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Altair Club Cars 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Trims Explained | Differences Between Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Trims Explained | Differences Between Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon

In this video, Ryan compares every trim of the 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler to explain what makes each trim unique. This guide will help anyone interested in a Jeep JL pick the perfect trim for their Jeep.

This is gonna be helpful to you if you’re which trim package you should go with, or make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel, so like i said, there are gonna be a total of four different trim packages. this is a sport s, so it’s a little bit of a step up from that. you’ll have the command track transfer case with 3.45 gears. those are going to be an all season

Tire on that jeep. not a lot of options to upgrade a lot of the interior stuff. anti-spin rear differential that’s going to add a little bit of traction. you can also get an all-terrain tire instead of an all-season tire. you all know about the engine block heaters, so a couple of the interior options that you and that’s going to include a seven and a four-pin trailer

Connection. it’s also going to add a bigger battery and a bigger alternator. so you can actually get some auxiliary switches they’re already there and installed, making a winch, really any of that other stuff that you can also get the smokers package, which, and an ash tray on the inside of the vehicle, rubber floor mats, a jeep branded recovery package, tinted windows.

But when you step up into the sport s, you’re so the sport s is going to have a lot of those about on the sport, with a couple of little differences. but first, let’s talk about some of those standard features. flares, a 17-inch wheel with 31 and a half by 9 inch higher. now that we’re standing by the sport s here, but you can also step up to an optional polished as far

As standard features, you’re still gonna have that same 344 rear. going to be a little bit different from what we saw on the sport. sport, there are only a couple of them that so that’s gonna include both the soft top and you can get additional top options, so some different colors and some different materials, now, the rest of the packages that are available so like i

Said, a lot of the differences between i already mentioned that the sport s comes where that’s not even going to be an option for you on the sport. so on the sport, you’re going to have to get that is going to be standard on the sport s with the optional seven-inch screen. you’re also going to get an additional air another package that you can get on the sport have the

Built-in universal garage door opener and also a remote start. two other groups that are available on the of course, that’s going to have heated front and you can also get the active safety group, it’s also going to have the little beep that so you’re not gonna back your jeep into anything, which is not going to be an option anywhere to get that active safety group to

Get the led tail lights. you can get an upgraded sound system that’s going to be the alpine system. that just keeps all of your gear in place as we talked about before, you can get rubber hardtop with this jeep, you can get a hardtop so that pretty much covers all of the standard so now we’re gonna talk about the sahara, more comfortable, have a few more creature comfort

Options, but also be a lot more aesthetically that make it that way and also have some additional so let’s first talk about what’s standard this sport s. starting down at the wheel and alloy wheel and a slightly larger 31 by 10 inch tire. on the sport or the sport s. a few other differences are right up front here. and on the bumper, they carry that same detail so as i

Was saying before, a little bit more little accent trim pieces that make this a step up over the sport s. on the sport s. everything you could get on one of those additional packages is going so the led headlights, fog lights, and tail a much more modern look but also be a lot front of you is going to be an optional package as with the sport s, you can get a polished now,

All the other optional packages are things the first thing you’re gonna notice about on the inside, and that is going to be an that wasn’t even available to you on the sport little bit of a nicer leather-wrapped steering wheel, of course, leather seats. so, speaking of the dashboard, another option have here that you couldn’t get on the sport it’s going to add navigation,

Hd radio, and that was an option on the sport s but it’s going to come as part of that electronic infotainment that allows you to keep the key in your pocket again, that was not an option on the lower trim package jeeps. options that we just talked about, this is and this is going to be the select track transfer case. so in the other vehicles, you select 2 high, 4 high,

Or 4 low. it’ll drive around just like it normally would so that is going to be an upgraded option so now we’re here talking about the rubicon, this is going to be one of the more expensive jls that you can get. and the rubicon is going to have all of those going to have a lot of standard stuff that makes it a lot more off-roadable. 17-inch wheel instead of the 18 that

Was on and that’s gonna give you a little bit more and this is going to be more of an all-terrain tire as well. so the flare’s actually moved up, giving you more room for articulation. to have a sway bar with an electronic disconnect from the push of a button, you can disconnect a couple of things that you can’t see underneath those are going to be locking axles and they

Three 45s that are in the other options that we talked about. a few of the things on the rubicon are there some of the other trim packages that we talked about. you have a lot of red accents, most notably a lot of those red accents also carry on to that’s something jeep has carried since the from a long way off that they’re looking at so that’s a lot of standard stuff, but

There you can get this same wheel in black if you choose to. to it without any additional hardware or without and finally, you can get body colored fender it look a little bit more like a sahara while so like i said, there are also some changes on the inside. as i said, from the outside, a lot of those so we have some red stitching on the inside of the steering wheel here.

But the biggest thing that stands out is the red dash. that’s something that not everybody’s crazy as we said, from the outside, this does have those buttons have been moved a little bit be right here and they’re not going to be on any of those other trim packages. it’s only going to be 2 high, 4 high, and 4 low like you’re used to. it gives you a ton of torque, keeps

You exactly keeping you going very, very slow so you can climb over obstacles. electronic sway bar disconnects, all of that it’s going to drive up the cost of this trim right off the showroom floor, this is going to give you the most capability. we talked about the sport and the sport s. the sahara, that’s going to give you a little they’re all going to be great on-road

And so comment below and let me know which is have, what’s you’re driving, what’s on order, and why you like it or don’t. videos of past generations and the new jl and some of the best jeep content out there.

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