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Altair Club Cars 2018 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew 5.0 V8 REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

2018 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew 5.0 V8 REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

2018 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 V8 REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

All right there it is it has this youichi loading babe don’t know how this works how awesome is this you just need one of these if you drive around here what’s up everyone welcome to this pov review by osha tobin l my name is max and well you’re joining me on a very special pov review today because i’m on holiday in canada in ontario and well i tried to contact ford

Canada and asked them if they had a raptor for me available to take with me on my holiday and make a couple of videos for you guys but they did it unfortunately they didn’t have anything for the period i was coming to canada for so i just rented one at the airport it’s a regular ford f-150 and xlt version in black a 2018 model so it’s not the newest one because the

Newest one has these led daytime running lights in the same shape but this has just regular lights i don’t know if they come on now we’ve got a neck xlt as i said so you’ve got an xl xlt in random order this is so platinum king ranch lariat stuff like that all different versions of the f-150 different levels of luxury and of course you also have the f-150 raptor

Which is if you ask me one of the coolest cars ever but this is a nice car as well because it is a super crew so four doors short bed 5 foot 5 inches to 5 feet 5 inches it’s a 4×4 and it has this huge loading bay well not huge because you can also get a long bad version so that’s even bigger it also has this coating on the inside and a liner and well it’s just

Cool that if you come to canada you drive one of these cars i’ve even got my canada on as you can see that’s just it’s just cool so let’s take a look at the engine because i was very happy to see and hear that we’ve got a v8 so there it is alright there it is all the way back there five litre v8 with 395 horsepower and 542 newton metres of torque which is nice

This thing actually moves even though it weighs like 3,000 kilos yeah it’s a cool engine of course you can also get the new v6 ecoboost engines in this car and a new v6 diesel so on the inside well it’s a it’s sort of a bass version so we’ve got cloth seats but the seats themselves are actually not bad because they look like they’re not that much you know a bit

Thin a bit skinny but they are actually quite comfortable i’ve done let’s see i’ve done well over 1500 kilometers in this over the past eight days nine days and it’s actually not bad not bad at all but that’s also because it is so spacious in here it’s so wide you’ve got so much space that it just makes it more comfortable we’ve got a couple of cup holders here

I won’t open this one because there’s a lot of trash but there’s a cubby hole and how cool is that an extra seat so you can seat three in the front and three in the back so you could seat six in here it’s actually adjustable and there’s even more stuff down here don’t know how this works maybe you could no i guess it’s just maybe you can remove it all together

That’s probably it so that’s pretty cool and well it’s just it’s just so much fun as i said it’s sort of a base version so we don’t have any navigation system in there but it does have bluetooth and stuff like that huge steering wheel as well and a 10 speed automatic gearbox which is an update for the f-150 the 2018 model so the early ones had a six-speed and

The later ones have a 10 speed which is actually kind of nice i thought it would be a bit nervous but it’s not bad at all so right now we are at hauls lake which is this abyss so which is beautiful i mean this is the reason why i’m here and we’re going to drive it you know along this road and then we’ll take highway 35 going north for some more cool scenery and

Well it’s just so beautiful out here it’s insane alrighty let’s go so let’s start it up nice v8 rumble love this thing too but it’s a bit you have to get used to it but i also love the fact that the car shakes when you start it up only a v8 does that all right so why did i choose to rent an f-150 i could have gone for anything big you know but it was just about

The fact that we don’t in all of we don’t really get these cars you have to import them yourself or there are companies of course who do that but for doesn’t sell sell you a new one at the leadership so that’s mainly it and because it’s just cool to to drive something like this in a place like this where it belongs and just you just need one of these if you drive

Around here it’s like a ford focus in europe is an f-150 here and there’s also practical use you know people just move a lot of stuff here are they they have to get their winter tires ready i read somewhere this guy who said well the short bed is ok i can fit my wrx wheels in there when i have to change them to winter tires but i would prefer the long bed it’s just

Practical stuff like that and of course this being a 4×4 yesterday we went to algonquin park which is just north of here and that was actually like 10 centimeters of snow up there so i needed to engage four-wheel drive with this button to get off the parking lot so it’s just also because it has really chunky tires it’s like two 65 70 17-inch but they are really

High and chunky it’s just lovely and of course here with the petrol gasoline prices being you know it’s like 115 dollars it’s just super cheap i filled it up 112 leaders was 130 dollars so that’s like 87 gyros which is nothing so in a lot of ways this car makes sense here and in a lot of ways this car wouldn’t make sense in the netherlands so that’s mainly why i

Chose this car driving wise well it’s actually not that bad i would i was expecting it to be all over the place to be wonky wobbly it has leaf springs which you can actually see from the side but it’s actually not bad and that’s also because it has those chunky big tires but it’s just i don’t know it’s just fitting of the roads here because they are not always

That good and when you drive it on the highway or on the interstate you have that 10 speed gearbox so the revs aren’t that bad it’s not like high revving so it’s actually quite comfortable and of course we can select the drive mode using this button right here so we’ll go to you can go for toe hole snow wet normal eco skip that or sport and we actually have these

Buttons right here you can use them to shift gears oh no you can select which gears you want that’s it okay so let’s get that p8 great shout you just need a v8 in this car i mean that v6 ecoboost is a way better engine but i would feel really sad if i had gotten that at the rental place how awesome is this ah man i love the space i love this car here it’s

Just it just makes so much sense a bad thing about canada though is that on these highways the speed limit is actually 80 kilometers an hour which is ridiculous and on the interstate it’s 100 so come on canada should be better okay let’s go to normal again don’t beat sport so this being the xlt version i believe this is around forty three thousand dollars here

Something like that 45 maybe 50 something like that it’s not bad and you can upgrade it to one of those platinum gingrich lariat versions that are much more luxurious with leather and push starts all that stuff but actually i prefer the xl and the xlt versions because they’re more like workhorse trucks and i think saskatchewan lake right here beautiful i think

That that workhorse character i think that the raptor has that in a sort of over-the-top way very goal-oriented very you know developed with one thing in mind and i kind of like that better than the gingrich versions which are super luxurious and you know just get like a cadillac escalade or something like that for an expedition if you want to stay within the ford

Family or a lincoln navigator so these beautiful roads around here we’re actually in the halliburton highlands which is just south of algonquin provincial park which is the oldest provincial park in ontario and well it’s just you’re driving around in this postcard continuously it’s just every turn something beautiful turns up another lake i mean they’re like ten

Thousand lakes around here which are all very beautiful and you know some rocks pine forests and of course the famous full colored forests which we actually gain for a lot of it is gone now but we did have some snow so that kind of made up for it but as you can see driving it like this on this road it’s actually it’s relatively quiet apart from those tires which

Are obviously so big that they do produce some tire sound but it’s actually not bad at all which i wasn’t expecting okay so with this beautiful picture i’m going to end this review i hope you enjoyed this little special review on my holiday and well if you liked it maybe we’ll do it more often so let us know you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here

You can check out this view we review or check out this playlist we’ve made a lot of them so go check it out if you enjoyed this one and you can also check us out on social media just search for photos opinel thanks guys fight

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2018 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew 5.0 V8 REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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