2018 mercedes amg cls 53 walkaro
Altair Club Cars 2018 Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Walkaround Review

2018 Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Walkaround Review

Now guys i’ll just go through this card quickly because i’ve done the cls 450 this is the cos 53 now just like the c 43 amg this is regarded as an amg car okay but it doesn’t have the one man one machine built powertrain but it doesn’t take away the fact that this is a powerhouse okay because you get over five hundred newton meters of torque over 400 horsepower and

It gets all the emg treatment in the car as well let’s have a look in sight of course is an amg so you get carbon fiber wing mirror housing your carbon gloss carbon fiber inserts and panels and inlays of course you expect a lot of carbon fiber ii going on if there’s if that’s a wood okay carbon fiber ii flat-bottom steering ah has been a while since i see these

Guys huh prefer it another side here the new steering wheel the family steering wheel for mercedes-benz an iwc clock okay these are the pattern carbon fiber patterns that we see in the c63 as well and here inside you have the perfume mercedes perfuming mercedes knows how to make you feel but you’re in a proper luxury car okay usb ports as usual nothing different

Here from a and e class but of course you have this beautiful turbine design a convent that also like something at night so the ambient lighting actually shows in all these vents okay and it’s very very nice and you adjust this color according to the temperature that you set which is pretty nice now the seat of course is not as high degraded sees as the s-class

Coupe but this is still very well shaped you know and contoured to help you the bolsters are huge and it’s almost like i say my bucket design he was good the roofline is low because you have their masters over here let’s have a look at the back i love this paint job lovely of course it won’t be as easy to go in and out as a regular eclass i still have like two

Fingers of headroom but i am 5 foot 11 179 so still all right you say but yes i can see here you get very very narrow view out of because of the extremely rich rear windscreen ok then back here you get of course aircon vents it is still the family car so to speak okay but you get similar room like an a/c class maybe maybe sending more than a c-class but that’s

About it not much okay but still this is an exciting large four-door coupe eh i mean not as massive as the 6 series gran coupe a it is it is not that size but it’s every bit the special special looking car that mercedes has created here ok a very very unique design a long hood and shot career so it has a very rather evocative design and they downplay the fact that

This car has that is g thingy the integrator starter generator so the back here expect very nice sounding cars ok now the design i won’t go through the design this car i mean some people may like it i mean it has a proper proportion it has a proper good-looking proportion it has a good-looking interior then it’s just whether you are okay with the front and rear

But profile wise i don’t need to say much you can see how sporty it looks how beautiful it is actually for a photo copy now i like it more now in the flesh than when is in pictures by being yeah so yeah i like it more in the flesh now and side profile it looks great from here right that’s the cos 53

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2018 Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Walkaround Review By Bobby Ang

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