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This 2018 ford expedition max is stock number 12099z we are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin you’re new and use suv headquarters this 2018 ford expedition max has the 3.5 liter twin turbocharged v6 ecoboost engine pumps out 370 horsepower this expedition max has been fully safetied and inspected by our service shop per the state of wisconsin

Inspection process it has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this vehicle is 100 ready to go white platinum tri-coat metallic is the color we shoot all of our videos in 1080p 60 frames per second so if you have hd capabilities on your computer tablet smartphone or television turn them on right now it is definitely

Your best way to check out the quality and condition of the vehicle and options before seeing it in person and if you like the video and want check out our youtube channel in the lower right hand part of the screen is a subscribe button click that and then click the bell notifications and you’ll get updated every day we do videos here at summit auto of our amazing

New and used inventory this one comes with the 20 inch polished aluminum rims no scuffs no scrapes no corrosion it has hankook dynapro 275 55 r20 tires and these tires have i’d say probably 60 to 70 percent of the tread left on them front fender excellent condition no dents or dings has the led projector lamp headlamps and factory fog lights they might be we’ll

Have to turn them on i’m not sure if they’re leds or not um but we’ll turn them on at the end of the video here but they’re definitely projector lamps front bumpers in excellent condition no dent stings scuffs or scrapes or cracks on there the hood is in excellent condition i didn’t see any dents or scuffs on that the passenger side front fender just as nice as

The driver’s side this passenger side rim no scuffs or scrapes on there white platinum tri-coat does have just a little bit of metal flake to it so when it’s in the sun you can definitely see that really cool color as you go down this side of the vehicle take note of how clean the body is how reflective and mirror like that paint is we take these hd videos so if

You are far away or even if you’re close by and just cannot make the trip down but you’re still interested in purchasing the vehicle you can see the vehicle hear the vehicle and have confidence in what you’re looking at before you even get here so that when you do get here there’s absolutely no surprises and you can make a smart buying decision from the comfort

Of your own home very nice down that side i didn’t see one single dent or ding this back rim is an excellent shape as well and the back tires have just as much tread as those front tires coming around to the back of the vehicle rear bumper is in nice shape does have the backup parking sensors the full towing package which includes the receiver hitch four pin

And seven pin wiring the tailgate is in excellent condition as well this is a manual raised gate and right now we have those seats all the way down so you can see just how much space that you get when they’re all the way down so not sure if they’re they are power so you can see they go up like so then we’ve got this weathertech floor mat back here you can see

That that side goes up and then if you want the right side you just press that button as well they go up nicely side window antennas and very nice and clean back here you do get a little bit of storage space underneath here and that’s where your jack tools are it does have the flipper glass here if i can figure out where the button is there it is so it’s right to

The right of the camera and that goes up like so so that you can get to the back which is nice if you’ve got a boat or camper on the back and you can’t open up the tailgate for whatever reason you can still get to the back storage area coming around to the driver’s side just as clean as the passenger side no dents or dings on the rear quarter it does have the

Capless fuel fill a really nice feature never get gas on your hands again and uh back rim here no scuffs or scrapes on there down the rest of the side of the expedition max looks really good didn’t see any dents didn’t see any dings didn’t see any scratches very very nice heated mirrors directional signals blind spot mirrors you do have the driver’s side door

Code entry we show you how to we can actually show you how to get that door code it’s in the upper right hand part of the screen that video if you want to check that out if you have one of these expeditions don’t know your door code watch that video it’s in the upper right hand part of the screen that’ll show you how to find it pass driver’s seat looks really

Good the xlt package gives you the black leather seats uh power driver seat weathertech floor mats auto headlamps power pedals tilt telescopic steering wheel power windows power locks power mirrors and you can see that door is in nice shape we’ll hop inside here we’ll turn the ignition on so you can check out the miles and then we can check out the radio let’s

Dim it down so you can see those miles better this one has 25 563 miles on it you do get a digital speedometer compass display instrument cluster is very nice and clean comes with the leather wrapped steering wheel bluetooth and audio controls on the right cruise controls and information center controls on the left this one has the am fm radio it does have

Sirius xm radio capabilities as well you do get the downhill assist control stability control and your start stop capabilities are right there you can turn those off if you don’t want to do them cd player has your pro trailer backup system so when you’re backing up a camper or boat use this to turn the steering wheel to get the camper boat where you want it to

Go and your factory brake controller is right there push button start here your climate controls your rear air controls 10 speed automatic transmission with the turn dial there push button four wheel drive and then you have your different drive modes which are up there in the screen you have grass gravel snow sand mud ruts tow haul sport eco normal and snow

Grass gravel so you got all those different settings and you control it with that knob right there does have the keyless entry 12 volt power point passenger side floor mat and seat are in excellent condition this one does have the panoramic vista roof and sunroof and uh you can see the sunroof goes open like so to give you all that space and then it has the

Sun shade there as well and that opens up to give you the second row fixed glass roof so pretty cool stuff and you can see all that works very nicely really brightens it up in here the headliner is in great shape this vehicle has never been smoked in home link buttons for your garage door security systems and lane systems and your map lights up there we’ll take

A quick look at the back seats we’ll check out under the hood and start it up comes with some nice i believe those are factory running boards second row bench seating no rips or tears back here does have the latch child safety system for any child car seats you may want to put back here side curtain airbags here you get a couple usb power points back here rear

Air controls and rear audio controls you get that weathertech floor mat back here as well and these seats fold up so you can get to that third row and those thirds third row seats are in nice shape as well notice you do get two child safety latch systems back there so you could put up to five car seats back here if you wanted or needed headliners in nice shape

Back doors are in nice shape and if you’re using all those car seats you need to use the child safety lock and got it right there we’ll start it up and take a quick look under the hood starts right up and uh we’re in snow mode so we can put it to normal mode there and it’ll automatically switch it to two wheel drive but no check engine lights or anything like

That and i would personally like to thank you for checking out the video today and hopefully from this hd video you’ll have been able to tell just how clean this expedition max is all the way around under the hood we have the 3.5 liter v6 ecoboost twin turbo engine 307 horsepower engine bay is very clean runs very smooth and once again this vehicle has been fully

Safety and inspected by our service shop for the state of wisconsin inspection process has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this vehicle is 100 percent ready to go there’s your mission sticker and i would highly recommend this vehicle those are just projector lamp halogen lights on there for the record i would

Highly recommend this vehicle from a quality and condition standpoint i didn’t see a denting scratch on it and to see more pictures of this 2018 ford expedition max you can go to that website right there www.summitauto.com full pictures and descriptions of every single vehicle from two locations all at summitauto.com and if you’d like to check out more hd videos

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Lower left and a link to one of our latest youtube videos in the lower right click those check us out and we’re super excited to be offering this ultra ultra clean 2018 ford expedition max xlt and white platinum tri-coat metallic thanks again and remember to like subscribe and share on this video

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