2018 chevy silverado 1500 lt ful
Altair Club Cars 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT | Full Review & Test Drive

2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT | Full Review & Test Drive

Check out my review of the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado and let me know what you think of this full-size pickup truck! Also HELP The Test Drive hit 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS and win one of FIVE AKASO EK7000 4K ACTION CAMERAS!!! Here’s how to enter:

Hey everyone i’m rob and welcome to the test drive today i’m driving the 2018 chevy silverado and today i’m gonna tell you everything that you need to know about this truck let’s go now the silverado is chevy’s full-size pickup truck it’s mechanically identical to the gsi sierra and it competes in a highly competitive space against the f-150 and the ram you

Also have the tundra and titan but definitely the three american manufacturers really have that space locked down and are constantly competing against each other constantly trying to redesign their trucks and get an edge on the other one and the silverado has done very well in this space now the f-150 is still the best-selling pickup truck for over 40 years in the

United states but that said the silverado still does have a good amount of market share and is a strong competitor in that space so i’m gonna show you around the interior and the exterior of this truck talk about a couple of specifications and then we’re gonna take this on the road and drive it i’m also gonna put a gopro on my head so you can see from a first-person

Point of view what it’s like to drive the 2018 silverado now there are several different trim levels available for the 2018 silverado it starts with a wt which is the base level trim very much a work truck and then you get up through a couple different trim levels and you end up at the high country which is the top level trim now the one that i’m driving is an lt

So it’s essentially a mid level trim now there are a lot of options that can vary you can get a more loaded lt mine is definitely more at the base level but i’ll show you a lot of different options that you can get in this video so we’re gonna start with the exterior of the 2018 silverado know i love the look of this front end here it’s so aggressive they redesign

This kind of in the middle of a cycle and i really love what they did you have the daytime running lamps strip here and overall it’s just a very mean aggressive front end of a silverado that i’m driving is a double cap so you have basically a smaller backseat a smaller door than the crew cab that you do have four doors you also get a standard size bed with this

Which is kind of nice versus the crew cab you initially get a what they call the short and then you can actually get a longer bed as an option instead that said i do like to look from the side now the one that i’m driving has these 17 inch standard rims that are what comes standard in the lt trim but you can get a couple different options and then when you get into

The ltz in the high country which are the more luxurious options then you know you can get some even nicer looking rims now i have to say from the rear i again like the look of this truck love that you have the steps in the corners of the bumpers to kind of help you get up into the bed of the truck and yes today i am using this truck to do truck stop also standard

In the lt trim is this soft opening tailgate so it’s nice that you know as soon as you open it it kind of opens gently and then you can shut it very sturdy as you might imagine obviously in a full-size pickup truck and that’s something that i noticed about this truck is that everything was really built well everything’s very solid but towards the tailgate the hood

Very well built but also built with comfort in mind not just being a bulletproof piece of machinery now while the lt trim is not necessarily the most luxurious trim level it’s still pretty comfortable now you don’t get leather seats standard in the lt you can add leather seats to an lt but it is something more commonly found in ltz and high country trims obviously

Coming standard in those but still a very comfortable interior this cloth looks pretty good it’s sturdy steering wheel here as well is very comfortable feels really nice at nine and three it is leather wrapped and the materials in the cabin are decent i guess i mean you do have quite a bit of hard plastic although this is a truck and everything in here looks nice

Everything feels like it’s high quality all the buttons do have some leather wrapped surfaces some leather trim vinyl trim throughout the vehicle as well now the lt trim comes standard as a six seater model so you do have a middle seat in here as well that functions as either a middle seat when it’s up or as a armrests centre console when it’s down now while because

This is a double cab it doesn’t have a full-size backseat with the full-size rear doors you still have a decent amount of space back here i mean i’m 6 feet tall i’m sitting behind myself and yeah my knees are kind of pushing into the seat here but it’s not bad i mean you have enough space where you can’t be back here and be ok i also love the fact that these seats

Fold up very easily to give you additional cargo room if you don’t want to use this as a back seat for passengers now while the proximity key and push-button start is not standard in the lt trim you can and do get that feature in the higher-level models i just have a regular chevy key along with a regular remote remote start does not come standard all you can get

It in the lt trim and there are a bunch of options that are available in this truck that are very minimal cost a lot of the packages are not very expensive and you can easily add some really nice features to even the lt trim level of the silverado now you do get a column shifter here which i like and you get a column shifter actually in every silverado from this

Generation so i like that i don’t really care for rotary dials or you know even a console shifter i mean it’s kind of nice i guess in some higher-end f-150s but at the end of the day i think for a pickup truck column shifter is probably best but this is definitely an ongoing debate in the truck community now under the hood of this silverado is a 5.3 liter v8 that

Produces 355 horsepower 383 pound-feet of torque however there are two other engine options in the light duty versions of the silverado obviously you have the duramax diesel in the 2500 and 3500 hd which are the heavy duty models of the silverado but if three different choices for the light duty 1500 level silverados now the base engine option in the silverado

And even in the lt trim is a 4.3 liter naturally aspirated v6 produces 285 horsepower for 305 pound feet of torque wouldn’t necessarily be my engine of choice although it’s a good engine and i mean it does produce decent power if you’re not planning on towing very heavy items and that type of thing but i think the 5.3 liter the is a pretty good option and then

You also have a 6.2 liter v8 which produces more power puts out 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque i just love the sound of a v8 now you can get this truck in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive i have the four wheel drive version that i’m driving today and one thing that i like about it even though it’s not really that necessary in a pickup truck

Is the fact you have a for auto mode so instead of just too high for high for low you also have a for auto mode that will distribute power evenly and make this function more like an all-wheel drive vehicle this truck also gets decent fuel economy 16 miles per gallon in the city 22 on the highway is really not bad for a full-size v8 pickup truck and this engine

Really puts out a good amount of power i obviously wasn’t able to do like a towing test or anything with it but just in normal driving with a empty or almost empty bed this truck really with the 5.3 liter v8 it’s great i mean it keeps up extremely well in traffic it’s actually pretty quick when you put the pedal to the floor and it’s just it really drives nicely

It also has a pretty soft ride for being a pickup truck i mean you don’t feel that many bumps and it really rides pretty smoothly it’s very comfortable to drive on a long trip you do get a decent amount of body roll in this truck but it’s not bad i mean it’s it really corners pretty decently for a pickup truck a vehicle that is not meant to corner well at all i

Also love that when you step on it even with the traction control on it still lets you spin the rear tires and have some fun with it this is that’s interesting i thought it would just lock up the throttle and it didn’t you do some pretty fun burnouts in this thing especially since so much of the weight is in the front since it’s a pickup truck i do love that v8

Sound there also a bunch of technology features that you can get in the silverado you can get blind spot monitoring and other safety technology lane-keeping and forward collision detection rear parking assist i mean there’s so many features you can get on the higher level trims but even in this lt trim at the base level of this trim you do get a 8 inch infotainment

Screen that also has a backup camera and has some really nice functionality with apple carplay and android auto now the one that i’m driving doesn’t have its own navigation system built in but you can get that as an option for only four hundred and ninety-five dollars so i think that is a really nice very easy upgrade but that said you don’t really need that with

Apple carplay and android auto i was using apple carplay basically the entire time driving this truck and just using the navigation system from my phone projected onto the infotainment screen i also really like the fact that you get to glove boxes in here i think in a truck it’s just nice because you have additional storage and just makes it even more useful i mean

Why not you also have a nice screen in between the tachometer and the speedometer that gives you a bunch of vehicle information so i do like that if i was buying this truck i would definitely get the lt plus package it’s only $1000 and it gives you the ability to roll down the rear window and rear window defogger rear park assist adjustable pedals not that those

Things aren’t necessarily critical but i think for $1000 having all the rear window controls is definitely worth it so i hope you enjoyed this review of the 2018 chevy silverado i’m rob this is the test drive if you like this video please give it a thumbs up please leave me a comment let me know what you think about the video and this truck and what it competes

Against and please consider subscribing to my channel it does help me make more videos and it makes you eligible for all the giveaways that we have going on which i always want to have a giveaway going on on the channel we do have one going on right now as well so again thanks for taking this test drive with me and i’ll talk to you soon

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2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT | Full Review & Test Drive By The Test Drive

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