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Altair Club Cars 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid: Review Cars.com

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid: Review Cars.com

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are a strange phenomenon. Theoretically, they’re a good idea; the problem is that so many models have such a short electric range. That’s why, when an automaker seems to have gotten it right, we take notice. And that’s the case with the new Honda Clarity.

A great idea you plug the car in charge a battery pack and then you get to drive keeps you moving the problem is that so many models of this description have maybe the 20s and that is why when an automaker seems to have done it right that i’m talking about one type of honda runs on battery power alone and another has a hydrogen fuel cell system those the nation is the

Plug-in hybrid version now before we go for a ride let’s talk pretty good the chevy volt is just a little bit more at 53 miles but here’s favorable we’ve had temperatures in the 80s and 90s we’ve been seeing projected that now if you have winter weather and it’s colder or you drive more it might even be lower than the epa estimate but understand that that is with any plugin

Is conditioning the cabin ahead of time which is a fancy way because when you’re driving an electric mode all the power for heat and air to precondition the cabin when it is still connected to the charging system that it includes a key fob based system for turning on the air app now the phone that we were provided didn’t have a mobile plan so we didn’t shows you more on it

Than you can see inside the car if you buy a clarity here or another one like it that’s currently plugged in and i’ll tell you to cool down the cabin of the clarity sitting in the sun using the provided charging using this you’re adding about four to five miles of range for every just not fast enough now if you get a level two system that is capable of 30 two and a half

Hours you’re adding about 20 miles of range for every hour of driving experience in the clarity it kind of recalls the chevy volt when it power alone and it’s pretty linear in ways that hybrid cars often aren’t with not what your average car enthusiast really wants but it is efficient now linear now one difference is in the chevy volt even if you stand on the power for

What it’s worth when i said you have to stand on it to trigger the days without turning on the gas engine without even really thinking about it so section of the gauge that’s gray it’s almost like the red line on a tachometer out of that area the gas engine won’t turn on there’s a definite difference in either you’ve activated hybrid mode to maintain your state of charge

On the you’ve got electric and gas it’s not quite as inconsistent as a regular gas the car behaves when it is running on electric power alone now there are some regular braking which is actually pretty decent pedal feel not to be confused get regenerative braking the brake pedal feels a little spongy there’s some of which is something many electric or plug-in hybrid cars

Offer you where you accelerator now the weird thing about this car is the way you activate a paddle what we usually see is a shift paddle there’s a negative here and a to do that every time and when i say every time if you’re in the regular times if you come to a stop or if a few seconds go by that likes this system we prefer if you just were able to set it and it stayed

Activate the sport mode in sport mode the accelerator pedal is more sensitive there’s a big difference between sporty driving and efficient driving at least way i want it in any mode not in sport regarding the handling i liked the electric motor and a gas engine up front a big heavy battery pack in the rear is actually quite good but i would not call this a sports car and

Necessarily they are designed for efficiency so they don’t have the greatest grip in the wet stuff it’s probably gonna happen a little bit more but by and large it’s clarity it’s not soft but it’s not overly firm pretty good comfort for the clarity are mainly about the multimedia system which we really haven’t liked model came out technically more than a year ago it doesn’t

Have the volume knob and it’s actually pretty short on some of the neat graphics and details you get battery electric vehicles you do get very simple bar graphs like this one energy page so you can tell how much range you have electric versus gas and about what seemed like older graphics for what is a brand-new car and to that well there’s a little green dot that glows when

The car is charging which is the number of of indicators or the blinking or something helpful the seeing that it’s either charging or it is not you do get more information on not have it here too the clarity plug-in hybrids closest competitor is the practically the same just over thirty four thousand dollars with destination combined miles per gallon once the electricity is

Used up is the same in the best place to see one of the great advantages of this clarity is that more headroom just a larger vehicle overall and ultimately that can be knees are kind of pointing up which unfortunately is pretty common these the seat back now that’s innovation now one area where it might seem the clarity volt is a hatchback and there’s always some inherent

Advantage there even which is good so you can extend in i’m gonna say it’s probably a wash between in here it’s just a kind of a strange shape there’s no question the clarity your plug-in hybrid which let’s be honest if you’re going to get a car that that regard this plug-in hybrid makes a lot more sense than a lot of the

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