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Altair Club Cars 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Line: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour

2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Line: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour

Join me as I take an in-depth look at the exterior and interior of the all new 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class!

Hello everyone and welcome to galaxy 89 cars today thanks to the team at mercedes-benz ascot i’m bringing you in-depth tour our 2018 mercedes-benz a-class with the new a-class mercedes have aimed to develop a car that is a clear leader in the compact class it is being marketed to young and old alike with its youthful yet mature design and has packed full

Of luxury refinement and technology with the all-new mercedes-benz user interface that i’ll elaborate on in more detail later the new a-class is said to have c-class driving characteristics an s-class technology and safety the sentiment of a more grown-up car extends out from the text and practically into the increased size of the new model the car is now

4,400 19 millimeters long longer by 120 millimetres 1796 millimetres wide wider by 16 millimetres with a reduced and claimed class leading drag coefficient before we can see the engine we must first unlatch it this can easily be done by pulling the lever to the right of the drivers foot wall to the front of the bonnet is a small catch needs to be pushed

To the right once done the bonnet can easily be lifted up it is self supported on a single strut there are currently nine engine configurations available ranging from 180 se to 220 amg line petrol 136 brake horsepower to 224 brake horsepower and 180 sc to 180 amg diesel this being in a 180 d amg line this a 180 d amg line is fitted with a four cylinder 1.5

Liter diesel engine it produces 116 brake horsepower and 192 foot-pounds of torque and is developed on the engine produced by the renault-nissan partnership this powertrain produces a zero to 62 mile per hour or 100 kilometer per hour time of 10.5 seconds and a top speed of 126 miles per hour at the rear are the dual exits for the exhaust system that uses

Adblue to clean the cars emissions the car is sitting on front and rear 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels which are the only option for this model braking power is provided by standard discs each corner but a new adaptive braking system add safety features such as altering the brake bias split priming and attention assist that alerts the driver if erratic

Driving is detected stability is provided by mcpherson front suspension and torsion beams at the rear although the a250 petrol has rear multi-link suspension for more solid and stable driving experience now we finished the model overview we can start the exterior tour from front to back the front bumper and air intakes have been heavily remodeled what were

Integrated side intakes are now standalone and are intersected by two small channels or wings with a subtle wing section running at the bottom the lower intake has grown and has now merged into the gap above that previously connected the side intakes these intakes feed cool air into the front mounted engine bay moving laterally there is now small vent in

Front of the front wheel arch that acts to smooth air flow coming into the front of the car moving up the diamond grill has remained the headlights have been redesigned gaining a far more defined angular tich daytime running led these are the standard high-performance led and halogen headlights but an adaptive multi beam option is also available that adds

Another led array consisting of 18 individual leds in front of the main beam and can adapt to suit driving conditions in real time such as beam length angle direction these headlights are finished with the mercedes-benz logo on top moving further back we find the bonnet with dynamic lines on either side that run back from the very front of the car much of

The design language here is very similar to the previous model the windscreen is behind with two wiper blades now moving to the side we find less angular design language the optional folding wing mirrors with integrated indicators have been made a lot smoother and more rounded than before the top body line now runs the entire length along the side rather

Than dipping down below the door handles indicate towards the cars keyless entering ghost system with the small indent below these the lower body line now also runs the length of the side rather than dramatically rising up as it did before there is also a subtle side skirt running under these moving up to the top of the car the roof is smooth and slips

Gradually to the rear below and on the left side here is the fuel tank flap the lid can be easily opened with a light depress the standard tank has a capacity of 43 liters but a 51 litre tank can be spec the a 180 d has a combined mpg estimate of 67 point three the adblue tank can also be refilled here moving up the slight rear spoiler remains with a slim

Led brake light array integrated into the rear moving to the rear of the car the rear window with the gloss black struts on either side could also be found in the previous model once again there’s a single rear wiper with a small mercedes-benz logo the rear lights have seen quite a significant redesign in the previous model they featured two angular brake

Light arrays split by reverse light but here they have a far more smooth integrated design that wraps around the side of the car with the reverse rate below below this we once again see the more curvaceous design language of the new a class in its rear bumper there are now two reflectors above the exhausts and the lateral air vents are now wide and smoother

Than before at the very bottom the smooth component has now been replaced by this rather aggressive diffuser now we finish the exterior tour we can move inside the key has also been redesigned and is now constructed from aluminium and plastic with controls to look and unlock the door handle pulls up and the door opens easily the new a-class has had a significant

Interior overhaul once a game with the aim of being the compact class leader this amg line features black extended article leather and dynamic and microfiber upholstery with red piping and contrast stitching we can now start the in-depth interior tour with the doors the top of the door is upholstered in black leather with the lock indicator further along

Being the amg line the central panel is upholstered and dynamic and microfiber with the optional longitudinal grain aluminium trim option and optional heated seats dual red contrast stitching takes us from the start of the now solid armrest to the exterior electric mirror and interior window controls doralee’s unlock and unlocked controls above and a new

Door handle below is a door storage area and first door speaker on the sill is the optional illuminated sill panel being a compact or entry-level hatchback ingress and egress was simple although at first the driver’s side feels a little tight now moving inside we first find it from front to left the parking brake and controls for the exterior lights and

Cruise control above is the first newly developed manually adjustable event the new handle is easy to grasp and pull the door in with as this is the amg line it comes with aluminum to the sides and bottom of the steering wheel contrast stitching around the inside and perforated leather to the nine and three positions the controls to the left of the wheel

Are to operate the main infotainment system and for calls and talk the controls to the right are to control the drivers screen ahead as the premium pack has been chosen in this model the standard seven inch screens have been upgraded to ten point to five inch displays with the new mercedes-benz user interface there is a significant amount of opportunity

To customize the digital loadout in this model the screen is broken into three customizable sections display alteration mode and the attention monitor can be found centrally a trip can be pulled up that starts at the cars assistance options telephone connectivity navigation which has three central display options and can be enhanced to full screen mode

The trip screen is next where mileage and mpg can be found then an option to alter the display to see consumption info on the left and driving style info on the right next is mileage then the consumption and driving style information screens seen before but now presented separately moving to the next option we find controls for the da b digital radio with

The station information icon displayed centrally then media for device connectivity after this the user comes to stars and display where classic sport understated and standard display stars can be chosen from finally we come to service which provides information for adblue tire service edger and assist plus now moving to the left display the first option

Is the speedo with fuel level below than a clock then current day trip info followed by overall trip info trip itinerary follows it and finally bluetooth device connections the circular display on the right shows information for engine revs with engine temperature below real-time consumption information driving style information sat-nav and g-force meter

As mentioned before this screen is controlled using the button array to the right of the wheel in particular the touch sensitive black button we can now move to the main infotainment screen to the left phone connectivity options are first followed by the sat-nav that can be pinched and zoomed out of as well as manually moved around this system also has

A new augmented reality mode where a front camera presents an image of the road ahead on the drivers screen and sat-nav information is overlaid onto it as part of the new mb ux system destinations can be spoken into the cars navigation system easier than ever before next is the fm and d a.b digital radio which can be easily scrolled through bluetooth and

Audio connectivity for media follows as the premium pack has been chosen the car comes with a 64 colour configurable ambient lighting system here i worked through some of the multi color presets although you can choose more freely you you vehicle info provides information on driving and consumption next mercedes mian apps can be used to

Quickly navigate to local cafes restaurants and hotels finally the settings screen can be used to adjust esp assistance lights towing preparation parking sensors and more the car also features an integrated reversing camera that flips out of the rear when the car is placed into reverse the guide lines twist as you turn the wheel with a split screen here

But you can also choose a full screen approach in addition to the controls on the left of the steering wheel the infotainment system can now be controlled using the new map feeling trackpad which can be depressed or clicked in certain errors to select or return now moving away from the screens i’ll first show you how the new ambient lighting system wraps

Around the dash from the doors the cowl has been removed from behind the steering wheel which provides more visibility and also a more smooth dash below the central screen are three new air vents that feature an ambient lighting strip inside below is a central array for the dual zone heating and ventilation system in addition to front and ready mist under

These buttons is a concealed storage area that also has two cupholders and device connectivity the new trackpad and direct access buttons are behind to the left we start with the dynamic select controller for changing through driving modes eco comfort sport and individual camera vehicle info and favorites are next the trackpad and it’s leather hand rest

Are central with the volume scroller navin map radio and media and telephone connectivity to the right moving back the button on the front of the leather armrest can be depressed to reveal a central storage area with device connectivity you on either side we find the manly adjustable amg line leather and microfiber sports seats manual controls

Can be found to the side the front and underneath the section just below the headrest is fitted with a light strip for extended ambient lighting this also extends down to the central column and footwells we can now take a look at the rear of a cabin the door modes have been formed to allow easier ingress and egress and the rear bench continues the amg

Line half leather half microfiber with red contrast stitching found in the front the doors do not come with the extended aluminium section found at the front but do come with window controls speakers and ambient lighting it is easy to get in although initially feels quite tight one forgets this car sits in the compact category looking down there’s a

Net storage area centrally there are two further evans with small storage area underneath and device connectivity there are two main amg line sports it’s on either side once again with ambient lighting towards the top centrally there is also a smaller third seat but here the optional central armrest with dual cupholders has been chosen now we

Finished on the rear we can focus on the cards remaining storage capacity and final features at the front and on the passenger’s side there is a large illuminated glove compartment at the rear the poot has been economically redesigned to make it more user-friendly with 20 centimetres width and 11.5 centimeters length enhancements it could also now carry

More as its overall volume has been increased by 29 liters to 370 litres additionally the seats can be folded to enhances further the floor could be pulled up to reveal a pump medkit and safety triangle there was no auto open or closed function on this model although i’m sure there will be on other cars back inside the large leather upholstered sun visors

Have illuminated vanity mirrors centrally we find controls for the white led reading lights an sos call and beacon with an integrated sunglasses case ahead the auto dimming rear view mirror is further forward and provides good visibility so that concludes my in-depth tour of this 2018 mercedes-benz a 180 d thanks again to mercedes-benz a scott please

Find all their contact details in the description below please subscribe for the latest content and until next time thanks for watching you

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2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG Line: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour! By Galaxy89cars

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