2018 infiniti q60 red sport 400
Altair Club Cars 2018 INFINITI Q60 RED SPORT 400 AWD Buyers Guide and Info

2018 INFINITI Q60 RED SPORT 400 AWD Buyers Guide and Info

The Red Sport 400 is the range topping version of the Q60 featuring a twin turbo 400-hp V6. An intelligent all-wheel drive system will greatly improve your wet weather performance as well as make it much easier to drive in the snow. It also get a lot of other performance goodies like a Dynamic Digital Suspension, Sport Brakes, Sport seats with extra bolstering to hold you in place during performance driving and a sexy set of 20 inch wheels. The looks and lines of the Q60 are unlike anything else on the road and will get you looks and compliments wherever you go.

Hello joe here from infiniti of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this beautiful 2018 infiniti q60 red sport 400 all-wheel drive this is the highest performance version of the q60 that you can get there’s a twin turbo v6 pumping out 400 horsepower and with an advanced tesla all-wheel drive system that will put that part of the ground in the most efficient

Manner one awesome vehicle sadly uh it doesn’t look like we’re getting any 2023 q60s so effectively it looks like uh infinity is discontinuing the q60 line looks like 2022 is the last year of the q60 uh why did they discontinue it well let’s i guess if anyone is to blame it’s you well not you specifically but people in general consumers because uh you know 20 30

Years ago coops were very popular sedans are popular but now today if you look at the window you can see most people are driving in crossover suvs that’s the rage that’s what pays the bills even for infinity are one of our you know our top selling vehicles at crossover suvs when i started working at infinity back in 2004 2005 the g35 coupe was actually one of our

Best selling products we sold more g35 coupes in any infinity model it just shows you over the last 15 years how american consumers have changed now obviously the q60 was getting a smaller and smaller market share obviously coupes are not very practical of two doors uh you know there’s a lot of reasons why the market has changed but when we’re talking about you

Know beautiful lines if you’re looking for a vehicle that looks beautiful you’re not as much as caught up as you know functionality it’s really hard to beat the sexy streamlined lines of a coupe and the q60 is probably one of the best looking cars on the road so for me um definitely sad uh you know i’ve been to infinity uh you know since 2004 so to watch the whole

Evolution of the g35 you know evolving of the q60 uh you know i don’t think infinity is done i think infinity will probably have a replacement for the uh q60 i think 23 is also the last year for the q50 i think they’ll probably replace it with a battery electric vehicle um it’ll probably you know be a completely different platform but the q60 has a lot of pedigree

In it has a lot of history for infinities it’s one of the last of the great analog sports cars uh you know we’re seeing a transition to evs uh i have ev myself i also have an infiniti a gas powered infinity i have a lot for both vehicles um but uh yeah you know the world is changing but if you like you know turbos and gasoline engines and all-wheel drives and uh you

Know japanese performance vehicles the q60 has a lot to offer so let’s talk more about this one this is a lovely uh color combination white on this beautiful monaco red interior you have the carbon fiber trim and it’s not the fake stuff they use real carbon fiber throughout the interior absolutely beautiful top line bose sound system we have a moon roof we have a

Drive mode selector right here that will make changes to transmission shift points throttle sensitivity traction and stability control settings uh steering effort there’s a lot of different uh settings you can see personal sport support plus standard eco and snow mode i like sport plus myself heated seats notice the q60 has a dual display system the top screen is

For navigation and parking camera we also have a 360 degree run-view monitor the bottom screen is the top like interface for vehicle settings and apps we have some great uh driver’s assistant features we have a lane keep assist um so you have active lane control so actually help keep your center during lane uh that partners nicely with adaptive cruise control uh

So that really really cuts down your effort and stop and go traffic makes your driving a lot more present uh pleasant then we have uh you know you can drill down in the drive mode selector a little bit deeper here uh so for the engine and transmission you have sport eco standard and snow uh for steering you have sport sport plus standard dynamic and dynamic plus

This actually has a direct adaptive steering really cool system that infinity hufford for a long time but you know directed up is doing this another system that’s probably going to go away so it’s uh steered by water so there’s no mechanical connection to the front wheels it’s all handled by electric motors and computers uh the reason why they can do that is it’s

Actually can react to steering inputs faster than a mechanical steering rack and you can take control over it you can program it to be lighter uh in slower like electric car or it can sharpen it up and give a heavier weight and a faster steering ratio it also pairs nicely with the driver’s assistant features like the active lane control lane departure prevention

Uh you know blind spot prevention a really cool system infinity has offered a direct adapter steering since 2014 we first saw first shot in the q50 and they’ve been using it in various products uh all the way up to 2023 it looks like that’s when the system is going to be discontinued my guess is just probably really expensive to add the system to a vehicle versus

You know the selling points you know unfortunately when it comes to building cars you know sometimes the beam counters win in situations like that i’ve used the direct adaptive steering a lot i found a lot of people that have leased infinities um they’ve warmed up to the system it was actually a lot of people that you know drive a car of the direct adapter steering

At first it’s a little bit different feel than a regular steering but then they really learn to like it and actually kind of miss it when they do get vehicles that don’t have it so it’s cool that this one has it it’s an awesome system all right so this one has 27 4002 miles at the time i’m making this video you also have steering wheel paddle shifter so you can take

Control of the uh 7-4 gears uh you get rev match downshifts for a sportier sound and feel we have adaptive cruise control this button here activates your safety shield technology you have aluminum pedals that come standard with the red sport also with the sport models of the q60 you have a little bit more aggressive bolstering the seats to hold your place during

Performance driving very comfortable highly adjustable but very very nice for performance driving you’re not going to be sliding around your seat when you’re taking some sharp corners which uh probably happened quite often in a car like this this thing just handles unbelievably when you upgrade to the red sport package you get a digital dynamic suspension so you

Can also program the feel the suspension uh excellent driving dynamics of the suspension it can be very comfortable but you can also dial it up to the dynamic mode for a little bit more sporty performance you also get larger bricks with the red sport you get a more aggressive wheel and tire package i mean look at the looks and lines of the q60 this is absolutely

Beautiful i’ve never heard anyone call this car ugly it’s pretty hard to find anyone to think this car is ugly it’s absolutely beautiful uh you know infinity definitely hit a home run styling this vehicle and that’s why it’s kind of a real shame that you know they can’t uh you know use this product anymore but like i said you know people vote with their dollars

And uh you know it just doesn’t make sense when you’re only selling a handful of these a year but luckily we’re still coming across some nice ones like this as little miles in the used market so the nest next best thing would be getting a pre-owned one from an infiniti dealership like us who better to buy a prune infiniti from than a new infiniti retailer we look

At these vehicles every day where we know them very well uh and for the engine you have a twin turbo v6 400 horsepower you have twin sequential turbos uh rather than having one big turbo the small or turbos can be a little bit more responsive uh to throttle inputs and stuff like that we also have a tesla all-wheel drive system rear wheel drive is standard even

On the road support you can get these with rear wheel drive but in our neck of the woods of what slippery weather having all-wheel drive will greatly improve your wet weather performance this thing just grips and goes and it also does great in the snow here’s a video of me driving a red sport q50 basically a four-door version of this vehicle in the snow the system

Is called the test it stands for advanced total traction engineering system for all terrain uh so the way the all-wheel drive system works is in our normal driving conditions it’s 100 rear wheel drive but as soon as those rear wheels slip and i’m out of milliseconds almost instantly it can send up to 50 of the vehicle’s power to the front wheels they do that for

Two reasons it gives you the feel of a real dry sports car and it also improves gas mileage if the all-wheel drive system is constantly working all the time even no you don’t need it that’s going to use more gas so that’s why they have that rear-wheel drive bias they have been using this all-wheel drive system infinity products for a very long time since the early

2000s we first saw the fx series uh the g35 it’s been a great system out i don’t think i can ever recall ever seeing one of these all-wheel drive systems going bad and it’s derived from an early version the nissan skyline gtr lots of a sports car pedigree in this q60 it’s also built in the advanced furniture platform which is also shared with the nissan 350z and

Also the brand new z that’s coming out it’s built on the same platform and actually has the same vr30 twin turbo v6 that’s in this q60 so you could almost call this like a luxury or a grand touring version of the z with a back seats a little bit more style a little bit more creature comfort versus just being a hardcore sports car we have a complimentary shipping

To oregon idaho and washington we can put this in our car hauler we can tow it to us with our mobile delivery service this beautiful q60 can be all yours without leaving your neighborhood or even your driveway thanks for watching this video hope to see you soon and have a wonderful day

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2018 INFINITI Q60 RED SPORT 400 AWD Buyers Guide and Info By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife

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