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Altair Club Cars 2018 Chevrolet Traverse AWD LT #56226

2018 Chevrolet Traverse AWD LT #56226

Hello colin from auto salvage here in indianapolis give me a walkthrough video on this 2018 chevy traverse so now that’s how we got the graphite metallic paint which almost looks like a dark blue but in the sunlight kind of has this greenish tint to it as you can kind of see on the side right there all the sun’s in it as you come around the front you get a big old

Grill right here that’s got the black backsplash and then the chrome accents all over as we come around we got these nice big silver rims i think suit this car very well you got some tenon windows on the back and as we keep coming around got all the drives so you get good traction and then it is the same on this side so let’s go ahead and hop to the inside so

Before we hop to the inside you got your blind spot sensors right here so these will light up when someone’s in your blind spot so you don’t have to look over your shoulder got the jet black interior with these very comfortable leather seats basic window controls you got your trunk button down there take a step inside of here cruise control over here this place

With the menu end between the speedometer as you can see it changing right there you can talk to the car as well this is next song or previous song or next station in previous station and then on the other side you have volume up and volume down then you got your push start button beautiful infotainment center that does come equipped with apple carplay and android

Auto and it already has its own navigation in there then if you go ahead and press this button right down there got this little hidden storage that has a little port back there as well and then to shut it you just hold it down again basic air controls including seat warmers two usb ports and aux port 12 volt plug-in storage you got your gear shifter drop select

Parking brake and as you open this up you get a really deep center console and you also have built-in garage door openers which is definitely a plus as well let’s go and check out the space in the back as you can see in the back you got the captain seats in the middle row and tons of room to ride comfortably i’m about six foot tall and i have plenty of room back

Here you also got your basic air controls right here including two usb ports and then a little bit of storage cubby right there let’s go and check out the space in the back as you can see pretty good amount of room in the third row and they also get two cup holders in their own usb ports you can have a little bit of better view right there and let’s go and check

Out the space in the trunk does have the powered lift gates just give it one tap and opens on its own and as you can see even the third are up you do have tons of room back here for space then you also do have a 12 volt plug-in right here in case you want to work out your trunk or maybe you need to air up a tire on the rear end and it won’t won’t go from the front

All the way to the back let me go ahead and drop these and give you a better view of what it looks like with these dropped do need to move those seats up so you can drop fully but as you can see you can get a better idea of how big this trunk space really is especially when you drop that third row tons of room for storage and then whenever you want to set it press

That and it shuts for you that’s going to wrap it up for this 2018 chevy traverse if there’s anything i missed or anything you want further details on just go ahead and let me know i’d be more than happy to do that for you

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2018 Chevrolet Traverse AWD LT #56226 By Collin Hunt

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