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Altair Club Cars 2018 Infiniti QX80 @ Dubai International Motor Show

2018 Infiniti QX80 @ Dubai International Motor Show

With more technology, slightly bigger dimensions and refreshed looks, the evolved version of Infiniti QX80 is expected to hit the roads in Q1 2018. We took a closer look at this large, luxury SUV during the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show

We’re here at the dubai international motor show 2017 and obviously here in the uae one of the most popular vehicle types market sectors is the full-size suv so it’s no surprise that one of the stars of the show at this year’s the international motor show is this the infiniti qx80 all new and available from early 2018 in the united arab emirates the luxury

Suv sector is growing at a fabulous pace and it represents 50% of all large luxury car sales so in order to prepare the qx80 to take on the competitors in this market infiniti has packed it full of technology it’s taken many of the design elements improve them change them given the car a slightly more aggressive stance slightly it’s slightly larger than the old

Model now at five point three metres long it’s 30 centimeters longer than the previous model all in all giving it a larger more imposing presence on the road and the technology onboard helps it to achieve what they hope infiniti hope will be a huge huge piece of the pie in the suv sector as you can see the qx80 is a fabulous looking vehicle and it was actually

Designed at infinities global design center in atsugi japan and it’s the embodies infinities powerful elegance philosophy but better that rather than have me talk about it we’ve actually got a normal guest here mr. karim habib is the design director for infiniti and he’s going to tell us a little more in detail about the features and looks and design features of

This car thank you okay as you mentioned this is the brand-new qx80 and what was very important for us here is to is to build on what the vehicle already has so this is a evolution of the model that is out on the car today and the car that’s out on the road today actually has the same doors and the doors have a pretty high line that you can see here just below

The window so what we wanted to do is just have this line continue all the way to the front and by doing that it kind of naturally raised the center gravity of the car so you see here some headlamps are quite a bit higher than the car today and that gives the car more presence those headlamps are designed with what we call the human eye aspect we try to design

Them to mimic that idea of the and that’s in harmony with the infinity double arch grill so you will recognize that on every infinity in different shapes and proportion and here was quite important for us for this car to be as well for this grill to be quite big and show that sense of presence that the vehicle needs qx80 has a fairly cavernous interior so

When we open the automatic tailgate inside there’s acres of space because the course the new vehicle is 30 centimeters longer with the rear seats folded flat you’ve got a huge load bay but to bring those seats upright to seat the last two passengers it’s just done at the push of a button very easy no struggling with belts and straps with hooks just hold the

Buttons down and the seats fold up lots of room on the inside even for the rear seat passengers and what i like particularly is the air conditioning has ducts all the way down the vehicle so even the rear seat passengers have got ample cooling this is a five point six liter v8 engine putting out 400 horsepower 413 foot-pounds of torque it delivers through a

7-speed gearbox all that power either just to the rear wheels or if you’re desert driving a course to all four wheels the engine will give this vehicle a naught to 100 kilometer an hour time of 7.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 210 kilometers now moving to the interior of the qx80 and this really is a sumptuous fabulous comfortable place to be sitting i really

Love this saddle brown interior that they’ve put on these seats it’s leather but beautifully trimmed it’s got this quilted appearance which i really like and i think really gives you the nice upmarket feel and look and with the screen you’ve got voice recognition so you can make telephone calls and navigate using voice recognition because this is a large vehicle

It’s got a bigger engine what infiniti has done is thickened the material on the floor pan making it a very very quiet interior because that absorbs more road noise more exterior sound infinity’s now claiming that this is five percent quieter on the interior than it was before and the qx80 was already a quiet car so that makes it class leading in that respect

One fabulous feature of this car which i really like personally is this rear view mirror ordinarily it acts as a regular rear view mirror so if there’s nobody in the car you can see whatever it is that’s going on behind you what you can do if you’ve got a car full imagine of very tall people who are obscuring the view and you can’t see out of this mirror out the

Back window at the flick of a switch this turns from a mirror to a monitor taking a feed from a camera in the back so you’ve still got a clear view of what’s going on i think that’s really clever and very very practical this vehicle has a great many active safety features to give you more confidence on the road that you’re going to be looking after you and your

Family in foot complete safety these work from 32 kilometers an hour up to 145 kilometers now but also at low speed there are features such as rear collision avoidance so if you’re backing out of a parking space there are sensors to prevent you from reversing back into somebody here in the middle row of seats there’s as you can see lots and lots of space plenty

Of room for me and i’m 6 feet tall these screens are an inch larger than they were in the previous model and for the two middle seat passengers you’ve got two different channels so you can be watching one program on here a completely different program on this channel you’ve also got as i mentioned before plenty of air conditioning back here the same sumptuous

Leather seats room for three across the back and yeah access as well from this side and from the front side for the cooling box which is in the center of the front seat imagine you’ve got your hands full of shopping or clothes and bags and bits and pieces your children are trying to get into the rear row of seats very simple just press one button and that rear

Seat folds down completely allowing access to the rear row the luxury suv sector is a large one and it’s one that’s well worth fighting for infinity with the qx80 has brought to the market a vehicle with more technology more space more luxury great interior design great exterior design and for this market with all those features and all this technology i believe

That infiniti has nailed it with the qx80 you

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