2018 ford expedition max xlt sto
Altair Club Cars 2018 Ford Expedition MAX XLT STOCK#477545A

2018 Ford Expedition MAX XLT STOCK#477545A

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Make sure to check out this 2018 Ford Expedition MAX XLT. Super clean and ready for its next owner. Full specs below on our website.

Hey tyler for your sharp automotive appreciate you looking into our 18 expedition max i want to get out here do a quick little walk around video point out a few things and if you have any other questions anything feel free to reach out to me later but here we go all right get my camera turned around here this is the expedition this is in white i do want to point

Out just a few things as i go around it that way you get the best of everything here so i did notice there’s a couple little rock chips here um they did get those covered up with a little touch of paint but i did notice i want to make sure i let you know and as i had walked around before i didn’t notice a whole lot else it does look like we got some pretty fresh

Tires on there a little bit about the max this is the longer one if you didn’t know gives you a little extra space but all in all pretty nice clean vehicle take a peek here inside you do have the leather nice clean on the front seat the thing i love about this one is it is the bench seat so you do get to pick up the extra seat in the second row here super nice

To have especially if you’re running around with any kids or anything like that give that a grab there you go you do have extra space here in the back also super nice to have if you go down to non-max just a regular expedition you don’t quite have that extra in the back you kind of have the third row and done so nice clean leather come around here to the front

Leather also super nice no cracking or anything like there so let’s hop inside all right so here we are inside as you know if you’ve watched my videos before i like to go left or right so you have your mirrors there your windows there locks and stuff like that your lights power pedals all the buttons and stuff here at your disposal for the volume bluetooth all

That we do have 44 000 miles this is the 3.5 liter ecoboost and look at that they’re 19 miles per gallon which is awesome for a vehicle of this size you get two high automatic four wheel drive um you can give this a twist to changes up your drive modes depending on what you’re doing right there you get to see you got all your temperature gauge clusters depending

On where you want the temp your radio and stuff like that and you got your view from the front so so if you’re looking for a good third row vehicle plenty of space uh you do have the leather seats easy clean up stuff like that this expedition is ready to go if you have any questions or anything like that feel free to get a hold of me on my cell by call or text

605-690-6008 if not if you prefer you can also email me at tyler sharp autos.com i appreciate you watching this video i look forward to working for you

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2018 Ford Expedition MAX XLT STOCK#477545A By Tyler at Sharps

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