2018 kia rio 6 speed manual revi
Altair Club Cars 2018 Kia Rio 6 Speed Manual Review – Actually Really Fun

2018 Kia Rio 6 Speed Manual Review – Actually Really Fun

2018 Kia Rio LX+ Manual Review on The Straight Pipes. Is it better than a Nissan Micra or a Honda Fit?

I’m yuri i’m jake i’m we’re going for a drive 2018 kia rio lx plus almost base-model stick shift that’s right that’s the important part it makes it fun it is a very inexpensive kia yes and kiss diction right off the bat let’s just explain why this is the plus air conditioning and cruise control that’s it that’s it and you can only get the stick shift in the

Lower trims yes because the upper terms have you’ve all which means you can control from a nap which means you can’t control a car stick shift because it’ll get the gear and drive that’s right so we already reviewed the car at the launch in quebec yuri why are we doing it again okay we just got out of the mazda miata yes we did the mx-5 and i remember driving this

At the launch for like five minutes but i really like the stick shift yeah we drove the manual and we got five minutes so i want to get this right after the miata to see how it compares because they’re pretty much the same way this is about 100 kilograms more they’ve very similar horse powers pretty close this is front-wheel drive that’s where wheel drive that’s

More sporty but like dollar to fund ratio i wanted to find out the miata convertible is two times the price of this the rf is like three times yeah that’s a lot of money let’s get to the good stuff okay box test because we weren’t able to box this it and come back so there you go it’s not gonna close nine respectable very respectable i was amazing actually that was

Three more than i actually expected it to do why is there test i think we already know three-two-one full pass okay they’re doing now the most important test of them all rewinding satellite radio stations for some crazy bizarre reason this has 20 rewinding and satellite radio stations where every other key and hyundai have 10 i think this is the most satellite radio

Rewinding stations you can get per dollar yo with like the most you can get in general i got out of the car for like a solid 15 minutes started the car back up and it still had my satellite radio stations backed up from when i got out of it that was a very impressive like it i don’t i don’t get it i don’t know what they’re doing i don’t know why this has the best

Satellite radio infotainment in the world but it does and it’s a pretty budget system overall but it works perfectly the thing is yet there’s perfect i cancel the budget is the best like click a button see how fast it moves to the next screen done alright screen like you go to nice done setup look how fast that is the layout is perfect everything shows up exactly

Where you want it how fast you wanted to it’s perfect for the price and for the car it’s perfect in general for every other manufacturer if you have an infotainment that’s laggy with crappy graphic design gradients on a car that costs like a hundred thousand dollars yeah and even like the pathfinder we just got out of i would take this over that any day of the

Week this infotainment poops all over that one yes this is unreal like it’s actually unreal i think this is hands-down the easiest manual transmission that you can learn to drive manual on on a new car on a brand new car i agree it’s a six-speed yeah which is awesome for gas mileage down yes mileage is good it keeps you slightly more engaged to the benefice speed

Because you have to be sure okay what’s the best part about the miata everyone says it’s so engaging they’re always shifting gears with the curios the ratio is a little bit long but you’re always shifting a little bit less than them you want to pass on the highway you go from six to three and you send it you have to the amount of fun driving the kia rio and stick

Shift compared to the automatic at least three or four times more fun fully and i have a theory i think you should buy it any car below 200 horsepower in manual 10 times more fun anything above that auto and manual dsg is kind of start to balance out anything below manual 100% i fully agree with that where does that put the kia soul turbo at like 201 horsepower

I guess dsg well there’s no manual so okay alright so now we’re going to cliche corner because we weren’t able to send it in quebec because we were in quebec so cliche corner to jonathan who spotted us filming what else does everybody say about the mazda miata you’re always driving it at the edge and that’s why it’s exciting yes kia rio if you want to be a little

Sporty yeah yeah you have to drive this at the edge to get anything really out of it okay and then more comparisons with the miata heated steering wheel this has one yes miata did it did not and you get heated steering wheel standard on the base yes on all models and heated seats yeah which is crazy except the heated seats don’t restart in the same position every

Time like that in the ahta but me out as i should top-down car so they need that yeah and another fun part about driving it if i come to a full stop with my drum brakes in the rear you’re after traction it’s off if i rip it i’m gonna get tire squeal in first and second yeah i know are you ready i am ready tires movers in second yeah how to do that yes not in

Second that’s saying this is better than a miata if you’re kind of trying to i’m saying what i would have really tried to get at is that kia should make a mazda miata they should call it the little pincher make it look like the stinger because it’s a mini stinger yes a little pincher i’ve reached out and got a 3d rendering done i think you should have fender flares

Maybe like a cool spoiler on the back stinger rear lights that looks pretty damn cool yeah yeah all for that but it needs a 1.6 turbo from the kia soul turbo yes with 201 horsepower to the back yes that would be incredible and also the little picture should have 2000 whining satellite radio stations with this exact infotainment aplicar play android auto don’t need

It don’t have it here doesn’t matter save some money more plastic because this interior has a lot of plastic everywhere it’s quite cheap inside but it’s still very comfortable there’s no soft touch over here but there is soft touch in the middle which is great and it’s got that thing about hyundai’s and kids they like where the centre doesn’t come up too high yeah

I love it and over here we got this nice gray satin trim yes it looks this is the best-looking budget dashboard ever we said it when we originally review this car and i still fully agree i haven’t seen a better budget one yet okay now it’s your turn to drive and have fun in the front-wheel drive kia miata kind of all right i’ll send i’ll do a little picture send

Ya ya mini pincher it’s called a mini pinch and call it the will forgot to mention it’s an actual key obviously it does we’ll say maximum cent second here a little bit of tyre squeal still going 6500 6600 shift and i’m still under the speed limit so we reported about a 10-second 0 to 60 time yes where the mazda me ro – 62 miles per hour zero to one we’re the

Mazda miata i think does about 6.5 seconds something like that but like you know you’re engaged if you subtract 0.1 second per dollar off the price i don’t know move the rear seats two doors i think i think i could catch up horsepower and torque 130 hundred nineteen you know the miata has 155 and 148 torque okay close howard a weight ratio is quite close similar

I think i know the best way to sum this car up no no we’re not summing it up yet i don’t i need to drive it of it first okay transmission is so light to use yes it’s it’s just buttery smooth every gear it’s almost to the point of floppy but it’s not because you know exactly what karen it’s just so easy to put into gear you can you can use one of those like même

Shifts yeah yeah yeah like this the gentle bus driver the clutch is perfect the engagement point is exactly where i want it but it is tricky to heel-toe shifting because you’re not lying down in your seat but it’s better than the focus st and focus rs just for heel-toe alright cliche corner maximum send tons of body roll not that much power doesn’t matter still

Having fun lots of body roll yeah it’s it’s pretty good if you bought this for your kid and they were 16 17 18 they would not get in any trouble yes and they would still have fun they would grow up to be a competent adult who can drive a manual transmission exactly that’s the most important part it is so that we can keep reviewing manual transmission cars yeah and

Keep drive on less do you like the looks we did say we liked it in the original video has that changed nothing has changed i think older kurios still look a little bit better this doesn’t look as sporty i really like this one i think this looks best in white when that front thing across the grille is black doesn’t the front kind of remind you of the finger it’s

Like exactly the kea stinger that’s pretty cool they have almost a mini stinger yeah can you picture little picture this car is very small but inside it feels break however when you put it up next to a lincoln navigator extended looks quite small but it’s okay but it doesn’t feel small inside no i love about it getting into the miata how uncomfortable was it very

Uncomfortable this super cool people thought about it once nope even in the back it’s great legitimately comfortable and that’s behind me the mini picture should probably also be a hatchback so it can be box tested is this a real reviewers it’s just you want it to ramble about a mini picture for evidence this is that pitch this is a pitch to kiss you not realize

That yet oh i’ve realized this this is a car i’m kind of reporting that over the people yeah are literally trying to get a kia mini pitcher i’ll try to be a car designer the steering wheel feels great lots of controls perfect volume on the left love it they didn’t go budget on the steering wheel controls it’s the same controls it’s pretty much the stinger exactly

The gauges are great i just here are amazing and in the middle okay we don’t have a digital display but what we do have is like the clock display for everything and you know who else has that porsche porsche yeah think about that i know this car has good stuff from everyone that’s actually it has regular climate control no auto climate it passes the coffee cup test

Medium and small perfectly actual problem back to the heated steering wheel i wish it got hotter than it does but it has one and it’s got vents right behind it yeah i think that’s my like my one real complaint all right and then my other real complaint is when you’re aligning satellite radios it doesn’t show you the song right away you rewind and then it has to

Like wait a minute it shows you the channel first and then it switches over so that’s the only lag in the entire system that’s the only lighting system and it could be corrected if people knew to be corrected i’d also like to point out that this car has a reverse camera in every model and it’s very good the reason being the resolution is good that everything is

Very accurate while we’re talking about the reverse my one complaint is this little reverse notch i always want to pull it up but i don’t want to be in reverse it won’t send you into reverse but i always want to pull it up because of the position it’s in i got used to that pretty quickly and since you do use second gear a lot i can see that being kind of tricky for

Like getting down that side exactly and my last complaint when you click the car door lock button it uses the actual horn to honk instead of like new cars that uses little beep yeah and it’s like pretty loud all they had to do some cost savings in order to get to this price ok price so this almost base model is sixteen five nine five canadian base model is fourteen

Nine nine nine but doesn’t have a cm cruise and that’s kind of like crazy person territory yeah exactly this is the lowest one you should get in order to not die in the summer amassed a miata base starts 32,000 that’s a lot of money compared to this and the rf we were driving was 250 thousand that’s a lot of money conservative if you compare amount of fun to cost a

Pretty good deal this is a good deal than the others still more fun but this is a very good deal so let us know if you bought a curio and manual or not or if you’re thinking about it our test drove on what you liked what you didn’t like and what you cross shopped in order to get it or not get it and let us know if you like the bitty pinch or more or the little pinch

Or more and don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification bell and patreon.com slash the straight pipes all right no more teary reviews just just straight-up a 600-horsepower monster sports cars what’s up stay tuned for the hellcat hopefully probably not i’m yuri i’m jacob we’re going for a drive don’t forget my scribe subscribe right now subscribe we didn’t even we didn’t do that

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