note in the back here you’ve got lovely inserts on the doors chrome inserts that you wouldn’t normally get in an earlier gla this front seat is set to my driving position so me sitting here on

A longer journey i’ve got plenty of foot room and the knee room and headroom is pretty adequate as well so if you’re maybe six foot two six foot three you might find it a little bit cramped in here but it’s not too bad at all now the seats themselves uh are an individual pattern so this comes with the urban package on this car so you get these nice sculpted

Rear seats with a half leather and half cloth you get full uh three rear seats in the back here with a third full rear suit seat belt in there as well you don’t get an armrest though so in terms of comfort in here it’s all right uh i mean there’s there’s plenty of room for a journey of a couple of hours but if you’re slightly taller than i am as i said you

Might get a little bit uncomfortable let’s move into the front seat right then moving into the front of the gla you get the same lovely pattern on the seats that you get in the in the back same as the urban edition seats these are a lot more thickly bolstered and a lot more supportive than the rear seats and they actually feel like sports car seats so you

Get a fixed rear headrest on there instead of a movable one which is a little bit safer in terms of if you get into a crash but the condition of this car is incredibly good so there is no wear on the bolsters themselves and the car actually still smells brand new so you’ve still got that that new car smell in here now in terms of specification of this car it is

Pretty well specced out so you get folding mirrors you’ve got four electric windows around the car you get automatic lights you get automatic wipers you’ve got steering wheel controls here for the center screen in the middle of the dash and you do also have controls for the screen up here which gives you your assist systems your range your mileage everything

Like that in the center screen just there now moving into the center console the actual design of the dash is incredibly nice you’ve got this sort of aluminium looking uh dash design just here which flows into one and you have also got these lovely air vents in the middle which you you turn on and off by twisting them now in terms of the actual center screen

Itself you get radio cd player in there as well you get bluetooth connectivity for your phone and you can also link it up via usb as well you have got climate control just in here with air conditioning it’s not automatic but it’s it’s very very easy to use and the actual dials themselves feel very good quality you have got cruise control on this particular

Car as well so it’s not quite the top spec of the gla line but you do have most of the amenities on here now the main thing with this car is that you get a reversing camera and it gives you a 180 degree angle at the back as well just to make sure that you’re not backing into something basically and let’s move on to the paperwork and then we’ll round it up

Now moving on to the paperwork with the mercedes gla now this car has one owner from new as you’d expect with a car that’s only two years old the last service on this car was performed on the 24th of november of 2020 and was done at 18 000 miles so it has only traveled a couple of hundred miles since its last service now moving on to the safety check that is

Done by our local garage they have checked out all the tyres all the electrics and all the mechanicals of the car and deem it a very good car in itself thank you for watching this tour around our mercedes gla 180 urban edition if you have any other questions on this car or any of our stock please feel free to call us on one two four five four oh three three

Six seven or alternatively you can email us at enquiries better car dot co dot uk

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