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Altair Club Cars 2018 Kia Rio @ Auto Expo : PowerDrift

2018 Kia Rio @ Auto Expo : PowerDrift

The Kia Rio was showcased at the #AutoExpo2018 and shall soon be launched in India. The premium hatch shares the platform with the i10 but will be priced slightly higher.

What’s up folks and welcome back to our extensive coverage of the indian auto expo 2018 we’re here back at the care pavilion now we know that here is coming to india in a really big way but what we also know is that when they launch they’re going to offer two products one is going to be an htv and the second one is going to be this the kia rio so essentially the

Kia rio is the i-20 equivalent to kia it goes against the likes of the jazz the baleno even the upcoming data hatchback so essentially it is a premium hatchback that’s going to be offered in our market by the looks of it proportionally it does look pretty similar to the i-20 i would say compared to other kia cars however there are still a lot of unique elements

To the rio overall i’m a really big fan of the rims i really like the front of the car and especially the rear part of the car looks a little bit murk a glassfish if i may say the european spec rio gets a 1 liter 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter petrol and 1.4 liter diesel with a power output ranging from 89 bhp to 118 bhp but we expect the indian variant to get the 1.2

Petrol and 1.4 diesel as seen in the i-20 ok so inside the rio i gotta say it’s pretty interesting there’s a lot of doctrine here it feels quite sporty one of the things that really catches my eye is this 3 spoke sporty steering wheel feels really nice to hold in your hand slightly more sporty then i would say the i-20 also you have the pure version of the 7-inch

Infotainment screen that kind of stands out of the car it’s not integrated into the – like i like it that way gives it a more sporty feel as well there are also red lights around the car so the back lights on all the buttons here are red that adds a little bit more to the sporty character of the rio and when it comes to prices we can expect rio to again match

The i-20 but given kia’s positioning you won’t be surprised if it’s priced the slightly higher premium so we can expect the prices to start from about 6 to go all the way up to a little over 9 lakh rupees and with that what do you think of a first quick look at the kia rio so with that is the key reo a car that you would like to ride in or do you know somebody

Who might be a perfect fit for the reo well why don’t you be a good chap and share in this video with them and don’t forget that we have the iphone 10 giveaway contest going on the most liked comment on the most liked video gets a brand spanking new high ten thank you for watching this quick preview of the kia rio do let us know what you thought about the car in

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