2018 gmc sierra 1500 slt 4wd cre
Altair Club Cars 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4WD Crew Cab Z71 Off-Road Suspension Red Oshawa ON Stock# 181019

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4WD Crew Cab Z71 Off-Road Suspension Red Oshawa ON Stock# 181019

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Welcome to another beautiful day here at mills motors located at 240 bond street east in oshawa today we’re having a look at the 2018 sierra slt 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab with these z71 off-road suspension package shown here in the gorgeous red quartz tin coat and under the hood you’ll find an eco tech 3 5.3 liter direct injected v8 engine with 8-speed automatic

Transmission let’s take a look before we jump on into this truck here i just wanted to point out the chrome accented side mirrors as well as the chrome door handles they look great with this red color we also have the running boards which are accessible to both the front and the back seats making it very easy to get inside this truck here on the inside of the

Driver’s side door you have this woodgrain trim just above the handle there are the preferences for seat and mirror memory you also have child safety locks window locks of course air power windows power lock and unlock power mirrors this is including power folding mirrors as well this vehicle also includes bose premium speakers which sound really great when you’re

Inside having some music blaring over here on the left hand side you have the trailer brake 4-wheel drive options as well as lighting controls on the left hand side of the steering wheel you have your cruise control settings one of the many safety features which is forward collision warning as well as an option for a heated steering wheel which is very nice during

Cold winter months and behind here there are two buttons which will help you flip through favorite radio stations if you have those set over here on the right-hand side this circle of buttons will control the driver information center which is that screen right there in front of the driver you can flip through different information about the trip you’re taking or

The vehicle itself you can also access audio information and you can flip through different channels lots of different options for the driver here as well appear you have your hazard lights moving back to the right hand side you have two buttons for hands-free communication once again two buttons behind here which will control the audio volume coming to the center

Color touchscreen now you have time and temperature display this vehicle is equipped with a wi-fi hotspot thanks to onstar services as well if you click on this audio icon you can see what song is playing you could flip through am/fm and xm radio stations using this radio here radio button i should say you can connect your mobile device if you want to listen

To some music from of that instead and you can set favorite radio stations down along the bottom here by pressing and holding the spot where you want the favorite to go clicking this home button will get you back to that main menu so as i mentioned you can connect your mobile device to the vehicle this allows you to take advantage of hands-free calling sms text

Messaging as well the vehicle is compatible with apple carplay and android auto as you can tell by that projection icon it also has a built in navigation system so by clicking that you can see where you are currently you can input a destination make sure you don’t get lost on your way anywhere we also have this traffic icon here which shows problem areas on the

Left hand side so you can play in a route accordingly moving down from there you have a cd player as well you have climate control settings here so this vehicle is equipped with dual climate zones here in the front seat this doll will control the driver seat temperature this one the passenger seat temperature you can either have them set at different temperatures

Or you can sync them up to the same temperature whatever is most comfortable for everyone in the vehicle here you also have an option for both the driver and the passenger to have either heated or cooled seats which is very nice so no matter what the temperature is like outside you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable in the vehicle here below that quite a few

Options so we’ll start from left to right you have power adjustable pedals so moving the pedals closer to or further away from the driver traction control lights in the exterior truck bed park assist lane keeping assist as well as hill descent control below that two usbs two auxiliary power outlets and a power outlet lots of storage space in behind that as well as

Two cupholders here we have the leather wrap center armrest with a wireless charging pad on top so you can charge your mobile device if it’s compatible with that little pad there and it will be all charged up ready to go when you get to your destination down below lots of storage space two more usbs as well as an auxiliary input and another auxiliary power outlet

If we look directly up from there you have this beautiful power tilt and sliding sunroof to let in some fresh air or some sunlight however if it is a little too sunny you can simply pull that shade across no problem that sunroof is controlled by these two controls just up here so there’s your slide function and your tilt function just below that there are three

Garage door openers and this control here is for the power rear sliding window window which i will show you in just a few minutes can i take a look at the back of the vehicle now first wanted to point out another chrome accent here on those 20-inch wheels right on this back corner you have this nice little step to help you get into and out of that truck bed with

Ease lined along the rear of the vehicle here our ultrasonic parking sensors which will alert the driver in the vehicle if the truck is getting too close to anything while in reverse again another safety feature of this awesome truck here here we have the locking tailgate which is equipped with the easy lift and lower features so all you want to do is pull on that

To handle once and the truck bed will open nice and easily for you no crashing banging anything like that taking a look inside the back here you can see i’ve give this nice spray-on box liner to help keep the truck bed protected from anything you may throw back here you also have some hooks and some lighting which can be controlled using a switch inside the vehicle

We’ll quickly take a look at the back seat now so you have some storage space on this door as well as that beautiful woodgrain trim once again the power window controls you have some storage space located behind both the passenger seat and the driver seat as well as some storage space behind this center console and another auxiliary power outlet so this back seat

Is meant for three people however if no one is taking up that center seat you can simply pull on the tab and down comes the center folding armrest so you got two cupholders as well and along that back window there is that power sliding rear window i mentioned earlier so you can open that up on a nice summer day like today it let in some fresh air and cool down the

Vehicle here is a final look at this 2018 sierra here in the front you have fog lights front parking sensors front tow hooks those chrome accents really do look so sharp with the red quartz 10 coat exterior color once again this is the sierra slt 1500 four-wheel-drive crew cab with onstar services including a wi-fi hotspot if you want to give this one a test-drive

Come on down to mills motors located at 240 bond street east and oshawa where we will always do whatever it takes

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2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4WD Crew Cab Z71 Off-Road Suspension Red Oshawa ON Stock# 181019 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.

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