2018 ford expedition max limited
Altair Club Cars 2018 Ford Expedition Max Limited 3.5L Oil Change

2018 Ford Expedition Max Limited 3.5L Oil Change

Changing the oil in my truck. here are a few things you may want to know.

So i’m doing an oil change on the uh 21 or 2018 ford expedition max limited i’m pretty sure this is a canadian vehicle i don’t know if it makes a difference i watched a couple videos and uh they said that there was a drain plug underneath that was going to be yellow and it was super hard to get out you had to have like a flat head with a tab and then you just

Twist it with your fingers but i found this thing which you have to undo uh two bolts in the front and two in the back they’re 5 16. just undo those slide it backward this part is a little clip that slides up there to hold it in while you’re trying to bolt it back on but um i got the uh plug out for my oil right now i’m letting it drain and it’s right up

There and it wasn’t one of those uh plastic yellow ones he was talking about it just looks like a regular drain plug the old school so i don’t know if it’s different because this is a canadian vehicle or what but uh pretty sure it’s going to take about six quarts 5w30 the oil filler is right here you’re going to want to filter because that’s kind of a small

Hole for a vehicle this size and the dipstick is right down there next to it so i don’t know we’ll see how that goes um i’ll show you where the filter is the filter i had to put it up on ramps just so i could fit under this thing i’m not the smallest guy but the filters right there right under the front that’s actually pretty easy to get to we had a suburban

Before this and that was nearly impossible to change it yourself you couldn’t even get your hand up in the spot to change it but i did sometimes the filter wrench is necessary that one was on there pretty tight so you got the 5 16 to get those out oh and um this one was i believe a 15 millimeter the bolt that goes in for the oil let me check on that yep that

One’s the 15 millimeter sounds like that’s done so i’ll take the front filter off and see how it goes from there oh and i’m using a full synthetic oil with um 5w30 full synthetic with that dexos i don’t know quaker steak this seemed like the cheapest stuff at walmart it was only 20 a gallon everything else was like 30 or so and then i got the uh napa gold 7502

Uh napa every year has a oil filter sale and they say those are better than the oems and you can pick those up during the sale for around four bucks which is a pretty good deal so we had a little mishap lucky it’s on my floor in the garage and not in my driveway i was thinking it was going to come down that right there that’s supposed to be for the oil when you

Take the filter off if you actually look feel up under the filter where the filter is and down below there there’s like a little catch pan and i think it’s supposed to drain around that down that and then into this so i had this i had my tray too far forward and it actually came out of came out in between there by the second bump over came straight down went

Onto the floor but i got a rag there now soaking it up so i just had to move this really quick over some to catch the rest of it but i guess i’ll know for next time it’s probably because it’s on these ramps so that’s my guess if it was flat like in a service shop up on a lift or something if you got your own lift i don’t know but i’m guessing that’s why it went

Down through that little crack there behind that skid plate oh and when installing this or taking it off the bolts have little retainer clips on them all four of them so you don’t have to worry about them falling down or anything now i’m just going to pop this back on and put some oil in so i got the cover back on wasn’t too difficult um you just want to make

Sure if you’re sliding around down here and you just took the vehicle out to go get the oil and filter or something like that that you’re careful of the pipes because they’re pretty hot i just found that out firsthand um but besides that the four the four uh bolts go up in there pretty easy two up in the front and then two in the back and you slide it in that

Little lip up there and uh kind of holds the front so i started with the back and then i worked my way up to the front and it made it pretty easy at least that’s one decent design so the cap to this thing is pretty small which you can clearly see so you have to get the funnel i think i said filter earlier but you got to get a funnel because you don’t want to

Spill it all over the place and i usually put like a rag around it in case you miss the funnel somehow it just will collect there and then not drip all over your engine um so what i’m gonna do is since i’m up on ramps and it calls for six quarts i’m gonna put five quarts in now start it up back it off the ramps let it collect up into the engine so i can get an

Accurate reading on a level space to put that last cord in just to make sure i can get it exactly where i need between the lines so we’re gonna get in now that the oil’s changed and reset the oil life so you gotta go over advanced settings vehicle oil life reset i was done four percent and you gotta hold the ok button down now it’s back to 100 perfect now

The light should stay off so pretty much that’s what it took six quarts after i uh give you a little better view of this after um i backed it down off i checked it and it was low to the bottom dot between the two and when you put that extra cord in for the six quarts you get it right between the lines it’s perfect

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2018 Ford Expedition Max Limited 3.5L Oil Change By DaddyDiz AKA Chris Scott

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