2018 ford f 150 cabin air filter
Altair Club Cars 2018 Ford F-150 Cabin Air Filter Replacement

2018 Ford F-150 Cabin Air Filter Replacement

A tutorial on replacing the cabin air filter on the 2015 and up Ford F-150

Okay so this video but is about changing out the cabin air filter 2018 f150 lariat it’s gonna be up here behind the glovebox so i’ll walk you through that right now okay so we’ve got the glovebox open the first step i phone is you have this rubber little tray here you can just gently pull that off that’s just clip then i’ll show you how that’s gonna go back on

In a few minutes the next step is you want to use a plastic panel tool of some sort okay because you have to get underneath this this trim piece here alright this has several pop clips behind it which hide screws so underneath us gently pry up you start the popping don’t pry all the way though cuz there’s a second roll clips you don’t want to break the clips or

The panel so you can just hear it still popping nice and easy so now what i did is i took something in here okay that’s how it came off those are the different clips that you’re looking at okay you set that to the side so i’ve already taking this apart well we’ll you’ll find is you’ll find a seven millimeter screw here and a seven millimeter screw here i have

Already taken those out now you can pull this out this has got some clips there we go okay so this can actually rotate just got a plug there from the light light switch so i just like to rotate this out of the way you don’t plug it if you want it’s all up to you now we look back here that’s the door for your cabin air filter so you can reach behind this side and

Just pull the hook i’ll show you what the hook really looks like once you pull both those hooks you can pull this door down from the top okay we’ll store it down from the top level and straight off okay so with that door off that’s what you’ll get for your cabin air filter yes grab ahold of it’s pretty soft pull it straight out and insert your new one and then

You can reverse the process okay so now you can just reinstall this door you see that these feet on the bottom have two different steps to see just that’s about this part here you feel one side quick quick okay so now you get this clicked back in like it is now you recert your two screws that were behind this panel click this panel on and then you can insert this

Rubber mat again i’ll show you how i got this back in the easiest way so you get all these hooks on the back here so we’re gonna put that back in place approximately so if you work those rear clips clipped in then if you look underneath here these aren’t really clipped in right here really clipped in yet so then when i was doing it i was pulling up a little and

Twisting it in so he trying to show through different a clear so i was point up and twisting it down a little bit to get that to if you’ve done it right you just have a nice clean line and it’ll be straight all the way across there’s one more clip on this end so it takes a little a little finagling wolf-whistle rubber but that’s how you do it

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2018 Ford F-150 Cabin Air Filter Replacement By Joe’s Car Smarts-NY

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